Benny came down from the car and slowly turned to look at the little crowd before him.

Smiling, he centered his eyes on Selena who stared at him unbelievably.

“What’s… What’s going on here? “Princess asked as she stared at Benny who looked just like a prince.

Selena looked from Benny to the so called chief and laughed. “Chief, what’s happening here? Are you guys…acting a play? ” Selena asked.

Mr Eze, Princess’s father cleared his throat. “Let’s go inside first and sort this confusion. What do you think my brother? ” Mr Eze asked Selena”s father, Mr Paul.

“Yes I think so because I’m beginning to get confused too. “Mr Paul said.

They all went into the house and took their seats.

“My son, you are highly welcomed. Like I said before, I’m confused.

This gentle man here was the first to come here with our two daughters. Now he’s dressing differently. So, who are you please? ” Mr Paul asked.

“En em, papa. That is not the correct question. The question is, what is the meaning of this insult? Look, papa, I will do the introduction myself. This is chief!” Selena said, pointing to chief. “And that is his gate man “Selena said.

“Selena, I don’t think so. ” Her mother whispered to her.

Benny smiled and cleared his throat too.” Tony, stand up and say something. “Benny commanded.

Tony stood up and cleared his throat, then bowed to Benny before talking. Selena could not believe what was going on. She was in a daze.

“I greet everyone in this room especially my boss here… ”

“Your what!!! ” Selena and Princess shouted at the same time.

“Keep shut and let’s listen to him! “Selena’s father shouted too.

Selena moved uncomfortably in her seat, scratching her head.

“As I was saying, I want to thank my boss here for giving me the opportunity to live a normal life for once.

My name is Tony Ifechukwu and I’m Sir Benny’s gateman. ”

“Heyyyyyyy!!!!! I’m finished! ” Selena shouted, her hands on her head as she stared at Tony.

“Will you keep quiet and let us here word!” Her mother shouted back.

Princess on her own part was staring wide eye at Benny who avoided her eyes.

Tony continued his story. “I love my boss so much and would never allow him make a foolish mistake. This game started the very day oga brought Selena home.”


“What if I asked for two hundred? Please, I need that money urgently.” Selena said and walked off.

Benny stood looking at her as she walked away. He turned to go back inside when Tony his gateman ran to meet him.

“Sir, excuse me sir. I want to talk with you.”Tony said. Benny stopped and looked at him. “Okay, what is it about? ”

“Sir, its about this girl that just left here. I heard you saying you will marry her. I’m sorry to have eaves dropped on your conversation sir. “Tony said.

Benny shrugged and looked at him. “Okay. So, what’s wrong with that? ” Benny asked.

“Hmm, sir, don’t you think you are making a mistake? I saw the way she retaliated when you told her you don’t have money.

Don’t you know that some girls are just opportunists?

I think you should put that girl to test before you marry her to see the type of a girl she is”. Tony said.

Benny looked thoughtfully at him and nodded. “I think you are right, Tony. But how do I do that? “Benny asked.

“Sir, I equally don’t know. We have to come up with something.”Tony said.

Benny thought for a while and suddenly smiled. “I think I have an idea.

Since she has not seen you in this house before, I think I will have to act like a gate man, then you as the boss.” Benny said and Tony laughed, nodding in agreement.

“That’s a very nice suggestion sir. I think its going to work. ”


“Hewyyyyyyyy!! Ewooo!! I’m finished!, Ahhhh! I’m finished?! ” Selena screamed.

Princess covered her mouth in amazement and turned to look at Selena.

“You see your life? Have you seen it? So, because you think he’s an ordinary gate man, you left him for someone else? ” Maria, her mother asked.

“She took after you! Now you have seen the cause?”Mr Paul asked.

“So, that was what happened. Me I’m a gate man oh. And when all this were going on, I tried as much as possible to avoid sleeping with her but she was always on my neck. I called my oga and told him then he told me to go ahead and do it and now, Selena is pregnant for me but not to worry, I will marry her since its my child she’s carrying.” Tony said and sat down.

Benny stood up and cleared his throat. “In addition to what Tony said, I want to give the best thanks and admiration to this rare gem here…. To this wonderful angel, Princess.

She has captured my heart with her incomparable character and I want to promise her that starting from today, she will live in paradise.

Princess, please…come forward. ” Benny said smiling at Princess.

Princess slowly stood up still shocked as she walked to Benny who held her hand and knelt down with a diamond ring in his hand. “Please marry me and bring me more joy. “Benny said as tears filled Princess’s eyes. She could not believe that this was actually happening.

“Yes… Yes.. I will marry you!!” Princess shouted and pulled him up as they hugged.

Selena could not watch any longer. She felt like going crazy, then she fainted.

“Selena!! ” her mother shouted and ran to bring water.

They poured it on her but Selena bursted into tears as soon as she came around.

She could not believe she has been living a live full of illusion all this while.

“Aahhhh!! I’m finished! ”

That night after the introduction, Princess and Benny layed together on his king size bed, talking and planning their wedding.

“You deceived me, Benny. So you were actually… The owner of this house? Oh my God, you must be an actor. Hmm, I’m just feeling too sorry for Selena. I warned her.” Princess said.

Benny laughed and kissed her. “Let her feel sorry for herself. Tonight, I’m the happiest man on earth because I have such a lady like you beside me. ”


😎 [Two Days Later] 😎

Selena carried her luggage as she followed Tony into a street.

He was going to show her where he lives.

As they walked, tears gathered and fell from her eyes. Had she known…. She wouldn’t have left Benny.

She remembered all what she had done to him. How she poured water on him and slapped him.

How she had called him names and pushed him away. Now she’s walking with her legs to a gate man’s house. She had vowed never to commit abortion because of an incidence that occurred few years back. She had no choice than to marry the father of her unborn child.

“We will soon be there. ” Tony said as they walked on.

Minutes later, they reached a medium seized building and entered.

Selena felt like fainting. The building was full of tenants.

When they got to his room, another big shock was awaiting Selena.

Three fierce looking women we’re sitting in the living, hissing and glaring at each other. “Nonsense! You will tell me whether it is your great grand father that owns this house?! “One of the woman shouted.

“Look, Cynthia, if you talk to me anyhow, I’m going to crush your head! “The second woman shouted back and soon there was pandemonium in the house.

“Enough! Can’t you see I’m back!! Parrots!! ” Benny shouted at them.

They all turned to look at them and hissed loudly. “Who is this one that is looking like an owl? “The first woman asked.

Selena was frightened. Who are these women? They were probably the same age with her but looking like old women. “Tony… Who are they? Are they your cleaners? ” Selena asked.

“En! May your mouth cut away from that your w!tch face! You dey craze? We resemble cleaners?

Bia, Tony na who be this one? Oh, another wife kwa?? ” the third lady asked.

Selena’s heart stopped. What did she just heard? Slowly, she turned to look at Tony.

“Tony… Please, who are these women? ” she stammered.

“En. I’m sorry I did not tell you on time. They are my wives. You are the forth wife. ” Benny replied.

Selena could not shout. Immediately, she fell on the ground and fainted.

❤❤❤THE END❤❤❤

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