SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 30


‘Hold on sir’ Segilola said into the handset ‘he has just walked into the room sir’
‘D.H, someone wants to speak with you’ said Segi as she covered the phone
‘Who is it?’ he asked
‘Pastor Aluko’ she responded
Derin looked confused for he was unsure of who this was
‘Akintunde’s friend’ said Segi as she thrust the mobile into his hand and left the room
‘Hello’ said Derin into the handset
‘The Lord is with you’ said the older man ‘Is this Derin Hughes?’
‘Yes. This is he’ said Derin
‘I have a message for you’ said the older man
‘Oookay’ responded Derin slowly as he wondered who could have sent the stranger to him
‘While I was in your house the other night’ he began
‘When did you come to my house?’ asked Derin
‘The night your wife thought you were lost, your friend, Akintunde sent me over’ said Pastor Aluko
‘Did you meet anybody here?’ asked Derin who was surprised for no one had discussed this with him
‘Of course, your wife and a young man’ said Aluko
‘Okay, what is your message?’ asked Derin who made a mental note to ask S.H for the details
‘The Lord said you need to come for deliverance’ said Pastor Aluko
‘Sorry?’ asked Derin, who was sure he had not heard very well. How dare this man?
‘You need to come for deliverance’ repeated Pastor Aluko
‘To be delivered from what and by who? Are you sure you heard from God? Why did He not tell me too?’ asked Derin in rapid succession.
This was so annoying and so wrong!
‘I will do the deliverance programme myself’ responded the old man
‘And who are you to think you can deliver me? Were you not told that I am a Pastor too?
What are you trying to insinuate?‘ Fired Derin in rapid succession
‘I’m not insinuating anything, I’m just delivering the message I’ve been sent’ said Aluko softly
‘Sent by who? Sent by who I say!’ yelled Derin
‘Take it easy Pastor Hughes’ said Aluko who tried to speak over Derin’s voice
‘Look here, never call this number again.
Akintunde will hear from me for this nonsense!’ said Derin as he cut off the line.
‘Segilola!’ yelled Deri as he went to look for this wife
‘Who is this man?’ he asked
‘He was introduced to me by Akintunde the other day, when you didn’t show up at home’ she responded
‘Did he tell you what he said to me? Asked an irate Derin
No. What is the issue? asked Segi
‘He said I need deliverance’ responded Derin
‘And… whats so bad about that?’ asked Segilola
‘Ah I see this is a plan by you and Akintunde…’ said Derin
‘Plan to do what exactly? Asked Segi sarcastically
‘To make me feel like I’m not good enough for this business’ he said
‘You make me laugh, Derin. There is nothing to get heated about. If you don’t want to get delivered, nobody can force you’ she said, turning to face the food she had on the gas cooker.
‘In fact, I think you are the one in need of the deliverance’ said Derin, changing tack
‘Why?’ asked Segi calmly
‘Because of all your visions and strange forecasts’ said Derin
‘I don’t need deliverance’ said Segi ‘and when the time is right; I will tell you all about the visions, okay.’ She said, refusing to get angry.
Derin did not answer as he spun on his heel and left her standing in the kitchen, all by herself
‘Aderinola Hughes, if this is a ploy to make me stay at home when you go and visit The Roberts, you have failed!’ yelled Segi at his departing back
Thank you so much ma’ said Segi. This will greatly help the Ministry. Thank you for the vehicle too. In fact, you have been more than a mother to us. Derin and I are grateful for all your assistance’ said Segi while Derin sat by her side, smiling broadly from ear to ear.
They had all just come back from the warehouse which was located at a major bus top along the Lekki – Epe expressway and it was huge building. Segilola had caught on the excitement and had begun to point out the benefits of the location and possible interior design ideas.
‘You are welcome my dear and it is such a pleasure to finally meet the woman behind Derin’s hard work and success’ said the older lady with a smile on her face ‘Derin is like a son to me now. God has used him for me in a big way. Did he tell you how God saved me from cancer? asked the older woman ‘God told him to tell me that there was nothing to be afraid of and believe it or not, my tests, the same tests that had been bad, turned out clear.
Not once, but three times!’ said the woman excitedly.
Segi smiled, she really liked this woman for she was so warm, likeable and open. Segilola looked around the huge living room and wondered why she was yet to see the famous Oyinda. From her mother’s conversation with the maid, Oyinda was holed up somewhere upstairs. It had been about fifteen minutes since they’d come in and Oyinda still had not surfaced.

