SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 48


Ohhhhh pick up your phone’ said Adesua as she tried the Pastor’s number again, disappointed that he still did not pick up as it rang off without response one more time.
She could not believe her eyes and had not even discussed it with Charles yet. How had the Pastor known that this was going to happen? Did he have a crystal ball? Were miracles so easy to pull off or was this a well timed fluke? Had Derin, perhaps seen some indication of pregnancy on her or had he been certain that the prescribed method would work? Adesua desperately needed to share the news and as Derin had refused to pick, she felt bereft.
She desperately needed to ask him what the next steps should be, who she could or not tell. She stood in the bathroom, phone in hand, pondering when her husband walked in.
‘Ades, I’ve been looking for you all around. I’m kinda hungry’ he said ‘Can you please prepare something for me?’ he asked politely.
Their recent fight forgotten by him. For as usual, as long as his own anger wore off, things were expected to go back to normal.
Adesua looked at him a little coldly because seeing him now, one would not know that he was the same man who had humiliated her just a few hours ago.
‘Okay, I will come and arrange something for you to eat’ she said as she tried to use her body as a shield, to ensure her husband did not see the test kit which clearly read positive.
‘Ades, I already apologised on our way back na, why are you so unforgiving?’ he asked as he tired to force her into his arms. He had grudgingly accepted that he had over reacted on the way back home and had almost ordered her to forgive him.
Adesua knew the apology was coming only because Derin’s wife had spoken with him. It still hurt her so much to think that a complete stranger could convince her husband over and above her. It was as though the power to convince him did not reside in her hands.
He forcefully pulled her into his arms and saw where she had put the test kits over the cistern.
He pushed her out of his arms as quickly as he’d drawn her in.
‘Wait. What are those Adesua?’ he asked, suspiciously
‘One is an ovulation test kit and the other is a pregnancy test kit’ she said answering him reluctantly
‘I’m confused’ he said, the light of hope burning brightly in his eyes.
‘I came in here to reconfirm whether or not I’m ovulating because my calendar says I should be, even though the thought of having Make love with you right now is quite annoying.
However, the ovulation kit was negative, even though my calendar was positive, so I decided to just fool around and try the pregnancy test kit.
Charles, it looks like we are pregnant!’ said Adesua softly, too scared to hope it was true.
‘Hey God!’ said Charles, who was shocked beyond words. ‘Have you tried another one, do another test kit, please?’ he asked
‘No, but I can try another, we have more at home’ she said, suddenly receiving a surge of confidence that indeed, there could be a new life growing inside of her.
‘Please’ he said as he watched his wife pull out another test kit, roll down her p@anties and pee on another Clearblue stick. He was amazed as the line appeared on the kit immediately.
‘That means there is a baby in there doesn’t it?’ he asked stupidly, pointing at her belly.
Could his Adesua truly be pregnant? Could he have finally succeeded in impregnating a woman in this life? Charles screamed in glee.
‘Hey God! You have not forgotten me! You have not forgotten me! Ades, wear your p@anties, we are going to the hospital. Let them get you a bed space’ he said, rushing as hurriedly helped with her underwear.

It was big news for them because this was the first pregnancy they’d had their years of marriage. As she finished dressing up, the phone rang and it was Derin.
‘Hello, Madam’ he said into the phone
‘Yes o, Pastor Derin, I’ve been trying to reach you since. We just found out that I might have taken in. What should I do?’ she asked
‘Ehn?’ said Derin who was slow in comprehending what Adesua had just said.
‘Yes. I know. God has answered our prayers. I have taken in! It is a testimony’ said Adesua whose excitement level was building as her husband’s own was reducing because of the phone call.
‘Ah! Praise the Lord’ said Derin. He was genuinely happy for her but wished this had happened on another day. Charles and Adesua had only left his house a few hours before this other drama had happened.
He was genuinely fed up and wished today was over already.
‘Can you meet us at the hospital?’ she asked
‘Err….’ he began
‘It’s the hospital in the estate’ she said, ‘we are heading there now. please come’ she begged
‘Oh okay, we can pop in, we are coming that way now as we plan to see Mrs. Roberts today’ he said
‘Ah good, see you soon” she said as they ended the call.
‘Adesua, what was that for?’ asked Charles ‘Is he the one that got you pregnant?
Why in God’s name are you divulging this information so early?’ asked Charles who was trying very hard to rein his anger in.
‘He’s my Pastor!’ said Adesua. It was very well and good for Charles to be happy now, if not for church and prayers, would she be pregnant right now?
‘Exactly, he is your Pastor, not your God. Have you even said ‘thank you Jesus’ yet?’ asked Charles angrily.
‘I have, she responded vehemently
‘Why didn’t you think of calling this wife instead?’ asked Charles
‘Because, thanks to you, I met his wife for the first time today’ she responded
‘Hmmn’ he said as he held his tongue ‘Well, I’m going to call his wife because I think that’s who we should be talking to, not the husband’ he said as he began to scroll through his phone for the number he had collected just that morning.
Adesua looked at him, hissed and walked out of the room. As long as her own Pastor made an appearance, she was fine. It was his business whomever he chose to call.


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