SCAR – Episode 62




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 62

He tried pulling my head up but I forcefully pushed his hands away .

What’s wrong with her,I heard his girlfriend ask .

Am sorry please excuse me I said nervously and rushed to the room I was dressed with my head bowed .

are you sure you are okay I heard Mr Chan say from outside.

Am perfectly fine,I don’t want this shoot anymore I said.

Did I offend you miss,am ready to make it up to you I heard Ian say and tears rolled from my eyes .

I don’t know what is wrong with you,but if my boyfriend did anything wrong to you,you can tell me I heard the girl say .

Tears rushed down from my eyes,did she just call him her boyfriend.

Am sorry I don’t think I want this,you guys should all leave,I don’t wanna see anybody I said abd heard Ian sign.

Ok we would leave I heard Ian say and soon I heard footstep walking away .

****. ****. ***

I quitely opened the door,I had been sitting down here and crying my eyes out .

For how long did you plan on hiding I heard someone say and I raised my head to see Jeremy .

Jeremy I called shocked .

So you are alive all this while,how did it happen he asked .

Am sorry I said crying and I saw him clean a tear from his eyes .

Baby it’s okay,thank goodness you are alive he said hugging me and I relax in his arms .

Thanks for understanding I said as we both pulled apart .

So when did you plan on coming back he asked .

I haven’t thought about that I said quitely .

Jenice I know Ian hurt you so much, but he dosen’t deserve all this,you don’t wanna imagine what he passed through because of you Jeremy said.

Jeremy don’t even go there,you don’t even know what I passed through I yelled .

You better tell Ian you are alive and text him tonight, don’t let me hate you he said and turned away .

Jeremy please I don’t know how to face him I said.

Actually you are more beautiful and you look fucking hot Jeremy said and walked away, but I just smiled instead I couldn’t say a word .

****. ****

I had gotten home some hours ago and to my greatest surprise Becky and Katerine where home with my sibblings,lana,Chris and Jackson Lana seems to love Katerine more than anyone else .

Mummy you haven’t said anything Lana said jumping on me .

Stay away from me I yelled pushing her away and I could hear everyone gasp, but I wasn’t having any of it .

Mummy I hate you I heard Lana scream crying that was when I came back to my senses,she was on the floor .

Baby am really sorry I didn’t mean to I said carrying her up while she sobbed in my arms,Becky and Katerine who where discussing with Chris turned to face me .

Baby what’s wrong Chris asked and turned to face me.

Nothing I lied smoothly.

Jenice you can tell us anything Katerine said.

It’s Ian I said crying .

Do you still love him Chris asked,I could feel the fear in his voice .

That’s not it I said crying .

Then what Becky asked .

His the model I went to have a shoot with I said and Katerine gasped .

So you mean he saw you Becky asked .

No he didn’t but Jeremy did I said.

Jeremy Becky asked I could see the look on her face and I wanted to laugh but this wasn’t the time .

Yes Jeremy I said .

Babe you are mine now so there’s nothing to be scared about,you can go meet him Chris said.

Hmmm I asked not to be sure of what am hearing .

Jenice you can’t keep hiding from him forever Katerine said.

What about lana,do you wanna keep hiding her from her dad becky said and I smiled .

Mummy where are you going Lana asked with her tiny baby voice .

Come on baby am not leaving you behind I said and pecked her forehead.

So when are you going Chris asked .

Tonight I would use my private jet I said and he nodded .

We are coming along,we left there for too long I think it’s time to go back Becky said and Katerine nodded .

Yes I think it’s time I take back all my dad properties and tell Ian about his child I said.

That’s the spirit girl,let’s go packing Katerine said .

Sissy we are coming along I heard my sibblings say and nodded,I know they really wanna see Jeremy .

Are you sure this is right Chris asked and I smiled.

I looked at him and pulled him closer and kissed him,I could see he was shocked but soon he deepened the kiss, we both sucked on each other lips hungrily and soon we pulled apart to catch our breath .

The kiss was good but it was no way compared to Ian .

I love you Chris and you are not loosing me I said and rested my head on his chest .

I love you too angel he said and hugged me tightly .

We had arrived at the city some mintues ago and we Lodge in an hotel.

Meet me at your village house, someone important I texted Ian and dropped my phone .

It’s now or never I said walking out.

Mummy I would be waiting for you Lana said and I smiled and walked out .

Ian .

I held the ring I had bought and dropped it,I had wanted engage miram today but am having a second thought about it .

That girl that refused to show me her face sounds like jenice but she’s dead but am having a second thought about it,what if she had been alive all this while, I just don’t wanna imagine what I would because I would break up with miram for sure .

Miram and I had been dating for five months now after she begged me I had decided to give her chance tho I haven’t touched her not even a kiss .

I can’t imagine the thought of it alone I know I don’t love her and am gonna hurt her like hell

A text came into my phone and I opened it and it read .

Meet me at your village house by 8pm someone very important it read

I felt my heart beat,what if it’s jenice .

Baby what’s wrong you look so restless is it about that girl earlier miram said wrapping her hands around me .

It’s nothing I think I need to go somewhere I said and turned to face her only to see her in a transparent nightie with only her pant on and she was braless.

you really came to seduce me huh I said with a smirk on my face turning to face her and she blushed slightly .

Nice boobs you got but not as her I said and she smiled softly .

I know am no way way compared to her she got wide hips and she looks fucking beautiful I have seen my pic she said and I smiled.

Should I touch them I said pressing her boobs softy and she moaned .

Wow miram I can’t wait to fuck you raw and hard I said and her face turned red immidiately .

Ian she said resting her head on my chest Shyly.

You are just like her I said remerbring jenice and that spoilt my mood immidiately.

You should be going now I would just be here she said laying on my bed .

Sweet dreams I said placing a kiss on her forehead and grabbing my car keys and walked out .

Where are you going the guys asked immidiately I got to the living room they where gisting .

I thought you where busy with your girlfriend dethro said and rolled his eyes .

Dethro you have a crush on her Jeremy said laughing.

I would be going now I said.

I wanna come with you Jeremy said .

Don’t worry I would be fine I said walking out.

Take care they yelled behind me .

Tbc .

So it’s now on never .

The next episode they are definitely gonna meet😋😋I can’t wait oh even me am curious.

And to those saying jenice has no right to date Chris and same to miram and Ian,let’s be sincere here forget the fact that’s a novel let’s come to reality,a guy that cliams to love you but dosen’t even trust you one bit imagine Ian telling jenice to abort the pregnancy because his mom has brainwashed him, they are lot of them out there, Nigeria boys get rank for there sef .

Let’s say a guy that denied you when you needed him lost and a guy that cared for you without even knowing you,let’s come to reality who will you accept .

Some said the story is boring too much suspence you guys be patient .

And you guys heard jenice say she loves Chris .

You guys be patient I don’t disappoint .


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