SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 49


Akin where do we go first? To see this Adesua woman or to the Roberts house?’ Derin asked, confused.
He had returned her calls only when they got into the car because Akin had not told him before they left the house that he’d had missed calls on his phone. Right now, he was interested only in ensuring that he sorted this mess out with Mrs. Robert and unfortunately, traffic did not seem to be on their side.
‘Don’t worry. Let us see this lady and her husband first, then we will go over to Mrs. Roberts house’ said Akin who had elected to be the designated driver. It took them over two hours to get to VGC and as soon as they arrived, they drove straight to the hospital where they fortunately met the Susus on their way out
‘Congrats, congrats, our God is so good’ said Derin who pulled Charles into a hug. ‘Our God has done it again, He is not in the business of failing and will not start with your case. Congrats Madam’ he said to Adesua as he offered her a handshake.
‘Thank you Pastor’ said Adesua ‘the doctor says it is still early days and that we should keep watching for the twelve week mark. I wanted to know, can we share the good news yet?’ asked Adesua
‘Err, why not lets keep it quiet until we have the all clear from the doctors?’ he asked. ‘Please let us pray… our Father and our Lord’ he began before they were rudely interrupted a thick voice with an undeniable American accent.
‘Hi, I think the driver has gotten us lost. I’m looking for Freedom road, I’m heading to see the Roberts’’’ said the young man to Adesua.
‘Oh thats easy, if you take the first left, then go all the way down, then take the third right and then the second left’ she said quickly.
‘Uhhh, can you repeat that?’ said Casper who brought out his phone to take the directions down
‘Err, we are actually going that way.. If you can wait for us to finish praying with this couple, then we will lead you down.’ said Akin, irritated at the man’s lack of sense. Couldn’t he see that they were praying?
‘Oh. Cool’ said Capser as he stood to the side, thinking about his plan. He knew Oyinda was in in for the shocker of her life because he had made up his mind that he must see her today and he was willing to wait all night if necessary. They had a deal she had reneged on, she had to be made accountable.
Amen!’ said all four as they concluded their prayers. They said their goodbyes as Akin faced Casper ‘You can follow us in your car now’

Before long, both cars were parked in front of the Roberts’ residence and when the mai-guard saw Akin & Derin, he went back into his shed and did not bother announcing their arrival because they were familiar faces.
‘Sanu Aboki’ They greeted him as they walked past. ‘He is with us’ said Derin, referring to Casper who had fallen in step beside the,
‘Sorry guys, I’d just like to take a smoke before coming in’ said Capser who went back outside to satisfy his craving.
‘Ok, we will be indoors’ said Derin who was anxious and could not wait to have the mess sorted out.
As they entered the house, they saw Mrs Roberts going up the stairs. As soon as she heard the front doors and saw them, she turned back downstairs and began her tirade
‘Nneka! go and call Oyinda for me!’ she yelled ‘Tell her they are here’
‘Ha! Derin, thank you oh. You people have done very well okay? she started sarcastically. How can you allow your wife to insult me like that? I saw the both of you as a responsible couple and out of the kindness of my heart, even offered you my warehouse. It is unfortunate that it is the same girl that has taken it upon herself to insult me now. I’m very disappointed’ began the old lady as the young men lay prostrate on the floor repeating their apology ‘we are sorry ma, we are sorry’
‘Where is she Derin? Should she not be here to apologise by her own self?’ asked the older lady, whose voice was rising with each word spoken
‘Mummy, we are sorry. Funny enough o, she’s not even feeling fine today. I think that’s why she misbehaved. She’s usually not like that’ said Derin who could not think of a better lie.
‘Thats’ not true’ began Oyinda who started speaking from the top level of the staircase ‘she has always been nasty to me, its Derin that is nice, Mummy’ she said as she descended the staircase. ‘His wife is a bad ….’ she began, before she stumbled and fainted as she saw the guest that had walked in quietly behind the other two men.
‘Ehn ehnnn, Segilola has killed my child o, O ti pa mi l’omo’ yelled Mrs Roberts as Derin swept in to hurriedly lift Oyinda up.
It seemed as though this was a day that would never end. What kind of rubbish is this?
All of this was Segilola’s fault! What kind of headache was this?


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