SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 50


All at once, as though a switch had been flipped on, the activity in the Robert Household intensified as everyone hurriedly ran around to see how they could help revive Oyinda who la!d inert in Derin’s arms.
Derin had moved fast and had caught her to his chest the moment he’d noticed that she had gone pale, as though she’d seen a ghost and shortly thereafter, crumbled to the ground like ice cream that had been kissed by the scorching hot sun.
He held on to her, confused as to what might have brought this on. She had been okay just now!.He looked around the faces of everyone in the room and saw concern etched on their features too. He heard her mother’s voice, calling for Segilola’s head.
‘Segi has killed me. This is high blood pressure o! it is the high blood pressure of the stress that she has brought upon this girl that has caused this! Mo r’ogo! Derin, Derin! Can you see now?’ Yelled the old lady who was flitting around like a bird trapped by a net.
‘Calm down ma’ said Akin. He knew he had to take charge because even Derin looked confused as he held Oyinda, it seemed as though he was being dragged down by her weight too.
‘Derin, bring her here’ he said as he guided them very slowly to the sofa upon which Oyindamola was la!d.
‘Akin, what is this one now? What can we do?’ Derin asked his friend under his breath. He had not signed up for nay of this drama. How was it possible that things like this always happened to him? He was genuinely tired of all this mess. All he wanted was a thriving ministry and now all this!
‘Don’t worry. I’m here, we will sort it out’ said Akin, who had clearly taken charge of the situation.
‘Madam, is there a doctor we can call?’ asked Akin irritatedly. He’d just had to send the house help back, the girl had rushed out of the kitchen and was coming at Oyinda with a spoon!
‘Ah oga, na so dem dey do for our village!’ said Nneka who was also desperate to help. ‘The spoon dey work all the time’ she said as she attempted to move closer to Oyinda again.
‘No! I said you should move back!’ said Akin, a lot sharper than he’d intended to but the truth is the girl was frustrating him and making it very difficult for him to think. He sat beside Oyinda and had begun to fan her with a magazine he had seen on the side stool.
‘Mrs Robert, please call your doctor’ said Akin authoritatively ‘we obviously require medical assistance’ he said
‘Okay. Nneka, bring my phone’ said the old lady tiredly.
Casper sat on a single living room sofa, quiet as he took in his environment, impressed at the quality of living that was evidenced here. It was all too easy to believe the reports shown on the television but the reality and the opulent living that his eyes beheld was a far cry from all the television reports he had seen.
Never in his life had he been in a mansion that was this huge, except for that one time when he’d had to take a cleaning job in Florida and even at that, the mansion had belonged to a very popular rockstar who never descended low enough to speak with the cleaning people.
He was amazed that Oyinda was the real thing.

His sister had seriously miscalculated when she had allowed Oyinda to walk away. Perhaps at a later date, he would take pictures and send to her. As for now, it was a lot of fun watching the scene set before his very eyes. Thanks to him, there was a real panic party going on and it was so much fun to watch. He wondered if anyone had pieced it together that he was the real cause of the ongoing panic.
‘Ha, she should have opened her eyes now oh’ said Mrs Roberts who had gotten off the phone with Dr. Harold.
‘Let’s go to the clinic round the corner, the doctor said we should meet him there’ she said
As soon as she said the words, there was a bustle of activity as everyone rushed to get Oyinda to the hospital. The only glitch was that Adamu, the maiguard, who was to watch over the house and open the gates had wandered away from his duty post and was nowhere to be found.
In silent agreement, Derin’s vehicle became the next best option and it was only natural that Akin did the driving while Derin held Oyinda in his arms in the back seat while Mrs Robert slipped into the front seat, wringing her hands in worry.
The drive was not a long one, but it was filled with tension especially as the overly cautious Akin drove slowly because of road bumps, for he didn’t want anything to possibly complicate Oyinda’s yet unknown condition. He didn’t want her to be in a worse off condition than when they’d decided to move her from the house.
In the back seat, Derin wondered what could have happened, one moment she had been fine and now, she was just here in his arms lying limp and lifeless. He wondered if she had a medical condition that she had not yet disclosed to him.
‘Has this ever happened to her ma?” Derin asked Mrs Robert
‘Never’ said the woman in a voice, heavy with unshed tears ‘This is what your wife has done to me Derin. And for what? Just because I was trying to be nice to you. Is it bad to show kindness to people who….?” asked the older lady
‘Mrs Robert, let’s focus on getting Oyinda up and running, we can discuss the rest later’ Akin interjected
‘You will be fine, Oyinda’ said Derin as he found himself gently massaging her hair and temples in what he hoped would be a soothing motion. ‘you will be fine’ he repeated over and over again, turning it into a mantra.
‘She has been out for a long time now, don’t you think?” asked Akin who wondered why she had not come round
‘We are almost at the hospital, let’s leave the worrying to the experts while we tell God what we want’ responded Derin with more confidence than he really had.


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