SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 33


what is going on here?’ asked Victor, Keppy’s brother. He had walked into the compound and had guided the trio he had met into a corner of the compound.
‘Wwww – Welcome dear. Said Nkechi
‘Hmmn.’ he responded in acknowledgement of her greeting ‘Keppy, why are you giving the boy a pounding? See his face’ said Victor as he came to Akpan’s aid, further pushing the boy behind him as he faced his younger brother, confused. He was not sure he had ever seen his brother like this.
‘He was rude.’ said Keppy shortly
‘Yes. He was rude to Keppy’ said Nkechi quickly in Keppys defence, she jumped as she quickly corroborates Keppy’s story.
‘Akpan, what kind of rubbish is that? Why were you rude to my brother?’ yelled the usually gentle Victor
‘Oga na lie. I no rude. Na wetin I see I talk. said the boy
‘Keep quiet and apologise to my brother’ said Victor for he had no reason to doubt his brother or his wife
‘Never, Oga. I will not’ said the boy ‘After he don beat me. Oga I no go beg am. See my cheek, see blood for my shirt’ he said as he pointed out the evidence of the pounding he had received.
‘See? He is being rude again’ said Nkechi ‘I just came out and heard him yelling at Keppy too. I think he has taken some alcohol or so. Maybe he has started smoking hemp. Let us go inside and forget the boy’ she said quickly.
‘It is okay’ said Victor to his wife. ‘Akpan, if you think you can be rude to our houseguests, it won’t work. Apologise or pack your load and leave my house, the driver will take you to the motor park so you can go back to the village’ said Victor
‘Oga, I want to go back. I no want see wetin my eye see today again o’ said the boy
On hearing his refusal to apologise and his determination to leave, Victor took a deep breath and decided to ask for the boy’s side of the story. Akpan was usually a very gentle and humble boy.
What did you see that you are trying to avoid? asked Victor
‘Oga, Keppy dey F**K Madam. I see them koro koro. He put him hand for her private and come dey lick am for down below too. She think say she don send me…’ began Akpan
Shut up!’ exploded Keppy and Nkechi at the same time.

Do you see why I beat him, Vic? The boy suddenly came at me, with these stupid allegations and I got angry. said Keppy
‘He asked me for a camera phone last week and I said no’ piped Nkechi, Maybe this is his plan to get back at me’. Victor vaguely recalled that Nkechi had complained about Akpan’s request last week. So, he stood and stared at the three of them, confused about whom he should believe.
‘Akpan tell me how it happened’ said Victor who signalled that his wife should keep quiet until Akpan finished his side.
‘She send me go market say make I go buy plantain wey we get for house but I come forget the money for kitchen so I come back to pick am. The front door dey locked, but the backdoor dey open so I enter, collect the money, come dey look for my madam but I nor find am. So, I say make I comot Oga shirt wey dey inside sun, I come go the back of the house, na so my eye enter uncle keppy window and I see say he and madam dey together, say he dey put hand put for Madam toto and…’
said Akpan
‘Stooooop’ said Victor who could not take it anymore
He is a damn liar! said Keppy. Sh*t!!! This boy is a liar. This is the same lie he promised to tell you. How can I? asked Keppy. I would never do that to your wife man’ he told his brother
‘Stop Keppy! Nkechi, what do you have to say about this? Victor asked his wife very gently
‘It is a big lie, honey’ said Nkechi emphatically
‘Ok. Apkan go and pack your things and leave my home’ said Victor. Before Keppy or Nkechi could continue, Victor turned to his brother ‘Keppy please, go and do the same thing too! I need to be with my wife alone. We obviously have things to sort out.’
‘What?’ asked Keppy surprised.
‘You have heard me! I want both of you out!’ yelled Victor.
‘Nkechi, come with me right now, we have a lot to discuss. Why the hell are you dressed so scantily in the first place? Come with me right now!!!!’ he said as he walked into the house behind her.
Keppy was surprised at his brother’s stance, but went in to get his things.


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