SCAR – Episode 58




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 58

Jenice .

Jenice Walked into her room, hitting her legs nosily on the floor,her eyes where blood shot and she foded her fist angrily,one could tell what was wrong with her .

Jenice am sorry I never meant for that to happen Chris yelled rushing in .

Chris that’s what you always say,I have been hearing this for the past two years but I don’t I can take it any longer it’s getting on my nerves I yelled turning to face him .

Oh baby pls calm down,we can sort this out he said trying to touch me but I pushed him away and just then the door opened and my baby rushed in .

Mommy mommy brother teddy dosen’t wants me to eat from his noddles Lana yelled rushing in .

Lana can you atleast leave us for now,your mom and I are having some discussion Chris said but instead she rolled her eyes and I smiled she’s just like him .

No way uncle Chris,my mom is coming with me and you are not gonna stop me,so quit trying Lana said .

Ok fine am gonna buy you some icecream later so can you leave now Chris said.

Uncle Chris that’s what you always say,I don’t trust you one bit let’s go now she said dragging his hands .

Lana please Chris groaned .

Uncle you are a liar, let’s go Lana screamed .

Ok fine let’s go,babe we would talk later Chris said and I rolled my eyes .

Uncle Chris we are going with you guys my sibblings said rushing in .

I looked at tie,she was wearing a short skirt and crop top, they where all wearing same clothes .

Tie what are you wearing I asked looking at her angrily.

Sissy calm down it’s just an outing and after all an 8 she said smiling.

Tie you are very stupid before I open my eyes go change those trash u are wearing I said angrily .

Jenice just let the girl be Chris said.

You are the only spoiling this kids I said.

Sissy when are we going back home I wanna see Uncle Ian cute face and I miss uncle Jeremy Troy said.

I felt my heart quicken at just the mention of his name .

Sissy are you okay my siblings said rushing to meet me .

Am fine I said sitting on the bed with an heavy heart .

Mom is that my dad because I always hear you call his name in my sleep Lana said lokimg at me.

I told you daddy travelled, don’t worry he would be back soon I said putting on my sweetest smile .

Ok mom I believe you uncle Chris let’s go she yelled and they ran out .

I saw those stares my sibblings gave me .

When they had gone out I sat on my bed and tears flowed freely from my eyes,I haven’t heard anything about him for years now .

This past two years of my life had not really been sweet but with my angel with me I fell ok .

Am now a model in the nearest city here and am very popular,I wonder if Ian won’t see me one of this days .

Chris hasn’t found any bride so we are still acting .

I keep assuring myself that I would forget him,but that seems like a big lie, anytime I hear his name I feel that tingles between my legs .

You can stoop doing this to yourself already I heard some say and I raised my head to see back standing there .

So you no longer knock before entering my room huh I asked .

I just wanted to say hi he said sitting beside me .

Jackson are you sure you aren’t here to tell me how good I look I asked

Damn you are an angel sent from above he said smiling.

Am not in for all this I said standing up .

You know you can just tell me you need someone shoulder to lie on he said wrapping his hands around me .

Jack are you sure am gonna meet him again, would he still love me I cried resting my head on his shoulder.

I hope so baby because you deserve him more he said tapping me softly .

Ian .

Where are we going miram screamed behind me .

Miram shut the fuck up i half yelled.

Sorry she said behind me .

It’s been two years already,two fucking years since all that has happened,I have become very popular here they all treat me like am a god and miram and I had been fucking close but just best friends .

Morning ma how much is 20 min call I asked .

You can make your call free of charge cutie the woman said.

Ok thanks ma I said and picked the phone .

What are you doing miram asked .

Shut up fool I said dailing Jeremy number .

📞Hello who’s this I heard him moan .

📞So after two years you didn’t change one bit you are still fucking bitches I said .

📞Oh my goodness Ian is this really you he screamed.

📞Oh shut up fool am gonna send you the adres of where i am now come get me I said.

Are we leaving miram ask with a wide grin and I nodded .

We had left the village some hours ago and we where waiting for them and miram was clingky tightly to me.

Oh my gosh Ian it’s really you jeremy asked rushing out of the plane.

Dude can’t breath I groaned .

You are a pussy so you are alive all this while and we thought you where dead and you couldn’t call dethro said while carrim just stared at me .

I missed you guys so much I said and we entered a group hug .

Who’s she dethro asked when we pulled apart .

Did you change jenice so soon jeremy asked looking at me .

I can never change jenice she owns my heart,this girl here helped me she was the one who found me and i have been living with her for some time now and it’s really fun,so guys meet my new found friend miram and miram meet my brothers I said.

Ian pinch me she said.

Huh what do you mean I asked confused .

Pinch me she screamed and I did .

So it’s real am seeing the masked singers for real she screamed .

Oh my gosh miram you are a fool I screamed and the guys chuckled .

Let’s go i said and we all walked towards the jet .

Tbc .


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