SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 43


This is not pastorman or whatever it is that you call him’ responded Segi. ‘This is his wife’ There was no way this little rat was going to escape her wrath today. This bullshit had gone on for too long.
The old man looked at the on-going exchange and shrugged his shoulders for he had tried his best to avert all confrontations but it seemed everyone wanted a free for all fight. He already knew how this conversation was going to end, but He didn’t want to be around to hear it, He had other things to do.
This was certainly going to be an interesting. As he left, he looked once more at Segi and knew that this time, Oyinda had bitten a lot more than she could chew for Segi was on the war path and an angry Segi wasn’t one anyone should toy with…
‘Oh okay, hi’ said Oyinda, unfazed by the fact that it was Derin’s wife she was speaking to
‘Hi yourself!’ responded Segilola, caustically
‘Can I please speak to Derin?” asked Oyinda.
She wondered why Derin had not picked up his phone. Was he busy? His wife as usual, sounded like a bear with a sore head, but she refused to bother her head about that right now. She wanted to talk to her friend for she had many things to tell him, she really wanted to confess to him about the Casper situation.
‘Ehen. It is good that you called. Do you know I was just telling Derin that I will like to make a visit to your house today?’ said Segi, totally off point
Uh?” responded a surprised Oyinda ‘Whatever for?’ she asked
‘So that I can sit with your mother and do the needful. It is apparently high time we la!d down set rules for everybody, because if indeed we are to co-exist peacefully and work on growing this ‘ministry’ together, everyone should know their position and expected behaviours’ continued Segi with a hard voice.
Uh?’ asked Oyinda again, wondering what this lady was all about ‘My parents? Rules? I don’t get you’ she said, truly confused
‘When you finish with your useless act, please let me know. I will not have you sending romantic text messages to my man and calling him at all hours of the day under only because your mother leased a common warehouse to us’ Segi said harshly
‘If God is going to use anybody, it is without conditions. The fact that your family gave my husband a warehouse to use for his ministry does not mean that you and your mother should plan to snatch my husband from me!’ she finished
Segi heard their bedroom door swish shut as she said this for Derin walked in as she made her last stamen. Aghast, he attempted to collect the phone from her. This act angered Segilola more because she felt Derin was trying to protect his Oyinda and so, she turned her back to him as she dodged his outstretched hand and continued to speak angrily.
’I will not take it from you, Oyinda! You and I aren’t mates, neither are we co-wives.
This man that you keep reaching out to is a married man and you should steer clear of him or continue at your own peril. More so, he is a Pastor! Leave him alone and stop trying to tempt him away from his God given Assignment.’ she said
‘Wait, wait, wait’ responded Oyinda who had been too shocked to speak ‘How dare you drag my mother into this?’ she asked, obviously livid.
‘I dare!’ said Segi. ‘If she isn’t in support of your shameless behaviour, she should have called you to order by now!’ yelled Segilola as she continued to evade her husband, who kept on reaching for the phone.
‘I’m sure you have taken leave of your senses. Anyway, it is not your fault, I’m the one who called to speak to a friend. I will take this matter to my mum as you have adv….’ started Oyinda before Segilola interjected again
‘You must be quite mad to talk to me like that.
Tell your mother what I have said and more importantly, tell your family what I said, that they should warn you before something bad happens to you in this City. I was not born as a Pastor’s wife, i know people who can settle scores. She said as she tossed the phone on the bed in unrestrained anger.
‘Are you mad, Segi?” asked Derin in a loud voice ‘How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?’ he asked. He could not believe the behaviour he had just witnessed.
‘I dare, Derin. This rubbish has gone on for longer than I can take!’ she yelled back
‘How dare you say those things about her mother? Do you know what can happen to us?’ he asked
“Ehen? Worst worst, they will take the warehouse and the car from us and then what will happen after that? Will we die?’ she asked, not in the least bit remorseful that she had upset her husband.
‘Segilola, this is the height of disrespect to me and to all concerned. I am the head of this house and you are under my authority! I have tried to keep you happy, as well as think along your thought patterns, but you know what?
There is no getting it right with you. You are full of complaints, resentment and anger and the bottom-line is that you need to deal with your issues by your own damn self. I have tried, I have walked on egg shells, tried to understand you, but you are just not normal’ he yelled
‘Thank you. At least your girlfriend isn’t full of complaints like me, so you can run to her.’ said Segi sarcastically, her face bunched up in anger
‘You know what? You are right; she is a fun loving, interesting young lady. Unlike you, she is always happy and she never complains. It is no wonder that I prefer her company to yours said Derin.
If Derin had stabbed her with a knife, the pain she would have felt would be no worse than what she experienced as he spoke, for his words were like a twisted knife in the deepest part of her soul. How could Derin have said that?
‘Thank you, Derin. Thank you very much’ she said as her eyes welled up with tears and she left the bedroom, only to find Keppy at the door. It seemed that he had been eavesdropping again, but this time, Segilola did not care. She just had to be away from Derin at that moment.
It was he who had brought out this monster, it was his fault. Nothing was more hurtful than the evidence of a spouse’s preference of another, over and above oneself, especially in a situation such as this when one was honesty just trying to correct a misdeed from the offending person. What exactly did Derin think would happen?
If the tables were turned, would he have been happy to see a love letter sent by an admirer to her? Could he, per chance have expected that she would see the love letter, followed by the telephone call and expect her to just keep calm?

