SCAR – Episode 54




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 54

What the fuck was that all about I half yelled .

Jenice am sorry but please you really need to calm down chris said but I wasn’t having any of it,did I just hear marriage .

Jenice Please just let me explain,I won’t do anything to hurt you he said and I calmed down .

Ok go on explain I said impatiently.

You see I have a younger brother and we are the only ones my parents gave birth to,my parents are rich but they where assassinated on their way back from a business trip when we where still young,so my grandad had been the one taking care of us since then with my grandma but grandma died five years ago and my grandad had been urging me to get married if not he would handover all the properties to junior brother he explained.

You don’t get along with your brother do you I asked when I saw that look of Disgust whenever he mentioned brother .

We never get along that boy is a fool he said.

Oh save me those trash,what are we gonna do,your grandad see me as your fiancee,I don’t wanna get things complicated here I said.

Come on jenice please just do this for me,let’s just act as if we are actually dating in front of my grandad he said.

What I screamed.

Just for the mean time please am gonna get a girlfriend soon he said .

Ok fine,but you have to act fast I don’t wanna be entangled in any relationship again I said and he scoffed .

Do you by anymeans have a crush on me I asked starrng at him.

Come on jenice,you are an angel, every single guy would have a crush on you even though you are pregnant you still have a nice shape and damn those ass he said and I blushed .

Have you been starring at my ass I asked .

Of course not I only get a glimpse of them every day he said.

Oh God Chris you are a demon I said feeling shy suddenly and rushed to my room .

Chris .

I smiled as I watched her walk away,if not for the fact that she’s pregnant,I would have said she’s still a virgin .

I couldn’t believe that I Chris housed a girl with me for more than three months and I haven’t had sex with her not to talk of starring at her lustfully,it’s so starange,she’s too beautiful to resist but I could, I can’t do anything to hurt her,I know about her past and she has already gone through a lot and I don’t want anything that hurt her feelings or break her I would protest her till my last breath .

Two month later .

Ian mom.

What do you mean I asked the dective with tears rolling down my eyes .

Ma am sorry,but his body hasn’t been found for the past two months and am sorry to say that his dead he said.

No no my son can’t die that’s not true,you don’t know what you are saying I said crying .

The city had been in serious pain when they heard that their favorite Rockstar was dead it wasn’t easy on them the ladies especially.

As for the rest of his crew they felt horrible as hell,their crew was broken .

I wish I knew I would have stayed with him that day dehro said crying loudly,carrim was looking like a ghost and Jeremy was tired of crying because his tears had finished .

Ma since is no longer alive am gonna cancel the contract Nia said with no remorse in her voice .

What Nia you can’t do that to me I can’t lose this contact it means a lot to me I said Rushing to Meet her.

Get your stinky hands off me you where not expecting me to mourned with you right she said and walked out angrily and I broke down in tears .

I can’t believe you gave birth to Ian his very unlucky their manager said and walked out with the rest of the masked singers.

Don’t ever come to my house again am sending the divorce papers over to you my husband said and walked out angrily.

No honey you can’t do that to me please I beg of you I said rushing to him but he brushed past me .

Oh God I lost Everything I said crying .

Ian .

I groaned and opened my eyes and I saw myself in a strange village house .

I thought I died I thought standing up From the wooden bed .

You are finally awake I heard a voice say and I raised my head to see a girl rushing in .

Who are you what am I doing here I said .

Actually I went fishing as early as 4 that was two months ago and I saw your body at the bank of the river,I thought you where dead but when I checked your pluse you where still.alive so I brought you home and the village dibia attended to you that was two months ago she explained.

You mean I have been asleep for two months i yelled .

Yes and I really don’t know how depressed you are I know you jumped into the water but I can’t imagine a cutie like you been dead she said and smiled shyly .

I smiled at her shyness , so where are we I asked .

Well this place is a small village in south Korea she said.

So who are you I asked .

Well my name is miram and am an orphan,my parents died when I was 12 and nobody wanted to take me in so I took myself in,you see you are only family I have she said smiling.

She being am orphan reminded me so much about jenice I wanted to cry but I couldn’t.

Come let’s go outside you need fresh air she said and I nodded.

I walked out of the house with her,and I saw that her house was in the middle of water and they did a bridge to divide it and there where other houses there,seems they where her neighbor.

I sat outside and enjoy the cool sight and breeze .

You haven’t told me your name she said .

Ian I said looking away .

Cute name for a cutie like you,ok get some rest now for sleeping so long and Remerber we are going to the village square tonight there is a festival going on and today was the last day .

What are you celebrating I asked .

Festival of love we do celebrate the goodess of love always she said and ran into the house .

I smiled within myself I think I like this place and am not going back home anytime soon.

I would live in peace here but as for jenice I can’t forget her,she took my heart with her .

Tbc .

What’s your say on this?

Ian new found friend and village .

Jenice acting 😁

Let’s see now long it lasts.


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