SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 40


Segi was in the kitchen, putting final touches to their breakfast when the doorbell rang. She was surprised to see Keppy at the door when she opened the door.
‘Good morning, Keppy. I didn’t know you went out. When did you go out?’ she asked, surprised that their house guest had not been indoors as she had expected
‘Good morning. Oga sent me on an errand’ he responded, looking around for his boss
‘He is in the bathroom now. Can I take the message back to him?’ asked Segi

‘Yes. She said I should give him these keys and this plan…’ he said, handing over a bunch of key and an A3 folder which contained designs for a space.
‘Who sent these?’ Segi asked
‘One Miss Oyinda’ responded Keppy innocently
Segi quickly adjusted her features from surprise to consent ‘Oh okay. I didn’t know you had gone all the way there this morning’ she responded. ‘Let me quickly take these in’ she said as she began to head in the direction of the room
‘Oh, sorry ma, she also sent these’ he said as he handed over a note that had been scribbled on a small piece of paper.
Segi opened the note as she walked into the room. It read:
“ Hey Lover. I have given your guy the keys and the design plan for the church building as we agreed. Your P.A is quite the hottie. Are you sure you are safe leaving madam at home with him? Anyway, call me around 2p.m, By then, I should be able to confirm if we can see each other today or not. Love you and miss you already. Oyinda”
Segilola’s hands shook in anger as she read the letter. She glanced over her shoulder at Keppy who had delivered the message. He looked so innocent standing there because the poor boy did not even know that he had been a courier for the secret lovers!
Why had Derin taken the time to make up with her when he knew that he and Oyinda were an item? Why had Oyinda sent this note without sealing it up in an envelope? Had she intended that Segi should see this note? What did this note even mean?
Segi knew that Derin, Mr Sweet Mouth, had some major explaining to do and this time, she was not going to let him off the hook. She and Derin will pay a visit to Oyinda so they could sort everything out at once. This is the only way this matter could end.
‘Derrrrrrin’ she yelled as she barrelled into the room. He was going to hear it today.


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