SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 47


YOU WILL GO!!!’ yelled Derin at the top of his voice.
His yell was met by a smile from Segilola. The smile was so sweet that an ordinary passer-by would very easily wonder if the Pastor had lost his senses. Otherwise, how could one explain this type of ranting from a so called man of God who should be the number one person to show his calm in situations like this?
‘Calm down, ore. I will speak to her’ said Akintunde who then turned to face the extraordinarily subdued Segilola
‘Segi, whats up now? How can you say the Mrs. Roberts is interested in helping her daughter snatch your husband? If nothing else, you should respect her age and the fact that none of us here are her mates’ said Akin gently ‘I think you owe her an apology’ he continued.
‘Nope.’ responded Segi again. ‘Any mother in her right senses would advise her daughter against sending love notes to another person’s husband, I won’t apologise, Akintunde’
‘You really should, said Akin ‘Think about it, our ministry is virtually in their hands right now’ he said
‘That is the problem here. If this woman did not promise you a site for your ministry, would you ask me to apologise? Look at the both of you.
I’m thoroughly ashamed of you both’ she said ‘Instead of the both of you to look up to the God that you are professing to work for, you are here worshipping a mere woman, believing that your blessings will come from her. I’m sorry for you. As for me, I’m not going to apologise to anybody for saying what my mind knows to be true’ she said
‘Haba Segi, I didn’t know you could be so stubborn o’ said Akintunde in amazement. ‘I really think you should go and apologise, besides, God won’t come from heaven to help us, it is human beings that he will use to favour us and except you want to become an impediment to your husband’s mission on earth, you should go and apologise to that elderly woman’ said Akintunde.
It seemed that he too, had begun to get very irritated with her obstinacy .
‘Ah, you don’t know her, Akin. This is what I deal with on a daily basis. She’s a very stubborn, egoistical human being. She feels very superior as though she can never make any mistakes’ said Derin in a very angry tone ‘Why should she refuse to apologise?’
‘Derin, its okay. We have to find a way around this’ said Akintunde who knew he had to salvage this situation and in some way, benefit from it.
‘Segilola, was it Mrs. Robert that you were angry with in the first place?” asked Akin, suddenly.
‘What is my business with the old woman? It is her daughter that I have dealings with but she too, should train her child.” said Segilola
‘Then, please apologise to her’ begged Akintunde.

‘You have my response Akin. I’m not going to beg her. Next time, she will advise her daughter not to drag her name in the mud and will henceforth know the importance of cautioning her child’s excesses’ said Segi
‘Akin, ignore here. You don’t know this stubborn thing I married. said Derin who had by now, given up on trying to get Segi to apologise
‘I am not a thing Aderinola Hughes!’ yelled Segi at her husband
‘Okay, Derin, let’s all take it easy, and strategise.” said Akintunde, who had decided to take matters into his own hands. ‘If she won’t go, it is her business. I suggest we head there and apologise on her behalf. It is she that would be seen as poorly behaved not us’ said Akin who was hoping his reverse psychology techniques will work on Segi who still did not budge
‘Abeg Akin, you will have to come with me oh’ said Derin who did not want to go alone
‘Sure man, that’s what friends are for’ said Akin
‘Let me take a shower’ he said as he went into the bedroom
‘Segilola’ Akin began as soon as Derin left the living room ‘even if someone wants to snatch your husband, this is no way to keep him oh. You need to be humble and learn to listen to your husband at all times’ said Akin
‘Thanks for your sound advice, Akin. I’m really just not at that point right now. I will make amends when I’ve calmed down a bit more.
You were not in the room to hear what Derin said when he compared the Oyinda girl to me, so I will feel too cheated to go right now with my tail between my legs begging.’ said Segi
So, will you find time to go and apologise to Mrs. Roberts? asked Akin worriedly
Yes, I will, but don’t tell you friend’ she said ‘I’m really pissed off with him for putting me in this position’
‘No problems’ said Akin who relaxed in his chair before he jumped up again, startled for Derin had once again forgotten his phone on the sofa and it was vibrating against Akin’s butt0ckz as another call came in.
Akin looked at the face of the phone and was surprised. This call was from yet another fellowship member. Why was it that they all had Derin’s number? Why didn’t they ever call him?
It was Madam Adesua this time, but he did not feel he should pick Deerin’s phone.
‘Pick the phone now, Akin’ said Segi ‘Don’t worry I know it is that useless girl that is calling my husband. Foolish girl from a useless family’ said Segi as she hissed, got up and walked out of the sitting room and into the kitchen.
Akin looked at her departing back and wondered if he should say anything, but decided against it.
The more the war raged, the closer he would be to Derin and it was obvious that would be able to control Derin more easily with Segilola out of the way.
It seems that things were definitely going his way.


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