SCAR – Episode 61




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 61

Dethro .

I couldn’t let that girl live in this mansion any longer, can’t believe she’s falling for Ian .

She’s really beautiful,but I don’t really think I wanna fall in love now and mom had been disturbing me to bring my girlfriend.

Am thinking of going home this night and I would make sure that girl leave also .

Why do you hate her that much I heard Jeremy say and I turned to see him entering my room .

Do you love her I asked rudely .

Bro when was the last time you had sex,fuck pussy is sweet and that girl she’s not leaving because I wanna fuck her he said.

Then you are gonna answer to Ian because I know his not gonna let that to happen.

You know me too well when it comes to sex I get whatever I want and nobody can stop me I said and smiled.

You are a fool,a big fool I said and walked out angrily.

A year later .


Good morning ma my workers gretted as I walked into the company, don’t be surprised I owned a company that deal with the producing of clothes I opened it through my modeling and I also have a modelling company .

Morning you all I said smiling as I walked towards my office .

I had dropped Lana off in school before coming in,I had decided to drop all the thought of Ian aside because I was now dating Chris,well this might come as a shock to you guys but I have learnt to love him, well I started dating him when I found out Ian was dating that girl and I heard her name is miram.

I had seen it in news I felt broken I couldn’t move on but with Chris on my side I could overcome it and he expressed his feelings for me and since Ian had moved on,who am I not to,I gave Chris a chance and we are doing just great,tho I haven’t let him touch me because I couldn’t bring myself to I only let him kiss my forehead and nothing more .

Ma your work for today my pa said entering my office breaking me out of my thoughts.

So what’s the schedule for today I asked and just then the office telephone rang and I picked it up .

📞Ma there are two ladies requesting to see you the receptionist said.

📞Let them in I said and cut the call.

So what’s the report I asked my pa .

You have a shoot by 10 with the city top model she said.

Who’s that I asked .

His identity is not revealed she said.

Ok I said abd just then the door opened and Chris entered.

Hi baby he said coming close to me .

Excuse us I said to my pa and she nodded and walked out .

You didn’t even prepare me breakfast today Chris said dragging me to himself and wrapping his hands around me and nibbled at my neck .

Stop teasing me you spiolt brat I said laughing and just then the door burst open and two girls walked in making us pull apart .

So it’s true I heard someone say and I raised my head to see Becky and Katerine.

How did you find me I asked with shock written all over me .

So you have been alive all this while and we thought it was just your recipucal Becky said crying .

Am sorry I can explain I said crying .

Explain what you bloddy liar do you know the pain I passed through thinking you where dead Katerine yelled .

Babe what’s going Chris asked .

I miss you girls I said and rushed to hug them .

We missed you they said hugging me .

So how did you survive Becky asked .

Who’s he Katrine asked .

My boyfriend I said and I saw their face widened.

How Becky asked .

Well relax let me explain I said .

That’s it I said as I finished it story .

So when are we gonna see Lana Katerine asked exicted .

Well tonight because you guys are spending the night I said and they nodded. .

See you later baby Chris said and kissed my forehead.

You guys look cute actually Becky said.

Thanks girl I said smiling.

See you later Chris said and walked out .

So how about ian Becky asked .

Well I don’t know I said breathing hard .

But I thought you said you loved him did you just give up already Becky asked.

Well I prefer Chris to that dick Katrine said.

Well Becky, Ian is now my past and there is no way am going back to him I said Angrily.

But you gave his child,Becky said.

Child you say,Remerber he told me to abort the baby I said with it heart building up in hate because of what he did to me .

But you should just let it go Becky said.

Becky please don’t let me get mad at you,I don’t love him anymore,he was the one that started dating someone else Ian is my past now and am not planning on showing myself to him anytime soon I said angrily.

Am sorry bae,I just didn’t want your child to grow up without the love of father Becky said.

Yes it’s true Katrine who had been quite said .

I would think about that,girls I have a shoot now see you later this is my home just go there I said giving them the address and rushed out .

Ma you are late for the shoot the manager said as I rushed in .

Am really sorry Mr Chan I got hooked up in work I said.

Ma it’s nothing it’s actually our pleasure having you here he said leading me on and my pa followed behind .

So who am I shooting with I asked.

You would see him later just go get dressed he said and I nodded.

I was already ready for the shoot and I was a short gown.

Where is he I asked camly trying to cool down my nerves .

Well his gonna be here soon because he said he was dressing from home and his already close here Mr Chan said and I smiled.

I wonder who he is,so proud am pompous.

Sir they are here I heard one of the workers scream.

🚺Oh my gosh .

🚹It’s really him .

🚺It’s Ian .

I heard them call Ian and stood in shock I hope it’s not him,my heart was beating so fast .

I kept my face down and covered it with my hair thank goodness I dyed my hair blue and had cut it a different style .

Master Ian please meet miss jenice the city top model and jenice meet Ian leader of the masked singers and city biggest celebrity I heard mr chan say.

Am sorry I came late miss jenice nice meeting you he said bringing his hand for a shake .

I bent my head ,my body was reacting to his voice alone,oh God please help .

Why is she behaving weird I heard ian ask and could feel all of them starring at me because they all came along including his girlfriend.

I think I would do this myself Ian said and came to me and tried raising my face up .

Tbc .

What’s gonna happen next .

So jenice is beating Chris and Ian is dating miram and now Ian is here .


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