SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 54


Okay sister, bye bye’ said Bassey to the other lady who had remained seated all through the conversation. He noticed that her smile at him was suddenly warmer too. She had hitherto ignored him.
‘Wetin be your own name?’ he asked her in a superior voice
‘I’m Nneka’ she said with a smile
‘Ah, you be Igbo gal’ he said
‘Yes, but we are all one Nigeria nah’ she said, with a glint of greed in her eyes. It was obvious that she too hoped that Bassey would be magnanimous enough to give her some money.
‘Well, thats true’ said Bassey. ‘Take care of this my sister for me oh’ he said
‘I already do, you can ask her’ she said with a smile as she got up
‘Na me dey take care of her o’ piped Ekaette
‘Okay, okay, take care of each other’ said Bassey as he dipped his hand into his pocket again.
‘You too, manage this one’ he said as he presented two thousand naira with a flourish

‘Ah uncle!’ said Nneka who struggled to look surprised. ‘God bless you sir!’ she said as she quickly pocketed the notes.
‘Anyway, let me be going now’ he said as turned away
‘Okay, bye’ both girls said with huge smiles on their first
‘Wait, Nneka give me your own number too, in case I cant reach Ekaette’ he said as he stretched his phone to the fair skinned lady.
When the numbers had been stored and exchanged, Bassey took his leave.
What a profitable afternoon he’d had. thought Bassey who now had a spring to his step.
‘Master, I have gotten the numbers’ he said as soon as he settled in the driver’s seat.
‘Great Job, Bassey. I owe you one’ said Casper with a huge smile on his face.
Now, he thought to himself, he had direct access to Oyinda and if played it well, would be informed the very moment she got home from the clinic.
‘Well played, Casper-the-brain, well played’ he said to himself as he leant his head back against the head rest.


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  1. I’ve nvr commented since i started visiting ds page. Pls abeg ds story cant end like ds.Do finish it up n msg me.thks

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