SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 31


Keppy was lying on the bed beside Nkechi, hoping she would wake up and leave when he felt a shiver, that fission of awareness he always had that often foretold of possible dangers. He could feel the hairs at his nape stand and knew that this should not be brushed off. This was a unique gift he had, one that let him know that something untoward was about to happen or perhaps, had happened.
So, he got off from the bed and checked the front and back door entrances to the house. The front door was locked as it should be, but the kitchen entrance was slightly ajar. Had Nkechi left it that way? Curious to confirm that the coast was truly clear; Keppy quietly stepped outside the door and walked around the bungalow. At the back, he saw Akpan, the young man who helped around the house, standing on a discarded tyre for height, peeking through a bedroom window, touching himself.
Keppy looked at the boy wondering what he was so engrossed in before he made his mental calculations and figured out that the silly lad was actually peeking through was his own bedroom window. To make matters worse, the boy was so engrossed that he had not even stopped peeking when Keppy left the room. It seemed that the boy was so thrilled by what he had seen that he had lost sense of hearing.
Keppy crept up on him and calmly put a hand upon his shoulder, exerting more pressure than he normally would and the boy startled, jerking out of fear.
‘Wetin you dey do?’ he asked Akpan
‘I…I’ responded the boy was too startled to speak
Keppy looked at the young man whose flyer was down and already had the answer he was looking for
‘You what? You dey look inside my room? You dey craze?’ asked Keppy who decided the fear tactic might be the best for the young man. How dare he have the effrontery to peek at what he had been doing?
Keppy himself peeked through the window to confirm if the lad had seen anything and how much he possibly could have seen. Keppy was sure that if the boy had arrived early, he must have seen a lot because from what he could see, the boy had an unobstructed view of the whole room because the window curtains were not closed.
Nkechi looked so peaceful, sleeping Unclad on his bed. She was lying on her side, facing the window, totally Unclad with her beautiful breasts and fair body in full view of anyone who might be interested to see. There was no mistaking it, if this boy had gotten here on time, he had already seen all there was to see.
‘You dey look your madam?’ Keppy asked, with confidence for he was sure he could bully the boy into silence. ‘Why you dey look inside my window? Wetin you dey find?’ he asked as he tried to hit the boy who dodged the slap.
‘Ah, Uncle, wetin I do?’ asked the boy who stepped back.
‘Come here, Akpan!’ said Keppy as he pointed at a spot right in front of him ‘I say come here’ he repeated
Akpan took a small step forward towards Keppy, refusing to move too close to him yet not too far away from Keppy’s reach because his hand sprung out and struck the boy first on one cheek, and then the other in rapid succession, two hot slaps that left the boy reeling.
‘Ahh, uncle’ wetin I do you?’ yelled the boy as he clutched his cheek in pain
‘Why you dey look through my window?’ asked Keppy
‘Ehhn.. ehn. Uncle no touch me again oh! Na warn I dey warn you’ said the boy, who decided to fight back. After all, what had he really done wrong?
‘Wetin I do wey you dey slap me? I nor tiff money nah’ continued the boy who stood his ground, walking up to Keppy,all of a sudden bolder.
‘You wan beat me?’ asked Keppy ‘You nor dey fear?’ he asked again, as he pulled to his full height in front of the younger boy who was a lot shorter than him. Keppy knew that he could take this boy out with one hand tied to his back. He looked at the young boy again and laughed.

‘You dare stand up to me, eh Akpan?’ asked Keppy
‘Yes! Wetin I do? My own nor bad reach your own na!’ yelled the boy who scooted backwards
‘If I ever hear you say anything eh, I will kill you. What do you mean by saying your own nor bad reach my own?!’ asked Keppy, who now knew he had to get the boy to shut up
‘Wetin you go do? Wetin you fit do?. Why you go slap me? Why you slap me, Uncle Keppy’ said the boy whose voice increased as his confidence did. ‘Na me talk say make you dey F**K your brother wife?’ asked the boy, loudly
‘Wetin you talk?’ asked Keppy. ‘How dare Akpan challenge him?’
‘Na wetin I see I talk. I say you dey F**K Madam!’ repeated the boy in a taunting voice.
As Keppy stretched to hit Akpan, the boy took off and Keppy, as annoyed as he was, raced after him, getting to the boy sooner than Akpan would have ever imagined, just in front of the gate to the house.
Nkechi, awakened from the noise in the compound had dressed up to appear more decent and had gone out to investigate what the ruckus was about. She was surprised when she saw Keppy beating Akpan just in front of their gate. She rushed to them
‘Keppy wait, wait! What did Akpan do?’ why are you hitting him? Stop!’ she yelled as she tried to get the irate Keppy to stop
‘This fool was peeking through my bedroom window’ said Keppy as he rained more blows on Akpan’s face ‘and he had the effrontery to confront me!’ said Keppy
‘Please, it is okay!, let us settle this indoors’ she said as she tried to pull Keppy off the young man, who by now had received the bashing of his life.
‘Keppy! stop. People will soon gather outside and look at us. You know we have no privacy in this compound!’ she said, already embarrassed by the thought that passers-by might soon and begin to ask what the issue was, for she knew that their gate, with its wide slats offered them no privacy
‘You dey beat me abi? Wetin I do you Uncle Keppy?’ yelled Akpan, who resisted Nkechi’s attempt to calm him down and drag him in. ‘Na me say make you dey F**K Madam?’ he asked loudly, causing Keppy to descend on him once more.
‘Please let us take this inside’ said Nkechi, who was embarrassed that her houseboy had caught her in the act with her brother-in-law.
She needed to conceal this! She would have to buy Akpan over. She didn’t want her marriage to break up! Keppy was just a side dish, she loved her husband! She had to keep this as silent as possible!!
‘Keppy, stop it this minute!’ she said as she tried to pull him off the boy again. Before, she could complete her action, a car pulled up at the gate, blaring its horn.
Nkechi looked up and nearly had a cardiac arrest for it was her husband’s car parked in front of the house. She watched as her husband stepped out of his car, surprised by the activity in his compound.
Nkechi knew that she was finished if Akpan decided to spill his guts. Sh*t! She needed a quick plan, but everything seemed bleak. It seemed there was no hiding place. Nkechi prayed.


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