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The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 57

Ian .

So you call this place a club I said sitting on a chair .

Yeah and this is my business she said opening the windows.

So what are you gonna do here,it doesn’t look like where things are sold I said looking around if my eyes are deciving me .

Well am gonna sing she said cleaning the chair .

You sing I asked shocked.

If course and when I start people would drop enough money she said smiling.

With that cockroach voice you got I said laughing .

I don’t wanna hit your cute face but trust me when I say if you get on my nerves again you are in for trouble she said.

Ok cockroach voice I said in a mockery time and she used her slippers to hit me .

Arg you are gonna kill me one of this days I yelled .

Then shut up and do as I say she said and I nodded obiediently.

Hours later .

The stage was already set and those playing the instrument where here already,the house was filled to the bim with people, girls mostly and some where giving me those
0 seductive looks .

How do I look I heard someone say and I turned to see miram In a long strapless gown,she liked gorgeous but no where compared to jenice .

Hmmm so someone turned from a monkey to a human being I said in a mockery tone .

Did you just call me a monkey she asked and I could feel the sadness in her voice .

You are beautiful,just joking go on your listening are waiting I said holding her out .

🚺Oh my gosh .

🚹Are they a couple .

🚺His so cute.

🚺Wow she so lucky .

I heard them say all sort of things about me as I followed her out but I ignored it ..

Tanks to you all for coming she said into the microphone when I went to sit down at my seat.

This song is dedicated to my friend right there and it’s from my favorite singers,masked singers she said and I felt my heart skip,i thought no one knew me .

🎤I thought that I had lost

🎼The key to my heart.

🎤But when I saw you

🎼You took my breath away .

🎤It was love at first sight .

🎤Oh baby take me deeper

🎼Don’t ever go away.

🎤I can never leave your side .

🎼You are the key to my heart .

I felt tears rush down my eyes, that was actually the song,I had sang for jenice in the last concert we had before I showed her my face .

My heart was breaking into pieces again,I act like am ok but deep down I was hurting so badly,she keeps taunting me.

I cleaned the tears in my eyes away and walked towards miram and pulled her away,she gave that look like what are you doing .

I got this I whispered to her and took the microphone.

🎤You are the only one I had ever loved .

🎼Yeah take me deeper .

🎤Baby don’t ever leave because it was love at first sight .

🎼Oh baby take me deeper

🎤Don’t ever go away.

🎼I can never leave your side .

🎤You are the key to my heart .

I repeated the song three times and ended it,the screams alone almost blocked my ear .

I looked at miram and I could see that look over face .

Ian it’s you,you are the leader of the masked singers miram said shocked and I simply nodded.

People where screaming,but instead I ignored all the screams and walked out .

I walked to the back of the building and began to punch the wall .

Why did you have to die I yelled in frustration as I hit the wall more,I just wanted to feel pain .

I didn’t know how long I had been hitting the wall,but my hands where bleeding so badly right now .

Do you want to kill yourself I heard miram yell and ran to hug me .

I killed her,I killed the girl I had ever loved am a murderer I yelled hitting the wall the more .

No you are not a murderer she said and I pushed her away .

You didn’t know me, and stop cliamimg like you are my mom I screamed at her angrily and that was I realised she was groaning on the floor,did I hurt you I asked rushing to meet her .

If not for the lots of money I made and the fact that you are my favorite singer.

I would have killed you she groaned in pains and I smiled.

Am sorry I lost it I said carrying her up .

It’s nothing I would learn to stay away from you when you are angry she said and I chuckled.

Get on my back, I would carry you that for making you hit your ass on the floor, don’t think otherwise I said.

Whatever rich people are always rude she said and I chuckled silently.

Jenice .

I say with Chris at the living room my baby was sleeping beside me .

Jenice are you okay Chris asked wrapping his hands around me,I raised my head up and I saw grandpa coming down and I smiled at him .

Baby what do you want for dinner he said sucking my neck softly .

Nothing I said smiling softly .

I so much love you guys together grandpa said Smiling.

Thanks Grandpa we both said at once .

Ok goodnight to you he said and started walking away .

I shifted away from his grip immidiately grandpa left .

Jenice am sorry you had to go through this,I promise all this would end soon he said holding my shin softly .

Damn this guy is fucking cute jack said coming down .

Who’s that I said .

Take a look at him jenice you are suppose to be someone like him and not this thing here jack said.

I took the magazine from him and
It was Ian,I felt my jump out of my body,I was breathing so hard .

Jenice are you okay jack said holding me.

Am fine I said silently .

Jenice are you sure Chris asked .

I said am fine I yelled with tears running down my eyes .

Jenice it’s okay Chris said trying to touch me but I carried my baby and brushed pasted him.

I rushed to my room with tears running down my eyes,I dropped my baby on the bed .

I looked at the baby she looks just like him .

Baby don’t worry no matter how long it takes if you dad and I are meant to be we would always come together I said sniffing silently .

I love you Ian I would always love you i said and sleep took over .

Chris .

I stared at jenice sleeping and I headed a sign of relief.

No matter how long it takes she would still love him .

I sign deeply no matter how much I try she would still love him .

I hope I kill this feelings I can’t hurt her not In a time like this .

I walked towards her and used the duvet to cover her body .

Sleep tight sweetie I said and kissed her forehead and walked out .

Tbc .

The comment on the last episode where low .

Lol Ian and jenice didn’t forget themselves they moved on,so you guys should move on also 😂😂😂😂😂😂lol

Please you guys should calm down I have already thought about how I would end this story before I started writing this story so relax and enjoy my new ride I don’t disappoint.

And why Chris called jenice his fiancee in the last episode is because they are acting and Grandpa can’t know niether Jack so keep calm 😁😁

If they are meant to be they would be back to together.

So what do you have to say about this


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