SCAR – Episode 60




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 60

Jenice what do you think that you are doing Chris yelled after me as I packed my clothes.

Chris what does it look like am doing,am going back I yelled .

Like seriously babe,do you think it’s that funny,everyone think you are dead and you appear from somewhere have you ever thought about that Chris yelled .

But Chris I miss him so much I said crying and he hugged me .

Chris .

I almost had an attack,when Jenice said she was going back .

I think I have hidden my true feelings for too long .

Am gonna tell her what I truly feel about her I don’t care what she say or not I would just prepare my mind for the worst

Chris are you sure that girl isn’t his girlfriend she said sniffing .

Come on jenice,stop thinking negativity I said and she nodded .

Uncle Chris is mummy okay I heard Lana say entering the room.

Baby come jenice said and she rushed into her arms.

Mummy please stop crying Lana say cleaning her tears .

Come on baby mommy isn’t crying jenice said and she nodded .

Chris please shut the door while going she said laying down .

Goodnight angel I said and covered her with the duvet and offed the light .

I walked out of the room and instead I came in contact with Jackson .

So you guys aren’t even dating he said smiling.

Jack you better mind your business I said angrily.

.how about I tell Grandpa that you guys have been acting he said smiling.

Do your worst fool I said and walked out,I really needed to get laid

I walked out of the house and entered my car and drove off.

I went straight to the club and immidiately I entered girls sourrouded me .

Hey handsome,mind spending the night with me a Blondie said and I nodded .

We passed all the girls and walked to my personal room In the club .

She grabbed my belt immidiately and In a twinkle of an eye she pulled off my trouser,this a real bitch .

She pulled off the short gown that she was wearing and knelt in front of me and took my dick into her mouth and began to suck it .

Faster I moaned pushing her head in the more,but that wasn’t giving me the pleasure I needed so I grabbed her up and with her legs wide opened I thrust in roughly.

I kept slamming get hardly and all I kept seeing was jenice .

Oh my gosh jenice I calked in pleasure and soon we both cummed .

Miram .

Since Ian brought me to live her with him,my life had turned out to be good,I now have 20 million followers on Instagram,I get to eat well .

After the concert yesterday,Ian had been sulking in his room because of that jenice girl .

I know it’s hard to lose someone you love,I almost ran mad when I lost my parents.

Am sorry to say but I really love Ian and am thinking of telling him my feelings ,I don’t care if he sees me as a cheap girl,all I know is that I love him .

I don’t care if you saved him or not,all I know is that you are not welcomed here and would never be welcomed here I heard that dethro guy say and I turned to see him starring at me .

Why do you hate me that much I asked already crying .

Well this place is only opened for one girl and that’s jenice and since she’s dead don’t ever think of being able of fill that place you slut he cursed starring at me angrily.

Am not a slut don’t you ever call me that I yelled with tears running down my eyes .

What’s going on here I heard someone ask and I turned to see ian standing by his door,he looks so cute in his blue hair he looks calm .

Am just putting this thing when she truly belongs dethro said.

Dethro what the fuck is that,you should treat her as a part of this family he said.

I would never accept her, I don’t care what she did for you,all I know is that she isn’t welcomed here he said and shut his door .

Miram are you okay ian asked coming to meet me .

Am fine I said and he cleaned my tears .

Do you want me to carry you he asked and before I could answer he carried me up into his room .

Put me down I yelled hiting him but he just laughed .

Wow your room is really beautiful I said as he dropped me on the bed .

So what do you want me to give you he asked .

Ian I wanna tell you something i said .

Is it about dethro,I know my friend too well I think he has crush on you he said and I smiled softly.

That’s not it I said turning to face him .

What’s it you can tell me anything he said wrapping his hands around me .

Promise not to hate me I said scared .

I promise darling he said and kissed my neck softly .

Ian am in love with you I dropped the bombshell .

I don’t get you he said turning me to face him .

Ian I love you I really do,I don’t think I can keept it anymore,for these years that I have I know you I can’t help it but I keep falling deeply for you I said with my heart beating fast

I know he said Camly.

You know I asked shocked .

Yes I know and I have been waiting for you to tell me all this while and that’s why I wanna say this please kill every single feeling you have for me,I don’t think I can ever love you,you deserve someone else my heart belongs to someone else till I die he said and I felt my heart break into pieces,I just feel like dying.


So jenice isn’t going back now 😪😪you guys should be patient .

Who else was scared when Ian saw he knew 😂

Chris loves jenice,miram loves Ian .

More drama to unfold.


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