SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 28


‘Can I speak to Pastor Derin Hughes?’ asked a female voice
‘Speaking’ responded Derin who wondered who the strange caller was.
‘My name is Adesua. We met at the fellowship in Mrs Robert’s House’ said the female voice
‘Adesua… adesua’ said Derin slowly, trying to put a face to the name. Suddenly, it clicked ‘Ha! Madam!’ he said, sounding very pleased to hear from her ‘How are you Madam?’ he asked
‘I’m fine. Please, I would like to meet with you, I have problem and I’m hoping that we can pray about it together. Can I come to you today? asked Adesua anxiously
‘Ah, unfortunately, today is very tight’ responded Derin whose mind was solely on the new warehouse Mrs Roberts had offered to lease to him. He was to go and inspect it with her later today.
‘Awwwh’ said Adesua who was really keen to see this miracle working Pastor her friend had told her about.
Adesua was happy that her husband had finally given the go ahead for her to see the Pastor, even though a part of her still felt that he had come to this agreement based on his need to hedge from going for medical tests.
If there was one lesson Adesua had learnt from being married to Charles, it was how to carefully choose her battles and she had no intention of revisiting this one because he had already agreed that she could see a Pastor. So,she had decided to call and even visit the Pastor before he could change his mind. She knew her husband well, if she brought up the fact that he was unwilling to run medical tests, he would ensure that she too, would not see the Man of God.
‘Okay, so when can we meet?’ asked Adesua, her disappointment evident in her voice.
‘How about the day after tomorrow?’ asked Derin
‘Can’t it be earlier?’ asked Adesua unhappily
‘Don’t worry, our God is the same today, tomorrow and all the time’ said Derin
‘Amen!’ she said
‘Let us pray’ said Derin. ’In Jesus Name’ he began
‘Amen!’ she responded
‘Father we thank you for this lady, for her life, her husband, her business, her kids….’ All of a sudden, it clicked! Her name was Adesua!!! Could this be the same Adesua that Segilola had written a vision for? It had to be! He was going to deliver the message anyway; he was going to take this chance! The worst case scenario would be that this might be the wrong Adesua, but he seriously doubted it.
‘Hmmm. Thank you, Father Lord! I can hear you.’ said Derin, as he pretended to hear from the Lord. ‘We thank you for those little children that are waiting to come through this sister, the little presidents and doctors. Your word says that the vision is for an appointed time, but we say oh Lord, that the appointed time is now. Nnnnnoww, oh Lord! Please give Sister Adesua children to call her own!’ prayed Pastor Derin
‘Amen!!!! Amen!!!!!’ responded Adesua, loudly, amazed that before she had spoken, the Pastor had seen what her problem was.
From the responses, Derin knew that he was speaking to the right Adesua. As he continued to pray, he became a bit confused. What was going on here? How come Segi’s visions were always accurate? What special powers did she possess?? Had she not been the one who had been so opposed to his ministry, why had she been given the power, and not him? Or, could his wife. Segilola, be operating under the influence of some strange, negative powers?
‘Lord, we ask for a child, please grant our petition!’ prayed Derin
‘Amen!!!!’ said Adesua
‘Everything this lady would need to do to get pregnant, reveal unto us, Lord!’ prayed Derin
‘Amen!!!!’ was the fervent response
‘Aha! Thank you Lord, I’m listening, I’m listening. Hmmmm’ said Derin ‘No pets Lord? No animals? ‘Thank you Lord! You are the destiny changer, we thank you Lord!’ said Derin as he ended his prayers.

‘Madam Adesua, you have a message from the Lord.’ he began
‘Yes, Pastor, I’m listening’ said Adesua, anxiously
‘Do you have a pet? A cat or dog?’ he asked
‘No, Pastor. I have never liked animals in my life’ responded Adesua who sounded surprised by the question.
Derin faltered for a moment, wondering if he had remembered the message wrongly. He strolled into the bedroom where he had last seen the piece of paper upon which Segi had written the messages and peeked at it again. He decided to read the instructions to Adesua, just as Segi had written it down. There was no need for him to bother his head unduly.
‘The message I have for you is simple. It says ‘Adesua will conceive, but tell her to avoid all animals, whether in the pot or at home as pets. She must not go near animals’ said Derin solemnly
‘Did God say I will conceive?’ asked Adesua excitedly
‘Yes, but you must do as He has said’ said Derin solemnly. He hoped he was saying the right things.
‘So, I should not eat animals – maybe meat and chicken, but, can I eat fish?’ she asked
‘Madam, I have provided all the information that I have at this time. Perhaps when we meet, we can discuss in more details. He said, hoping she would get off the phone.
‘Pastor Derin, you serve a big God. I had not even told you my problems, yet, and your visions were spot on. I will do as the Lord has said and I promise you, if this miracle is perfected in my life, I will praise the Lord ooo’ said Adesua with the excitement of one who’d just heard liberating news. It was as though she was finally free from the prison of self-doubt. ‘When this child comes, I will give so much to the ministry!’ continued Adesua
‘Can I advise you, madam?’ asked Derin ‘You should learn to give as an act of faith and not as a payment for something God has done. If God said it, consider it settled. I will encourage you to give a thanks offering, rather than wait until it has happened’ he said
‘Hmmm, that is a good idea, Pastor’ said Adesua
‘Okay Madam’ said Derin
‘Will you text me your account number, Pastor?’ asked Adesua
‘Why my account, Madam?’ he asked
‘To send my thanks offering’ she responded
‘Ah, no no no’ Derin responded ‘Look for a kids’ charity, the motherless or something like that. Although we have a little one the fellowship is trying to grow too, I can give you that account number’ he said
‘Yes, Pastor. Please give me that one, I prefer to sow in your own Ministry’ insisted Adesua
‘Okay, I will send you a text message. Bye, for now’ he said as he cut the phone line and immediately sent the text.
Less than ten minutes later, Derin received an alert for two hundred thousand naira on his phone. The alert was for the ‘Kids’ Facility Account’ which was directly linked to one of his other accounts, and solely run by him.
Derin could not believe his good fortune! Two hundred thousand, just like that! For doing nothing? He had to share this great news with Segilola.
’S.H! S.H, where are you?’ he yelled as he walked into the living room where he found his wife on the phone.


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