SCAR – Episode 55




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 55

Katrine carried her bag out of the house angrily,she could see the surprise look on her parents but that dosen’t really matter to her,all she wanted was to leave this god forsaken place.

Katerine why do you think you are going to mom said behind me.

Mom what does it look like am doing, Leaving this house you bloddy animal.

Did you just call mom an animal Kate yelled walking in with dad.

And what do you guys think you are,you people are monsters,I can’t believe I had literally lived all my life taking you guys as family,I can’t believe you dad sent people to go bomb the train just because of your greedness and selfishness I yelled angrily at them,I could see the surprise look on mom and dad face .

Dad mom is she saying the truth Kate asked furiously turning to face them.

You sister is lying I never did that my dad said.

You wanna lie huh,listen to this I said and brought out my phone and began to play the record .

📍That girl jenice thinks she has sense thanks to you for ending her life by bombing the train .

📍Well I should be thanking you my dearest wife for giving me the idea of hiring a private investigator ho monitor all their movement,if not we wouldn’t have known that they where leaving the country,killing my brother wasn’t a problem then some little rat can’t stop me my dad said.

📍Thanks darling my mom said and the recording ended.

I could see the look on their faces,total horror how about I hand this over to the police I said with a smirk on my face .

You can’t do that Katerine we are still your parents everything we did,we did it for you guys my dad said .

Dad you did not do it for me, don’t ever repeat what you just said,you did it for your selfishness, because of your greed money,you killed your own bother and his wife,turned his children into slaves,derive them of their own rights and made life unbearable for them but that wasn’t enough for you,you and your wife wanted her dead and you killed them all I said with tears running down my eyes .

Oh baby please calm down,Kate please talk to your sister mom said .

I hated jenice because of you mom,tho I treated her bad but I never wanted her dead,you guys are monster avd don’t deserve to live,guess what mom dad am leaving Kate said Rushing to her room .

Bby you are not gonna do this right my dad asked.

You think you can kill someone and live,meet me in court I said dragging my things out of the house ignoring all their please.

Are you okay Becky asked immidiately I came out.

Am find let’s go I said and started walking towards my car,Becky and I where going to college .

I haven’t talked to carrim since the incident,I don’t wanna be related to anyone that close to ian, tho his dead but instead I still hate him he deserve it .


I sat far away from the fire,everywhere looks so beautiful,people dressed colorfully and they where all dancing .

Is this the place I asked miram.

Yes isn’t it beautiful she asked .

Yes just like jenice I said.

W6vos that to you,you kept mumbling her name while in coma she said.

Don’t ask me about her I said rudely.

Why she asked.

I said I don’t fucking wanna talk about her I yelled angrily and that attracted people to us .

🚺Oh my gosh .

🚹Who’s that .

🚺I have never seen him .

🚹He looks like a demi god .

The party turned to me immidiately,I groaned and brushed my hair back and a girl beside me fainted .

Holly jolly miram said shocked .

Am sorry I raised my voice on you I said.

Oh it’s nothing and trust me when I say I would get a lot of customers tommorow,you are my shining luck,I never regret helping you, thanks Oppa she said smiling exictedly.

I smiled at her and looked at the activities ignoring the stares,I just like this girl behavior,she dosen’t look like someone who has a crush on me,she’s just so real,am not leaving soon,even if I leave am taking her with me .


I smiled to myself,what good luck when I mean shop,I didn’t mean I was selling things,I own a little club where I sing and people give me money,I really have a very beautiful voice,but only few people drop money .

I love singing and I would make sure I become the greatest musician ever and that leader of the masked singers is my role model,I really wish I could see him .

I heard he has pulled off his mask but I don’t own a mobile phone to look at his face only the rich does.

I smiled as I watched the guy as he played with some kids because of him am getting a lot of attraction,it wasn’t bad helping him tho I wouldn’t lie but his fucking cute .


Ma please push the head is already the out the nurse said but I wasn’t having any of it,I was tired .

I had entered labour an hour ago, thank goodness Chris was home .

Ma you have to push or we are gonna lose the baby the nurse said.

And with one last scream,I used all my energy and pushed and suddenly the cry of a baby was heard .

It’s a girl the nurse said exictedly.

I took the child into my arms and looked at her,she had his eyes,his nose even his face,she’s fucking cute .

She’s so pretty the nurse said.


Thanks I said smiling,am gonna name you Lana I saw and and the child smiled .

Ma we need to dress you up the nurse said and I nodded.

Tbc .

Can’t believe jenice uncle is responsible for everything how wicked 😪

Our baby Lana has arrived oh 💃💃💃💃💃💃


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