Jessie and Raguel arrived home safely, Jessie was instantly pulled into a hug by Elena even before she entered the house properly
Why did you leave? Elena mumbled into her shoulder
We were so worried about you, Elena continue saying, she pushed back from the hug a little and look at Jessie
“Never do that again” Elena said looking into her eyes
Jessie was so dumbfounded, so she just nodded her
I’m sorry Jessie whispered
It’s okay, Elena said, just promise you will never leave like that again
I promise Jessie said
“Good” Elena replied as she pull her back into the hug
Jessie was still, she never knew that the Angels care about her that much
When last did people actually cared about me, she could not even remember, a tear fell from her face and she hugged Elena tightly
When Elena pulled back from the hug, Jessie discreetly wiped the tears from her eyes
Elena took Jessie’s hand and lead her to the living room
Sit down, she said
Jessie nodded her head as she sat down, she look at all the faces of the people standing in the living room and she could see genuinely worried faces staring at her
I will go get Raphael so he could heal your injuries, Elena said standing up
I’m here, Raphael announced even before Elena took a step
Raphael was immediately at her side within seconds
he examined her injuries to know if they were minor, when he was sure they were he placed his hand on her healing her completely of her bruises
“Thank you” Jessie whispered
You are welcome, Raphael said and we all are glad you are back home he added as he patted her back softly
Do you want something to eat? Elena asked
Jessie shook her head
I’m fine, I just need to rest and I will eat later Jessie said while standing up
Are you sure? Elena asked
Yes, Jessie said with a tiny smile on her face
I will head to my room now, Jessie announced
Elena nodded her head and with that Jessie hurried out of the living room and left for her room
Immediately she entered the room she broke down into tears

Michael has dropped the little girl for a very long time at her house but he has refused to go back home, he is angry at Jessie for running away,
he still could not believe he had come close to losing her to the demons
I would have missed the one chance I had in love if the demon’s had taken her
I don’t even know how I feel about her yet but I’m sure she is the one Anna is referring to, Michael said
All this things are so confusing, he said sighing
I have to go back home and talk to Jessie

He flashed his wings and soar high in the sky as he head home
Michael did not land in the front door of the house rather he landed in Jessie’s room because he knew Raguel would likely stop him from seeing Jessie right now if he uses the front door
Michael watched as Jessie raised her head to stare at him, they were both quiet for a little while before Michael spoke
Why did you run away? Michael asked
He did not even wait for her reply before he continue speaking
Do you know how worried I was when I found out you were the one in trouble and you needed my help,
your behaviour was very reckless and you even left the house through the window, Michael said pointing at the window
What if you had broken your legs?
Do you know what would have happened to you if the demon’s had captured you! Michael yelled
I thought your were smarter than this but I guess I’m wrong he said still raising his voice
You have no idea, you really don’t have any idea what those demon’s would have done to you Michael muttered angrily
Michael knew he was been too hard on Jessie but right now he could not even think clearly
I had a nightmare about my sister being killed by demons and I freaked out, Jessie yelled
You should have talk to me about it or better still talk to Elena but no you chose to run off and what did that get
I know it was stupid of me and I’m sorry Jessie whispered
She was really tired of exchanging words with Michael
Michael shook his head clearly still angry at her, he made his way to the door and he was about to open the door but Jessie rushed and placed her hand on his
Even though Michael felt the tingling sensation from Jessie’s touch he ignored it and removed Jessie hand from his
Don’t touch me right now Jessie, Michael said sternly I’m still angry at you, he said
I’m sorry Michael
Michael did not say anything either did he waste anymore time in the room, he just ignored her words and left the room

