SHHHH!!” Benny said and dragged the woman closer. He peeped out and looked around before locking the gate.

“Mum, keep your voice down!” Benny said and breathed in.

The woman was still staring at him obviously shocked at his dressing. ” Ben, you have not answered my question. What are you doing here beside the gate and what are you wearing?” She asked again.

“I will explain everything mum but right now you need to rest. But…why didn’t you come with any car? What happened and…why is there no body guard with you?” Ben asked but the woman wouldn’t say anything.

“Answer mine before I answer yours! What in heaven’s name can my own son be doing beside the gate!”


📱Are you serious!” Princess said into the phone. She was chatting with one of her friends, Benita. “That means very soon, we are going to resume?” She asked.

📱Yes oh, I can’t wait to go back to school. Like…I’m seriously home sick!” Benita said from the other line.

Princess laughed. “That one na you na. As for me, I’m just beginning to like this strike because your dear friend just got a Prince charming!” Benita laughed out loud.

📱 You? By saying Prince mean you’ve gotten a boyfriend? That’s fabulous!” Benita said and Princess rolled her eyes. Just then, a knock came on the door.

“Benita, I think my cousin is back. I will call you later when I’m done. Yeah. Sure. Okay….bye.” Princess hung up the call and stood up. She walked to the door and opened it as Selena entered.

She inhaled deeply and fell into a couch.

“What’s popping?” Princess asked as she closed the door and turned to face her.

Selena smiled happily and sat up. “Guess what?” She asked happily.

Princess rolled her eyes. “what?”

“Chief proposed to me!” Selena announced and Princess gasped.

They both shouted and embraced.

“Wow, I’m so happy for you!” Princess said as they disengaged. Selena was glowing.

“You can say that again. Yes, you should be happy for me. Like….I can’t just wait to get married to him. This man is made of money!” Selena said happily.

Princess stopped to look at her. “Excuse me. So, this is still all about money?” She asked.

“What’s it about again if not money? Abeg abeg abeg, don’t you dare spoil my wonderful mood right. Look I’m going inside to rest because I have a busy day ahead of me.” Selena said firmly and walked off, taking her bag with her.

Princess shook her head as she watched her go. Her phone rang again and she smiled when she saw the caller.

“Hello, Benny. I thought you wouldn’t call.” Princess said and smiled. Her eyes widened after a moment of silence. “What? You..want to take me out? What if your boss…what’s he gonna say? You should be at your duty post, Benny. Don’t get in trouble because of me. Are you sure? Okay, I’m coming.” Princess said quietly and cut the call.

She breathed in deeply and thought for a while before going into her room to dress.

Her first date with Benny…. hmm. Awesome.


Mrs Nicholas breathed in again as she stared at her son. “Well, Benny…..I think that’s a good idea but don’t you think it’s way too risky? You aren’t used to that kind of life. You are a Minister’s son for goodness sake. What will people say when they see you?” Mrs Nicholas said again.

Benny smiled. His mother sure do worry too much. Perhaps, maybe because he was the only son and also the first born. He had other three siblings but they were all girls.

“Mum, nothing’s gonna happen to me. I will be fine. This charade won’t take long I promise.” Benny said and Mrs Nicholas breathed in again.

“The person I called few minutes ago is on her way right now. When she gets here, I want you to do me the favor of slapping me in front of her. Yes, mum…you will have to do it.” Benny said as his mother’s eyes widened.

“I’ve never raised my hands on you in my life! You want me to start now all because of this game!” Mrs Nicholas shouted.

“Mum, calm down and listen to me. I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to ever make the mistake of marrying the wrong woman. Please mum or would you rather I call Emeka my gate man to do it?” Benny asked.

“Okay. I will do it but I don’t like this at all. I don’t!” Mrs Nicholas said.

Benny smiled. “Don’t worry mum. Everything will be fine.” Benny said and just then, the hallway door opened and Princess came in and walked through the passage then came out into the large living room.

Immediately she got there, she regretted ever coming. She desperately wanted to run back outside at what she was seeing right now.

A majestically dressed woman was sitting on the large couch looking so angry. Benny was kneeling and in tears.

“Good… good… afternoon…” Princess stammered visibly scared.

The woman ignored her and continued to tongue lash Benny. “You just a good for nothing fool! A beggar? How could you go out and start begging for alms! Doesn’t my son give you enough? Has he not tried for a common gate man like you!”

Benny jammed his palms together in a pleading manner. “Ma, I’m is the work of devil. It won’t happen again.”

The door opened again and this time, it was Selena. Chief had also called her so they could go out. Everything was Benny’s plan.

“What’s going on here? Where is chief?” Selena asked and looked disdainfully at Benny. “What had he done!” She asked without greeting the older woman.

Just then Chief came down from the stairs and Selena ran to meet him.

“Honey, is that your mother?” Selena asked. She hated mother in-laws so much because she believed they were always bad luck.

“Oh yes.” Chief replied. “Mama, what’s going on here?” Chief asked.

“You won’t believe that I saw this ingrate begging for money” Mrs Nicholas said, stood up and slapped Benny.

“What! Begging?” Chief and Selena exclaimed. Selena laughed out loud and looked at Princess with a “I warned you” look.

“You are going to be sacked immediately!” Chief shouted.

“Ma..sir….chief, please! Pardon him. I will definitely make sure this does not happen again. Maybe he wasn’t thinking. Please forgive him.” Princess pleaded.

Mrs Nicholas was overwhelmed with princess’s attitude. She desperately wanted to smile but she tightened back her face. ” Take him away from my sight!” She ordered.

Just under his clothes, Benny gave his mother a thumbs up.

He was equally overwhelmed. The least he expected was to see Princess run out of the house after finding out how poor he was but she didn’t. Instead, she had stayed behind and pleaded on his behalf.

“What were you thinking? Don’t tell me that’s true. Were you really begging?” Princess asked, really concerned.

Benny kept quiet. He only continued smiling. ” Is there anything wrong in trying to beg for alms?” He asked her calmly.

“Benny, I could have given you some money out of my allowance. You could have asked chief for money or tell him to pay you in advance.

So you said you wanted to take me out for lunch? With which money? En? Benny, please..I’m begging you, don’t repeat this thing again.” Princess said.

Benny looked at her, breathed in and held her hand then led her to the gate house. “You are one of a kind and you deserve the kindest thing on earth.”


Selena ran into the house happily and singing. She screamed excitedly and sat on the sofa.

Princess came out of the room, looking at her and wondering what the excitement was all about.

“What Happened? What’s going on with you!” Princess asked, sitting down too.

“Guess what, Princess. Just guess!” Selena shouted happily.

“Hmm..okay, okay. Chief has promised you another unfulfilling one million naira?” Princess asked.

“Oh God! Can you be realistic for once, Princess and make something out if that your fish brain?

Who told you chief is not gonna give me the money?

He must oh especially now that I’m pregnant for him!!” Selena said happily and Princess looked sharply at her.

“You are what??” She asked again.

“Yes ohh!! I’m pregnant for chief Emeka!”


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