SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 46


‘Is this your first time here?” asked Bassey
Yes” responded Casper
‘You will not want to go back to overs, oga.
Lagos is very sweet’ said Bassey with a wide smile
‘Okay’ said Casper as he rolled his eyes.
‘I will take you to the Bar Beach so that you can show many pictures to your friends back home and they too will come’ he offered
‘Yes. Thanks’ said Casper
‘I will….’began Bassey
‘It’s enough, I’m tired. Can we talk about this another time?’ Casper burst out for he could not take much more of this.
He could hear the silent police man in front laugh. It seemed that Bassey often gotten this sort of response from many people.
‘Sorry sir’ said Bassey who sounded unhappy, but Casper did not care, he really needed his peace and silence.
The air condition and the movement of the car lulled him into an enjoyable nap and he only opened his eyes when the car stopped, thinking that they had reached their destination, he opened his eyes only to realise that they were stuck in traffic.
‘What! Was there a war here?’ he asked, alarmed
‘Where sir?’ responded the chatterbox Bassey
‘See those people, they’ve all lost a limb or the other’ he said, pointing at the beggars who were going from car to car, asking for alms

‘Ah, those ones? They stole that’s why they have their hands and legs cut off’ said Bassey
‘I don’t get it’ responded Casper who was really confused.
‘The Sharia Law is practiced in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Those of us that live in the South believe that most of these beggars lost limbs because they fell foul of the Sharia Laws, perhaps they stole or offended the system and so, they come down south to beg for a livelihood as their own people would no longer support them’ responded the officer who was speaking up for the first time since they’d gotten into the vehicle.
‘Ah, I see. Shame.’ said Casper, whose heart thudded as warning bells played in his head. He had to be careful about where he went on this trip. One could not be too careful.
‘So when will we get to the jetty?’ he asked
‘Which jetty sir? You want to go to a jet? ’ responded a confused Bassey who was back to being his forward self
‘How are we to get to the island, if not by water transport?’ asked Casper again. Was he stuck with a foolish driver?
‘I don’t understand sir’ responded Bassey who was truly at a loss now
‘The email says I will be staying at Banana Island’ he said ‘Will we not get there by boat?’
‘Ahhhh oga’ laughed Basssey ‘We get to our own island by road oh, even victoria island is by road. Don’t worry, I will show you. If you drive past…’ began Bassey again
‘You know what, Bassey, I trust you to get me home safely. Wake me up when we get there’ said Casper who closed his eyes and yielded himself to the warm embrace of sleep.


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