‘Darling, will you make an appearance at the fellowship today?’ asked Mrs Roberts as she put one more layer of powder unto her already perfectly made up face.
‘Mummy, stop with the powder already!!! You are beginning to look like a revived corpse’ said Oyindamola Roberts, the only daughter of the Roberts family.
‘Iya baba e lo jo revived corpse, It is your father’s mother you refer to, not me, What manner of talk is that? asked Mrs Roberts. ‘Can’t you ever say anything positive with your mouth?’
‘Looks like some people cannot handle the truth.’ responded the cheeky young lady as she walked towards the windows at the front of the huge master bedroom. ‘Your crowd are beginning to troop in. Won’t you go down so you can play gracious hostess to your needy bunch?’ asked Oyinda
‘I will soon go, let me quickly adjust my eyebrows’ said Mrs Robert, now in a rush.
‘If by that, you intend to add more paint on your face, please stop now’ said her daughter.
‘You need to stop being so rude, Oyindamola’ said her mother
‘Ok. Sorry’ said Oyinda
‘So are you coming down? Asked her hopeful mum
‘Okayyyyy, I will peep for a brief second mummy’ conceded Oyinda
‘I hope you will change from this outfit?’ asked her concerned mum
‘Is that really necessary? Didn’t know there was a dress code for you Christian types. Was it not your Jesus that said ‘Come as you are?’ Has he suddenly changed his criteria?’ asked a sarcastic Oyinda
‘Oyinda, this outfit is too indecent!’ yelled her mum
‘Okay, then I will stay up here. I need to catch up on some new series on E! I do not need to be judged by those of you with a first class ticket to heaven do I?’ By the way, when is your husband going to make an appearance here or has he finally ceased to live here?’ asked Oyinda who was unperturbed by her mother’s reaction.
‘We just need to pray for your daddy. He is currently confused in his ways and those Abuja girls won’t leave him alone, Oyin.’ said Mrs Roberts with a worried frown.
‘Hmmmm. Annnnnd…. this has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t allow him a moment’s rest when he comes home uh? So, should we really blame everything on the Abuja girls?’ asked Oyin as she walked out of the door.
‘You can judge me once you are married. Until then, mind your own damn business.’ said her mother sharply. ‘but will you make an appearance for the fellowship dear?’ she continued softly, this child was such a problem
‘Can I come as I am? Asked Oyinda cheekily, still maintaining her stance
‘Please change these clothes’ responded her mum with a softer tone
‘Then no. Keep your Jesus to yourself’ shaid Oyinda cheerily. She really did not care for the fellowship anyway. She was no lost soul in search of salvation.
‘The Lord will touch your heart Oyindamola Apeke Roberts. I will keep praying for all of you in this family! This is why God has made you all my ministry!’ yelled Mrs Roberts to her daughter’s disappearing back. If only the stubborn child would listen!
As Segilola put the key in the door, she faltered for a moment as she reminisced on how her meeting had gone with with Keppy.
‘Kkkeppy?’ she had asked, just to reconfirm that she had not heard wrong.
‘Yes ma’am’ he’d responded
‘Ok.’ she’d said, swallowing hard ‘Tell me about yourself’, she continued, masking her worry.

Segi’s mind had quickly wondered away as soon as he had started. She did not hear a word of what he had said as she was still spooked out by his appearance in real life.
‘Hmm, that sounds really good’ she said the moment his voice droned off. ‘You seem and sound okay, but my husband will pray about it and then give you a final position’ she said
‘I wonder if he told you that I won’t collect any salary for the first year. This is my service to the Lord. Oh… and I play the keyboard too’ he said with a smile. Obviously, very eager to please her.
‘Yes’, she said absent mindedly, ‘DH will get in touch’. She said
‘Hmm okay madam’ he said, crest- fallen
‘Nice to meet you Keppy’ she’d said, trying to be nice
‘Same here ma’am’ he’d said as he stretched out a hand to shake her. Her skin had barely touched his when she felt the same tremor as in the dreams. She quickly extricated her hand, like someone scalded by hot water.
‘Okay bye..’ she said
‘Bye Madam’ as he turned out of the office
Segi turned to her laptop, hoping to clear her mind of this spooky encounter.
‘One more thing madam’ he said. He had turned back. ‘I hope I’m not being forward, but I honestly cannot shake off this feeling that I know you. Have we met somewhere before?
‘I don’t know you!’ she responded, a little too sharply as a fat bead of sweat rolled down her back. What kind of nonsense experience was this?
‘Ok bye’ he said, wondering how his little question could have irritated her so much.
Segi entered their tiny apartment and crossed quickly to the bedroom where she sat heavily on the bed, seriously worried and confused. Too many questions were whirling in her brain – how, why, was her mind playing tricks on her?
Before she knew what was happening, she leant back on the bed, trying to relax, her feet dangling on the floor. No sooner had she drifted off into sleep before she stood face to face with him again. This time, they met in the office. It was the first time they would meet in a different location, but the circumstances were not different at all because her Unclad legs were wound around his waist as he pounded into her on their office desk.
Segi startled awake from the dream only because the shrill alarm of the NEPA indicator woke her up. Should she tell DH about these dreams? Should they hire this boy or not? These dreams were just a figment of her imaginations weren’t they?


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