“Did you say pregnant? ” princess asked.

“Yes? What’s wrong in being pregnant for someone you are getting married to? ” Selena asked.

“No oh. I did not say its bad. I’m just feeling somehow about this. But congratulations dear. “Princess said and smiled as they hugged.

The next day, Princess left the house in the afternoon after watching the news on TV to visit Benny.

She met him reading newspaper in front of the gate house.

“Hi! ” she greeted him cheerfully.

Benny looked up and saw her approaching. Within him, he knew he had fallen so much in love with Princess and that she was the right woman for him.

He continued staring at her till she got in front of him. He stood up and gave her a warm hug long enough to get her thinking.

“Are you alright? ” Princess asked, smiling nervously.

There was this look in Benny’s eyes that she couldn’t explain.

“I’m okay. I was just so happy to see you. Come in. “Benny said and together they went inside the gate house.

Benny contemplated on telling who he really is but he held back himself.

Instead without any other word, he turned and pulled Princess closer to himself and wrapped his arms around her.

Princess was a little bit surprised. Benny has never done that.

“Benny… ” she started to protest but Benny shut her up by covering her mouth with his in a warm deep k!ss.

Princess gasped and closed her eyes, enjoying this great feeling.

In no time, Benny has her jacket pulled off then her silky top.

He layed her down on the bed and stood back, admiring her perfect body.

Her face was full of shock and questions but Benny only smiled at her and pulled off his clothings then layed beside her.

“I love you so much. ” Benny said into her ears and caressed her hair.

Princess heart was beating fast now as Benny’s hand went down between her legs.

No! No?! I can’t do this. Not now! Princess said in her heart.

She suddenly came back to her senses when she felt Benny’s manh000d in her inner thighs.

“No! ” she cried and stood up from bed, pushing Benny away who looked at her, wondering what the matter was.

“What’s wrong? You…don’t want to do this? I love you and I thought you love me too. ” Benny asked.

Princess quickly covered her n@ked chest and looked at him then breathed in. “No….. Not that… It’s just that I’m going to stain your..bed….. ” Her voice trailed off when she saw Benny’s eyes grow large.

He understood quickly. “What? Are you saying.. You are still…..a….?? ” he did not complete the statement because Princess has began to nod her head.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this! ” Benny said and jumped down the bed. He held her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Then we have to get married as soon as possible. I can’t wait anymore…. Like, I can’t continue anymore. “Benny said unconsciously.

Princess frowned. “Wait… What are you talking about? I don’t understand. “Princess said as Benny stood, looking at her and smiling.

“Soon enough… You shall know what I mean. ”


“Mama, you guys should get ready oh. By tomorrow, you guys are going to be having a big visitor from the city here. Tell papa to make sure all my uncles are ready. Yes, as a matter of fact, my rich husband to be is coming to pay for my bride price. ” Selena said into the phone and laughed after a while.

After brief discussion with her mother, she cut the line.
Just then Princess came in and sat down, smiling.

“Wettin sup babe? Hope you are getting ready? Because tomorrow is gonna be so hot. I just finished calling mama.

She is so happy that I’m finally bringing somebody home. ” Selena said and laughed. “This one you are smiling like this what happened? ” Selena added.

“I’m so excited just like you right now. Benny proposed to me and he’s also going to follow us to the village tomorrow to see my dad.” Princess said.

Selena stared at her with mockery and bursted into laughter. “What did I hear you say!” Selena roared with laughter.

Princess stared innocently at her. “An an, what’s funny? What have I said that’s so funny to warrant such laughter? ” she asked.

“Hey! Princess, you are a fool! A very big one! How will you cope with a common gate man? How! Is this how you want to pay your parents! En! Chai! I have suffered.

You are a big fool oh. You want to get married to an ordinary gate man?

Instead of looking for someone who’s going to sponsor you through the rest of your educational life… You are here about to get married to an ordinary gate man. I so much pity your life and don’t say I did not warn you. Ewu! ” Selena voiced out.

Princess only smiled. “Are you done? Mrs advicer. Thank you very much for all the insults but its none of your business. I choose someone my heart goes for and not what my eyes goes for.

Thank you. Look, I’m going in to pack few of my clothes for tomorrow oh.” Princess said and left the living room.

“You had better grab some sense Princess. Hmm. Okay oh! “Selena hissed and dialed another number on her phone.


Early the next morning, Selena and Princess had finished dressing and were waiting for Chief to come pick them up for the long journey to the village.

The time was half past seven when they finally arrived.

“Oh! They are here. Hurry up. Pull the luggage along.” Selena told Princess who drew the luggage along with her to the booth.

Selena entered the front seat and sat beside chief who was the one driving. “An an, are you the one driving? What is that good for nothing gate man of yours doing? ” Selena asked smiling happily.

Chief was silent for some tine before answering. “There was a situation so…he’s to enter a different car to the village. “Chief answered.

“Okay.. Whatever. “Selena said and just then, Princess entered and sat at the back seat. She looked around wondering where Benny was. “Where is Benny, Chief? I thought he was supposed to follow us!?” Princess asked.

“Yes, actually there is a little situation so he’s going to meet us there.” Chief responded and started the car engine. Soon, they were on the way to the village.

Four pm in the evening, they arrived at Selena’s father’s compound. About four of their uncles we’re already around with different drinks.

Princess’s father was happy to see his daughter again. She reminded him so much of his late wife.

After all pleasantries, Selena’s father began to talk about the reason for the visit.

“Emm… Sir, before I start talking about our visit here, I will like someone to join us first. ” chief said

Everyone turned to look at him. Selena wondered who and what he was talking about.

“Chief….. Who is that? ” Selena asked.

Just then, Chief’s phone rang and he quickly picked it up. “Hello boss, sir? Okay…. Near an oak tree? Alright.. I’m coming right now with the car. ” chief said, excused himself and ran out. He drove out of the compound with the car.

Selena thought her ears were deceiving her about what she heard.

Maybe she wasnt hearing right.

Her parents and everyone else waited all in silence since everyone couldn’t understand the situation.

Few minutes later, Chief arrived with the car. Out of curiousity, everyone trooped out to see what was going on.

Selena watched as her own chief climbed down from the car turned and and opened the passenger’s door.

Selena blinked and blinked again when she realized what chief was wearing.

No no no!! Wait! A…gate man’s uniform?

“What’s happening here!” Selena shouted. As if the shock was not enough, someone came down majestically from the car, wearing the most expensive materials ever.

Selena wondered who it was as she stared intently at him as he began to turn to their direction.



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