Who is that?’ yelled Segilola. She had fallen into a deep sleep shortly after Derin had left for God-knows-where. He refused to tell her because he was keeping malice with her. Pastor indeed
‘Good day’ said a man in a light blue shirt over navy blue trousers. ‘I came to drop a vehicle for Mr. Hughes is this his house? Can I see him?’ asked the driver.
‘I’m his wife. Where is this car from?’ asked Segi. Everything was a bit confusing. Was this a dream or reality?
‘From Madam’ he responded. ‘She asked me to give him this envelope’ he said as he handed an envelope over to her. ‘Please I will need you to inspect the car and sign this paper for receipt of the car’ said the driver, who looked her with mistrust. How could this be the wife of a Pastor? She looked like a housekeeper.
‘Okay’ responded Segi. It was too unbelievable. When she got outside and saw the brand new Prado in the compound, she did not even attempt to open the doors or check anything; she signed the document for receipt and let the driver go.
Segi walked into the house and let out a whoop of joy! How had her Derin done this? She decided not to call him so that he could have a pleasant surprise when he got home. Suddenly remembering theenvelope she had dropped on the centre table, Segi opened it and saw a little note scrawled on s small note pad.
‘Hope you enjoy the ride, Pastor D. Fond thoughts, Oyinda’
What?! Oyinda again? Wondered Segilola. She quickly picked up her phone and sent her husband a text: DH, Your Oyinda has delivered a brand new Prado to your house. You might want to tell her that we are okay with our own car and don’t need her favours!!!.
A few moments later, Derin called her phone

‘Hello’ said Derin
‘Yeah’ answered Segi, coldly
‘You said someone sent us a car? How is that even possible?’ he asked
‘You tell me’ she answered
‘Describe the car’ he said, sounding excited
‘Please, don’t irritate me. It will be here when you get home’ she responded coldly
‘I’m almost home, anyway’ he said, ignoring her bad mood as he dropped.
When he got home, he saw the gleaming car in his compound and knew that he was now in the league of the big boys.
‘Derin, you now own a four wheel drive!’ he told himself, he could hardly believe it. As he walked towards their front door, he realised that he had to convince his wife that there was nothing to worry about. Or would he have to send this car back just to pacify her?
As Derin stood outside, he knew that on the long run, he really had to look for a way to keep Segi out of his church business; she was bound to slow his meteoric rise down!


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