He could hear the whispers in the audience. It was almost as though they could not believe that he had somehow managed this feat. Who exactly was this girl?
‘Halleluyah’ said Derin Hughes
‘Halleluyah’ responded the audience, alive with the electricity of the moment.
‘If you believe we serve a mighty God, please appreciate Him! He alone, is the mighty deliverer, the healer, the One who knows sour deepest fears. I did not come here in a deliverance mode, but God in His Infinite Mercy alone understands why He has chosen to touch this young lady here’ he said, pointing at her, with slightly shaky fingers. He hoped he sounded a lot more confident than he felt deep inside.
Derin could see the young lady on the floor trying hard to keep her expression blank, it seemed however, that she was experiencing a great difficulty in schooling her expressions. In fact, it looked as though she could burst into burst into a laughing fit at any moment. She looked as though she was mocking the whole process.
The question was, why would she want to do this?
Suddenly, Mrs Robert came to the front and knelt before him, ‘Pastor, please pray for me too, I can see you are a true man of God, anyone that can deliver my daughter has direct powers from God.’ said the woman, eager and hopeful for a touch from God too.
‘Ah’, thought Derin, this must be Chief Robert’s daughter. ‘I’m in deep Sh*t! What is she playing at?’ These thoughts crossed his mind at breakneck speed. He didn’t want any issues with these rich types, especially not when he was desperately trying to make it. He was glad that thoughts were hidden and could not show on faces.
‘Madam, you are covered by the Blood of Jesus, no opposition will overcome you, no word of the enemy will stand, nothing evil will prevail in your life’ he prayed, injecting an authority he did not feel into his voice and words, so that he could sound more ‘pastorly’.
‘Amen’ responded the woman in a loud voice, certain that God had visited her home in a special way. As she got up and assisted her daughter off the floor, Derin was surprised to see that many other women had also lined up, hoping to have a turn of special prayers from him and hoping he would lay hands la!d on them too. After all, if God could touch Mrs. Roberts and her crazy daughter, there was no reason why He would not touch them too or why they should be left out of the party.
Derin caught Akintunde’s eye and signalled that Akitunde should help him to to control this unforeseen situation, one that could quickly go out of hand.
‘Praise the Lord!’ said Akintunde, as he stepped in front of the rapidly growing crowd. ‘Please return to your seats. As you know, this is just a fellowship centre and we are not equipped to handle what could happen if the Holy Spirit decides to surprise us, but we are powerless to stop the Hand of God from moving in such a case as happened earlier. Here is what we would do, after the service, Pastor Derin and I will be at the back of the room and counsel each and everyone who is willing to wait’ said Akintunde with a warm, reassuring smile.
Derin was amazed to see the ladies as they quietly returned to their seats.
‘It is now time to bless the vessel that has been used by God. Pastor Derin, please step forward, let the people of God pray for you. After all, the Word says where two or three are gathered in my Name, there I will be’. said Akintunde very seriously.

Derin came forward and knelt in front of everybody, looking heavenward in supplication, as though desperately seeking Heaven’s face. ‘Now, everyone, stretch out your hands towards him and ask God to bless him’ directed Akintunde. ‘Tell God to replace the virtue that has left him and minister to him in avery area of need that he might have’
Once the group prayers were over, Akintunde rounded off with a final prayer and a special announcement of his own. ‘Remember that the man of God has a ministry of his own, so, if it is la!d in your heart to bless his Ministry, please do not be stubborn to God’s gentle voice, you will be richly blessed by God for this. Remember the spiritual laws of sowing, don’t forget that you should always look for a fertile ground to sow in.
If you think Derin Hughes is a fertile ground, please wave your hands to the Alpha and Omega.’ Derin was amazed to see every hand in the room waving energetically. ‘Good, then do the needful, donate towards God’s Ministry.’ said Akin. ‘Also remember that if you need special counselling, just tarry a bit after fellowship to see him. He is here for you.
Let us share the Grace in fellowship’
As soon as the Grace was over, Derin walked over to one of the plastic seats in the far corner of the room and before he could blink, he realised that a long queue had been formed, all waiting to see him and hear specially from him. Virtually all the women present were in need of some form of counselling or the other. He sincerely hoped he could advise them aright and hoped his knowledge of the scriptures would help.
Within a few minutes, he knew he could virtually give the same advice to most of the women who had come to him for counselling. Their problems revolved around their straying husbands and difficult or wayward children. He told them all the same thing, a story of hope, he reminded them not to forget how Saul was turned to Paul and encouraged them to join their spirits with his as they sought help from above. He let them know that God would answer them. Derin was surprised by the number of people who wanted his mobile number, it seems the in-thing was to have a Pastor on your contact list. Not that he minded anyway.
He particularly liked one of the church members who had struggled to ensure that she was first on the queue to see him, Mrs. Adesua Susu. From her complaints, she had been married for six years to a philandering husband who had mastered the philandering art while the couple remained without a child. She had explained to Derin that her husband never wanted her out of the house and would prefer that she stays indoors always. According to her, the husband often monitored her movement with their hired help – drivers and maids. She had rushed to the front of the counselling queue because her curfew was almost up and she didn’t want to be reported when her husband came back home. Derin had smiled and prayed with her. He reminded her of the story of Saul, whose heart God changed and gave her passages to read and pray with.
Adesua had left the fellowship very happy.


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