Hello, Casper , how are you?’ asked Oyinda ‘Can you talk?’ she asked
‘Hey Oyin. Yes I can. It is afternoon here’ responded Casper reminding her of the time difference. ‘What’s up? Have you been able to find anyone who will do the job? He asked, straight to the point.
‘I think so’ said Oyinda, in a sing song voice. She sounded really pleased with herself ‘He’s a pastor who is obviously desperate to be rich’ she continued
‘A Pastor? How can you even think of using any of those overzealous human beings for this job? He asked, highly incensed
‘Yes. A pastor. Trust me, I know what I’m doing’ she responded. The most honoured people around here are pastors, once he wears his Bishop’s collar, he can travel freely devoid of suspicion. We can even ensure that he does not know what is going on. First, I have to reel him in properly’ she said
‘Have you seen Adella today?’ she asked, suddenly changing the subject, her heart was in her mouth for Adella was the reason she was trying to set up a strong business. Her l£sb!an lover had very high tastes and Oyinda knew that if she ever came out of the closet, her father’s financial funding would cease. Adella was Casper’s sister and had on more than one occasion done ‘delivery favours’ for her brother. The kind of money they had gotten as a result of that business had been so much. Casper had hinted that they needed a strong network in West Africa, preferably Lagos or Ghana.
She was aware that there was a good market for ‘the white powder’ in Lagos, after all, a lot of her socialite friends were hooked. She had seen them at many of their parties and knew that if she used Casper’s route and somehow got Derin Hughes involved, she was sure of a steady income. The only thing was that she had to reel him in slowly and neatly, up to the point where she would have enough blackmail evidence to use on him. She had not thought that her mother’s weekly prayer meetings would have ever been the solution to her immediate problems. Strange things truly happened in this world.
‘No, I haven’t seen her. I saw her last night though, with some red haired girl’ said Casper, who sounded vague on purpose
‘Did you get her name?’ she asked as lightly as she could. She was often very jealous of Adella and the level of attention she received from both male and female admirers. The girl was a major cause of all the headaches that she had in this world. They had attended University together and had reconnected when Adella worked at the same place as her for a year. Adella had fallen on bad times and had asked if she could share a flat with Oyinda who had obliged. The two girls became very close and one evening, when Oyinda was broken hearted from another relationship gone sour, Adella had offered Oyinda some comfort. The rest as they say is history, Oyinda had since then, sworn off men, much to her mother’s growing worry.
Oyinda had successfully kept this part of her life private from her parents. She was contemplating coming out of the closet but was yet to understand how her parents would take the news. She suspected that her mother would not take it well and her father would be more reactive.
‘So how are you going to reel this man in? Oyinda’ asked Casper, changing the topic back
‘Just leave that to me, getting a Pastor to play our game is the easiest thing to do in these climes, many of them are hungry and desperate for fame. They would jump at almost anything’ she said laughing.
‘You seem to know your Pastors’ said Casper.
‘I do’ responded Oyinda ‘Just leave it to me’ she said. ’Anyway, tell Adella I called.
Her mobile number has been off for a bit’ she told Casper
Her plans were already forming in her mind. By tomorrow morning, she and her mum were going to send Derin a brand new car. Let me see what he would make of that. She just had to convince her mum. She knew this would be an easy deal. Her dad had four brand new cars, sent in by associates for last year’s birthday alone; she knew more would come in for this year’s birthday and that the man had lost count of the number of his cars. They could easily take one of the cars and bless Derin with it.
In fact, she was off to her mummy’s room right now. This should be an easy one to pull off.
‘Ooooh, aaaah, I’m cooommmiiiinnng’ yelled Segi as she hit her climax., she was overwhelmed by the s£nsat!ons crashing into her as wave upon wave of heat and liquid washed over her, all at once. Who knew her husband, Derin had it in him to do this to her? Her one minute noodle man seemed to be on fire tonight and she wondered what had changed?
This was the first orgasm she had ever received from Derin. The first!
‘D.H?’ she said
‘Yeah’ he answered, sounding drowsy
‘That was something! Wasn’t it? Did you enjoy yourself too? She asked, excitedly hoping for a response, but all she heard was a snore.
The idiot had gone to sleep.
He had returned home last night, in a strange mood. He was slightly aloof and not very forthcoming about the prayer meeting he had gone for with his friend, Akintunde in VGC. If she did not know any better, she would have said that he had gone off on a jaunt with his friend and that the prayer meeting had just been an excuse. The thing was that he was too broke to go wasting money that he did not have.
So, why was he acting strangely and what had brought on this excellent performance? wondered Segi as she donned her tee shirt and short, and walked into their tiny living room. She remembered the conversation they’d had last night, it had almost turned into a fight.

‘Welcome dear’ she said she opened the front door the minute he’d knocked. She had been expecting him back much earlier.
‘Thanks.’ He’d said handing a warmer of food over to her
‘What is this?’ she’d asked, wondering where he had gotten the food from
‘It is the food that one of the women at the fellowship packed for me. We can eat some of it this night and you can put the rest in the kitchen’ he said
‘…and what happens to the meal I’ve already prepared?’ she asked, a lot sharper than she had intended. ‘I’m not eating any food that one woman has cooked oh, she might have even put something in it for you’ she continued, failing to achieve the teasing tone she was trying to pass across.
‘What is the meaning of that nonsense?’ he asked, obviously irritated
‘What nonsense?’ she asked, her irritation also bubbling, just underneath the surface
‘I brought food and you are giving me an attitude. What exactly is wrong with that? Are there not many nights in this house that we’ve gone to bed hungry?’ he asked ‘so what is wrong with that!’ he said as he walked into the kitchen, took out a portion of the cooked meal and popped it into the microwave by himself.
She watched him, amused at his stubbornness and decided to backtrack. There was no need for them to fight over such a mundane issue or was there? Perhaps her mind was telling her something wrong. She followed him into the kitchen and got out a tray; put a glass and a bottle of cold water on it. She looked at his face and saw that he was still frowning.
‘Ok, Derin, I see you must eat this food that your girlfriend cooked for you, go and sit down while I serve you’ she said, smiling
‘You are not serious. So it is because you think it is from a girl that you are stressing my life eh?’ he said, relaxing his stance a bit. ‘It is Mrs. Roberts cook that made the meal for Akin-tee and I’ he explained.
‘Oh!’ she said
‘Yes. Oh’ he responded, sarcastically. ‘Is your remind at rest now that no other woman is cooking for your husband? He asked
‘Whatever. So how was your meeting?’ she asked
‘Our prayer meeting went well’ He responded, emphasising the word ‘prayer’.This was another sore point between them. She never acknowledged that he was a Pastor. She never really encouraged him.
She carried the tray into the living room and tried to make conversation with him but he sounded glum, so she kept quiet.
‘Did you see the P.A I sent to you?’ He asked
‘Yes’ she answered
‘And?’ he enquired, irritated that she wasn’t giving too much off
‘Can we really afford a P.A now, and what do you need one for? She countered
‘We’ve gone through this before. Did you like him because you would get to work with him a lot’ he said
‘He seems okay, I guess’ she said shrugging
‘You need to learn to have an opinion on things. The only reason why I sent him to you was so that you could have an opinion. Since you cannot even do that, I will handle my issues myself.’ He said as he dialled Keppy. ‘We are okay with your interviews. Can you resume next week? He asked


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