SCAR – Episode 53




The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 53

Three months later

Ian .

I feel so lifeless,every single day of my life was as misrable as hell.

I had taken a break from social media .

My friends had tried talking me out of it but I don’t think it’s working because I killed her,I killed the woman I had ever loved .

I had become a loner not talking to anyone,just being in my room and starring at her pictures.

Her pics filled everywhere ,Jeremy cried yesterday that I was gonna kill myself but seriously I don’t give a damn.

Ian are you really gonna kill yourself someone yell bagging into my room and I turned to see Nia .

Nia where is she I asked standing up with tears in my eyes .

What do you mean she asked moving back .

Why didn’t you die in her place instead I asked approaching her .

You mean I should have died in the place of that bastard she yelled.

Nia you are the bastard here and you deserve to die and not my jenice I yelled holding her violently.

Ian I love you and this how you treat me she said crying .

You are crazy Nia,I can never love you where is my jenice I yelled pushing her to the ground and just then my mom rushed in .

Ian do you wanna kill yourself mom yelled.

Mom what are you doing here I asked angrily.

Ian baby you are my son I love you, would you pls stop hurting me mom cried.

Mom your tears won’t move me one bit,you love me you say,are you gonna get married to me I scream at her in frustration.

My son is going mad mom said crying .

Mom get out I don’t ever wanna see you again I screamed.

You said what mom asked shocked .

I said leave I screamed and she rushed out in tears .

I lock the door and sat beside it crying my eyes out .

A thought suddenly came Into my head and I smiled .

Ian you finally decided to move on dethro said smiling.

Ian you know I had to take care of your company so get well soon am so stressed out carrim said.

And I promise to take you to the best fun park ever Jeremy said gigling.

Jeremy you always bring childish idea if we call you a child now you would open your big mouth and start ranting carrim said.

That’s your headache not mine Jeremy said.

I have something to say I said.

Go on dethro nugged me .

Well I want to say a big thank you to you guys,you guys are the best you guys stood by me through thick and thin even though I always behaved like a pussy I love you guys i said smiling.

Wow am touched jeremy said.

Ian is everything alright dethro asked and I nodded .

This literally sounds like a farewell speech to me carrim says .

Oh come on guys am going no where I said and they smiled.

Now lets enjoy our food it’s getting cold Jeremy yelled.

I stared at the water for the last time .

Well don’t be surprised,am ending it all,I had literally told them my farewell speech,I would really miss them but I miss jenice more so I have to meet her .

I stood by the bridge,this is where jenice told us to meet,and this where am gonna end my life.

I love you jenice I said and with one last look I jumped inside the water .

I sanked down immidiately I got in, don’t be surprised I can’t swim .

The sweet memories I had with her flowed Into my head.

I saw her she stretched her hands towards me and I passed out .

Jenice .

Sissy goodbye my sibblings screamed as they got into the car,that was taking them to school.

Bye I waved at them and they left .

You shouldn’t be standing there come here I heard Chris say .

I smiled as I walked towards him,I had been with Chris for just three months and am already seven months pregnant.

Chris is a business man and he owns a lot of companies,tho he knows everything about me,he still stood for me now am being able to walk on my own .

I had tried not to think about Ian, but I still find myself thinking about him .

Chris stopped going to work so he could take proper care of me,this guy is really nice to me and I like him for that .

Ian baby I heard him say breaking me out of my thoughts,just to see him standing in front of me .

Thinking about Ian he asked .

Am not I said and I realized I was blushing real hard .

And someone is blushing like seriously babe .

Come on and massage my legs am tired I said.

Anything for you he said making me sit down and began to massage my legs .

Wow you are so good I moaned .

You really look down on me your highness he said in a British tone .

Of course not your majesty,you are good in whatever you do I moaned .

I forgot to tell you guys that this Chris is fucking cute but not as Ian,tho his the hottest guy here .

Oh my goodness I never believed it was true,so you finally brought your wife we heard someone yell .

Both Chris and I turn and I saw an elderly man and Chris face turn to that of total horror .

Grandpa she isn’t my fiance he groaned.

Oh save me that young man and she’s even pregenant he said exictedly.

Grandpa,that baby isn’t mind Chris said in frustration.

I don’t care young man if it’s your child or not,I told you to bring a lady and instead you brought an angel sweet Jesus,young beauty you are welcome to the family the man said .

Thank you sir I said confused.

So when is the wedding gonna hold the man asked .

Grandpa I promise to get back to you Chris groaned .

Ok son I so much love this lady already and I give you guys my blessings bring her home he said and walked out finally.

Jenice am sorry he said giving me a confused look.

Like what the fuck is going on I half yelled .

Tbc .


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