‘Here is my number. Call me tomorrow at 3p.m, s*xy** pastor man, we have a lot to talk about.’ she said as she leaned forward, kneeling before him to pray for her. Once he was done, she leant forward to give him a hug. This was a hug like no other as she pressed her chest closely and tightly to his. Derin felt his manhood rise again. Her soft, warm, womanliness was enough to get a man wondering about other parts of her anatomy that would be soft, warm and welcoming too.
A discreet cough tore them apart as Derin looked up and saw that his friend Akintunde had put on his jacket, an obvious signal for their departure.
It was only the three of them left in the room, so Akintunde was the only one that had witnessed the s£nsu@l hug.
‘We have to go now, Pastor Derin. Oyinda, pls tell your mum we are leaving’ said Akintunde brusquely.
‘Okay’ she said as she sauntered off. No sooner had she gone than her mum, Mrs. Robert walk in, full of smiles
‘Pastors, thank you so much! We were truly blessed. Since you were unable to seat for dinner with us, my maids have packed your food in a basket. They will bring it to your car for you.
Ah, before I forget, this is for the Ministry. We look forward to seeing the both of you next week. I hope Pastor Derin can make it again o. I know you must be very busy’ she said as she pressed a bulky envelope into Derin’s hands.
‘Ah, I will go over my schedule and communicate through Pastor Akintunde, Madam.’ said Derin, desperate to reassure his friend that he was not trying to steal his crowd or sideline him.
‘I will call you to confirm ma’ said Akintunde. ‘Derin, let’s go. We have a long drive ahead of us, you know how bad the Third Mainland Traffic can be’. he finished.
‘You are right’ said Derin as they said their goodbyes and walked to their car.
They drove for a few minutes before Akintunde broke the silence.
‘We need to park so we can count and share the money generated today’ he said as he pulled over. Derin quickly handed over the envelope Mrs Robert had given him to Akintunde.
It was important Akin realised that he was not going to hide anything from him. He knew that he desperately needed Akin’s contact list to grow his church and account balance. When they were done counting, both of them leant back and smiled. It had been a good service.
‘You know you did most of the work, so let’s split it 60/40’ said Akin who was feeling magnanimous. At 40% he knew he was still getting a lot more than he had ever gotten on a week day.
‘Nah, this is your crowd, we split 50/50’ said Derin. This was bigger than anything he had ever made in his ministry. He needed to use Akintunde to get into this rich bunch. Akintunde looked pleased with him. ‘Thanks man, you have always been good like that’ responded Akin with a smile.

‘It is the Lord’s doing, Akin’ said Derin as they both burst out laughing.
‘Meanwhile Derin, what happened back there with Oyindamola Robert? How did you do that?’ asked Akin, curious, wondering how Derin had been able to make Oyinda fall under the ‘anointing’.
‘Man, let me be plain with you, I did nothing.
That girl has a special agenda. I think she wants to have an affair with me. She fell of her own free volition’ said Derin honestly
‘So, you didn’t do anything and she fell? asked Akintunde, checking to reconfirm.
‘I tell you. Nothing. Nada. If you know the other things she told me during the counselling session, you sef go bow…’ said Derin as he proceeded to tell his friend everything.
‘No wonder! That strange hug she was giving you looked very S#xual. If her mum had been the one to walk in, it might have been trouble oh’
‘Mehn, I know, but I also know we can make money through her. Just imagine the possibilities’ said Derin ‘it’s just that she’s asking that I should ‘lose’ my wife’s aid Derin, still shocked
‘Eh, that can be arranged now.’ said Akintunde glibly
‘How do you mean?’ asked Derin
‘When companies want to create space for someone without sacking them, what do they do?’ asked Akintunde
‘Errm, I dont know. You know I never worked for anyone’ responded Derin
‘A transfer. We would simply transfer Segilola to head another branch while you focus on this one. Simple’ said Akin
‘Wow. Genius!’ responded Derin. ‘He had not even considered this at all!
‘You need to think it through though, do not rush into anything. okay?’ advised Akin
‘Yeah… said Derin Hughes who drifted into deep thought. Could he ask Segilola to open a fellowship somewhere outside Lagos? He knew she did not exactly believe in this vision, so how was he to get her to cooperate? If he had to would he? Should he?


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