SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 27


Segilola Huges! S.H! S.H’! yelled Derin from the room as he sprung into the living room where he saw her eating at the dining table
What is it, Derin? Are you okay?’ She got up from the table, ready to rescue her husband from whatever problems he might be experiencing.
Segilola, God has begun to answer our prayers! He exclaimed
What happened? She asked
‘Just wait, so that I will share the news with you and Akintunde at the same time. I cannot bear to repeat the news’ said Derin who was shaking from the excitement as he dialled his friend’s number and put the phone on speaker.
‘Hello, Akintunde! God has answered our prayers!’ he said
‘Hello Derin, what happened?’ asked Pastor Akintunde
‘Guys, get ready for this! Are you ready?’ asked Derin who enjoyed the suspense he was creating
‘Yes’, chorused Segi and Akintunde
‘Mrs Roberts has promised us a Warehouse to use for the church!’ announced Derin, who expected whoops of excitement. He was surprised however when his announcement was met with silence.
‘Guys? Aren’t you happy?’ asked Derin.
Segilola kept quiet while Akintunde responded
‘I am happy. Is she giving you the property as yours forever? Or is she renting to you? Whereabouts is the property? Is it close to a major bus stop? Will you have the money to develop it?’ asked Akintunde as he fired question upon question.
‘Hold up, Akin, I don’t have all the answers yet. I’m to meet her this evening to discuss everything. Just thought I should share the news with you guys’ said Derin, whose excitement was not dampened by the lukewarm reception to his news.
‘This is great! Fantastic! Fabulous!’ said Akintunde, who suddenly remembered that he had not yet said the right things his friend would prefer to hear.
‘Now it’s sinking in isn’t it, AKT?’ said Derin
‘Mehn! This is big! Do you want me to go with you to the Roberts this evening? Asked Akintunde, offering his assistance .
‘Nah, I’m sure that I can handle that’ responded Derin
‘Okay, call me when everything comes together okay?’ said Akintunde
‘Sure one bro. We have our work cut out for us. We are about to go big. You know we are together in this right?’ asked Derin
‘For sure. Talk to you later’ Akintunde said as he dropped the phone.
Derin looked into his wife’s face with a huge grin on his face
‘This is more than a dream come true S.H! It is happening so fast’ he said
‘Congratulations D.H, you really want this thing, but I am following you this evening to see the Roberts. I think I need to introduce myself to them’ she said firmly.
‘Do you think it is necessary?’ he asked
‘More than necessary. Let them know your wife’ she said as she walked out of the living room.

Derin smiled and shook his head at her departing back. Why did women have to be so damned territorial? Did his wife think the old lady could possibly have the hots for him? He burst out laughing at the very thought because it was absolutely ludicrous.
In another part of town, someone looked at the face of his phone andhissed. How had Derin done it? Wasn’t he the one who had introducedDerin to the Roberts? They had first given him a brand new jeep and now, they were offering him the use of their Warehouse for a church. What gifts does Derin have that he does not possess? How dare Derin call him to rub this in his face?
He had to get to the bottom of this. He had to know how many times Derin had gone to the Roberts Residence behind his back. First, he hadto call Nneka, Mrs Robert’s trusted and dearest maid. She would be able to provide him all the relevant information. That would be a starting point.
Rubbish. Everything Derin had come to enjoy from the Roberts rightfully belonged to him, Akintunde and he would be damned if he allowed Derin prance off with his belongings, just like that.
‘Nneka’ he said as the phone connected
‘Sir. Good day’ she responded
‘Quickly. That my Pastor friend wey I bring that day. You know him?’ Akintunde asked
‘Yes Sir, the one wey sleep here yesterday?’ she asked
‘Maybe you no know am’ he responded
‘The one wey follow you do fellowship the day Oyinda fall down for fellowship. I know him na!’ said Nneka
‘Na your house he sleep?’ Akintunde asked
‘Yes o. Him plus Madam plus Oyinda. All of them sleep for the same bed!’ said Nneka
‘Haaaa!’ said Akintunde who was shell shocked
‘Oga, no be for my mouth you hear am o! Bye bye!’ as she quickly cut the line
Akintunde dropped the phone, confounded.
Even he was not this desperate. He had to get Derin and take what was rightfully his. Period.


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