The turmoil inside Segilola was like a raging volcano, spewing forth with hot lava, ready to wreck destruction in its wake. She knew she had to cool off. The last time she’d been this angry, the after effects had been disastrous. It was after that incident that she had vowed never to use her gifts again.
It was so hard for her to remember that incident without feeling sad, but she was too angry to dwell on that right now. How could her husband be so stupid to choose that girl over her? It had been so long since she had been this mad and she could not believe that she was being pulled back there. She had never seen any indications that Derin would ever do this to her. Her own husband was actually taking sides with a useless stranger over her. It was hard for her to contain her emotions, her anger and frustration, so she walked out on to the balcony, determined to ignore her husband, ready to recoil into herself.
‘Excuse me’ said a voice. It was Keppy who stood by the entrance into the balcony
‘I know I should not say this, but I just wanted to let you know that I am here for you, no matter what. I’m not going to pretend that I did not overhear your conversation and I’m with you, I think it is high time, you stepped into the situation and lay claim to your husband.
One cannot be too careful with these Lagos families’ he said
Segilola’s first instinct was to brush him off, but she was surprised that she did not. It was nice to hear that another person did not think she was being difficult for no reason. Here was someone who understood what she was doing, he too could see that she was only staking her claim on her territory. She was however unsure whether to discuss this issue with this young man or not and she decided to keep mute.
‘Hmm’ she grunted, non-commitally.
‘I am a believer in right causes and I just think in this case, you are being misunderstood. If there is anything that you ever need, I will be here for you. I am here for you…’ he was however interjected by a knock on the door.
It was strange that she had not seen anyone enter the premises, perhaps the person had entered when her back was turned to the gate as she had been concentrating on what Keppy had to say.
‘Let me check the person at the door’ he said as he turned to walk away.
‘Good afternoon sir, whom shall I say is asking for the Pastor?’ she heard him say and was pleased when a familiar voice responded saying ‘Akintunde’
Let him in, Keppy. He is oga’s best friend’ she said
‘Welcome sir’ she heard Keppy say as he instantly complied.
She walked in from the balcony ‘Hi!’ she said, suddenly tired of the whole drama
‘Ahan, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face like this?’ he asked
‘Nothing’ she responded
‘Keppy, let oga know that his friend is here’ she said , and as the younger man complied and rapped on the door of the room, it opened at the same time for Derin stepped out, still very angry.
‘You foolish woman, he began, before he saw his friend, Akin, standing beside Segilola.
‘Can you excuse us, Keppy’ he heard his wife say
‘No. You, stay here.’ he ordered ‘What exactly do we have to hide?’ he asked in anger
Akintunde smiled inwardly. Was this what Mama had referred to? It seemed that this was going to be very interesting.
‘Derin, let the boy go in. There is no need to discuss whatever the issue could be in front of the young man’ Akin said
‘Abi o’ piped Segilola, to which Derin gave her a very evil stare.
“Guys, what’s up? I’ve never seen you guys fight. What is the problem?’ he asked softy
‘Ask him.’ said Segi ‘It is all his fault because he cannot control that his ill-mannered girlfriend’ she said
‘She is not my girlfriend!’ interjected Derin
‘Show him the note she sent to you. Do you want me to list everything that she has done wrong in this short time, Derin. Do you?’ asked Segi
‘Wait. What exactly is going on here?’ asked Akin who masked his glee with a concerned facade
‘Your friend and Oyinda Roberts are having an affair’ said Segilola
‘Aha. I’m not surprised!’ said Akintunde with a smile
‘Whaaaat?’ yelled Segilola and Derin Hughes in unison, albeit for different reasons.


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