Segi felt this was very poor behaviour on Oyinda’s part. At least, she should have come to welcome her mother back home, if nothing else. All these spoilt, rich children and their bad ways thought Segi as she listened to the older lady comment on modern Christendom and how God was working wonders through the church and through much younger Pastors like Derin.
Segi listened with half an ear, wishing the Oyinda brat would show her face so that she could see her. Just as if Segi had used the powers of her mind to control her, Oyinda stood at the doorway looking very breath-taking. Segilola was dumbfounded as she beheld the beauty of the other woman. Surely, this had to be the most beautiful human being she had ever seen in her life. Oyinda was tall, fair skinned, with long hair. Her body was curvy with full breasts and a tiny waist that flared into well rounded hips. This young lady was beauty personified.
Segilola’s heart skipped a beat. How was any red blooded male expected to resist this doe eyed beauty? She could already imagine her husband eating out of this girl’s hand.
Segilola mentally kicked herself! Sh*t! She should have paid closer attention to the outfit that she had put on. Why hadn’t she done her own nails too? She should have paid more attention to her make-up. Perhaps if she had done all this, she would not be sitting here, feeling this inferior. It was all Derin’s fault, he had rushed her out of the house and since they were not on speaking terms, she hadn’t asked for more time.
‘Hello mummy’ said Oyinda in a very soft voice. Segi sighed silently because the girl’s voice too was perfect. Was there anything about this girl that was not perfect? Perhaps this was the benefit of a Swiss finishing school Segi wondered as she remembered that she had read somewhere that all the rich people sent their children to finishing schools.
‘Hi, Derin’ said Oyinda as she smiled and winked at Derin
Hey Oyinda’ Segi heard her husband respond with a smile of his own and a look of adoration on his face. Her own Derin looked like a lost puppy, hoping for a pat from its owner. The idiot!
‘Oyinda, this is Derin’s wife, her name is Segilola. Segi, this is Oyinda, my only daughter’ said Mrs Roberts with a proud smile.
‘Nice to meet you’ said Segi with a genuine looking smile, hoping that Oyinda would see her as a friend. There was no need antagonising a woman this pretty. There was no point at all, it was a battle she was destined to lose
‘Hi.’ said Oyinda coldly, without a smile. She did not seem happy to see Segi and she was not even trying to hide it.
‘Derin, can I see you in the other living room?’ she asked as she faced Segi’s husband. Before Derin could reply, Oyinda had turned and was on her way out, proceeding like one who was used to being obeyed.
Segi held her breath, hoping that her husband would say something along the lines of ‘Wait.
Oyinda, you can discuss anything with me because my wife and I are one’, but her hopes were dashed for Derin just smiled, got up and followed Oyinda without even seeking for permission from her!
Segilola turned to Oyinda’s mum as the old lady resumed her chattering, seeing nothing wrong with what had just happened. ‘Segilola, ever since that fellowship that Pastor Derin came for where Oyinda fell under the anointing of his ministration, my daughter has been drawn to the Lord I’m happy that it is a relationship that she is holding on to. said Mrs Robert
‘Oyinda fell under Derin’s ministration?’ asked Segilola, confused
‘Yes. In fact, I think she receives some sort of counselling from him because I have heard them on the phone with one another’ said the older lady
Unfortunately, the old lady shouldn’t have bothered talking because Segi could not hear her for she was lost in thought. What was going on? How could anyone fall under her Aderinola’s ministration? There definitely is something not right here. Thought Oyinda, but much more importantly, How dare Derin follow Oyinda? Couldn’t he have said No? Did he have to follow that Serpentine-Spirit-looking-girl?
What were they up to right now? Were they tearing each other’s clothes off or kissing?’
Segi could not hear anything because of the anger rising in her belly. She knew she had to come up with a plan and get to the bottom of this nonsense.
Strike One had gone to Oyinda, but all the other strikes will go to her, Segilola Apeke Hughes. This rubbish must stop.


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