He heard a sob escape from Jessie’s mouth and his chest tightened at the sound of her cries,
he had the urge to go back into the room to comfort her but he ignored it and his way downstairs
When Michael came downstairs he refused to meet anybody’s eyes he knows they heard their conversation because they were shouting at each other,
he just silently made his way to the living room and sat on the couch
He sigh softly as he closed his eyes and linked his fingers together
It did not take long before he notice Raguel’s presence at his side
He opened his eyes and stare at his friend
I shouldn’t have shouted at her, Michael said
Yes, Raguel replied, that is not the best the way to handle to situation Raguel added
Michael sigh softly, I’m messed up he said shaking his head
I was really angry and I just let my anger rule my sense of reasoning
I think I should apologize to her, Michael said
You will apologize to her but not now, Raguel said, she needs some time alone he added
Michael nodded his head
I’m really glad we got to her on time, Raguel said
Me too, Michael replied
What would I have done if they had? He asked himself
Do you want to go out and get some fresh air? Raguel asked
Yes, Michael replied
He really needs to leave the house to clear his head
Both Michael and Raguel head for the front door, the both flashed their wings and together they soar high in the sky
After sometime they both landed and began walking in silent but Michael’s mind keep drifting back to Jessie
I will aplogize to her when I get home, he said to himself
Raguel do you think………
Michael trail off as he look at Raguel who has stopped walking
Raguel turned to look at Michael and Michael now knew why he had stopped walking
“Demons” the both said in unison
Michael and Raguel discretely followed the scent of the demons and they were really careful so as not not alret the demons that they were coming closer
I see them, Michael whispered pointing at their direction
Raguel nodded his head when he too got sight of the demons
But before they could attack the demons sensed their presence making them to turn around and stare at the Angels
But Michael and Raguel were quick enough to capture one of them before the rest vanished
Let me go! the demon said struggling with them
Tell us where the little girl you took is? Michael demanded
I will tell you nothing, the demon yelled still struggling with them
Michael shook his head and hit the demon knocking him down
Why did you do that? Raguel asked
He is unconscious, and we will take him home and maybe Grey can help us get a confession out of him

Yes, you are right, Raguel said agreeing to Michael’s suggestion
Let’s go home, Michael said as he carried the the demon from the ground and flashed his wings and left for their home

Jessie heard a knock on her door which pulled her out of her thought
Come in, she said
Elena entered the room and shut the door behind her,
Are you okay? Elena asked
No, Jessie answered sincerely but I will be fine she added
Elena nodded her head as she squeezed Jessie’s hand a little
Do you want me to bring your dinner up here or will you join us downstairs
I will prefer to eat here, Jessie said
Okay I will bring the food here
Thank you, Jessie said
Elena smiled at her and left the room
The food was later brought to her room, she eat the food and went to the bathroom to have a quick shower and after that she settled under the cover as she drift off to sleep

Michael and Raguel arrived home with the demon
Immediately they step into the house all the Angels in the living room stood up
Why do you have a demon with you? Raphael asked
We need to interrogate this demon, we are sure he could tell us about the whereabout of Jessie’s sister, Michael said
Raphael looked at Raguel who nodded his head at his father
Okay, Raphael said
I will take the demon to the basement, Michael said
Okay, Raguel said
When Michael dropped the demon in the basement he came back to the living room and found it empty,
i guess everybody has retried to their bedrooms he said
He quietly made to way upstairs to check on Jessie but when he got to her door he could hear Faint noise coming from her room
He quickly opened the door to see Jessie’s hand tighten on the bed sheet with her eyes closed tightly and sweat dripping down her face
She is having a nightmare, Michael whispered
He immediately went to her side
Wake up Jessie, Michael whispered
But that did not get Jessie to wake up
Michael then had to shake her a little hard and Jessie jolt up knocking down Michael
Michael quickly stood up from the ground and sat next to Jessie
Michael, Jessie whispered when she saw him
Michael smiled softly at her,
Jessie rushed to pull Michael into a hug, Michael did not waste anytime before he wrapped his hands around her
I’m sorry she said
It’s okay Jessie, just go back to sleep, Michael said
Stay here with me, Jessie whispered
Okay, Michael agreed
Jessie then pulled back from the hug and lay down on the bed and Michael did the same, he pulled her closer and wrapped his hands around her as Jessie drift back to sleep
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