SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 53


As soon as the email was sent off, he made his exit by telling the maids that he was leaving as he was not allowed to see Oyinda. They bid him goodbye for they elected to stay behind.
Soon enough, they were revving off away from the hospital car park as a grand idea came into Casper’s mind.
Casper smiled for he knew he was not called Casper-the-Brain for nothing!
‘Yo, Bassey my man, please turn the car back to the hospital’ said Casper
‘Eh, oga, did you forget something?’ asked the curious driver
‘No, Bassey, YOU forgot something’ said Casper with a smile on his face
‘I no forget anything sir’ said Bassey who hurriedly felt his pocket for the Techno Smart Phone that he had only recently purchased from his friend. He was happy to feel the phone in his pocket because he was yet to complete the instalmental payments on his very brand new phone.
Bassey turned back as he wondered what the man in the back seat was up to.
As they returned to the front area of the now familiar building, Capser requested that his driver should go to the waiting room and chat the two ladies up.
‘Give them this money’ he said as he extended a wad of fifteen one thousand naira notes towards his driver.
‘….and ensure that you get their mobile numbers. We need those numbers for something.

Make sure they do not know I’m the one that needs the numbers okay?’ said Casper.
Bassey counted the notes and smiled to himself.
Mugu don pay, he thought to himself.
‘Alright sir. Right away’ said Bassey to Casper as he alighted vehicle and quickly walked toward the hospital building.
Once he was certain that he was out of sight, he counted ten thousand naira and put it in a separate pocket. ‘Why should he give those girls so much money when he could have gotten the numbers for free?’ wondered Bassey.
Didn’t Casper know that the ladies here were always desperate to give out their numbers? E
Bassey found the girls huddled in a corner of the waiting room, looking very worried.
‘Hey Eka, how na?’ he asked
‘Bassey, I been think say you don go’ she responded
‘I beg my oga say I wan quickly see my sister, give you something. You know say no be every time person dey see his village sister for this our Lagos’ said Bassey.
‘Anyway, give me your phone number, so I go fit dey call you’ he said
‘Okay give me you handset’ she said as he inputed the number. after admiring the handset.
Bassey rang the number to ensure that it was hers and nodded happily when it went through to the phone she kept in the pocket of her uniform,
‘Make I find something give you so you go know say you don get brother for this Lagos’ he said as he magnanimously gave her three thousand naira from his pocket.
‘Ehhh? Me?’ asked Ekaette who was pleasantly surprised at Bassey’s niceness. A whole three thousand naira, for doing nothing? Today was really a good day.
‘Thank you very much, God bless you’ she said with a huge smile on her face. ‘I really appreciate it’ she said as thoughts of buying recharge card, a new tube of body cream and ice lolly filled her head.


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