SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 25


Segilola opened her eyes and focused on the clock that stared at her from across the room.
The minute her mind registered that she had slept longer than she’d planned, she sat up, angry at herself. How could she have slept for so long? It was supposed to have been a short nap, but see what she had done. When she got up to stretch, she stepped on piece of paper that had been lying on the floor, by her side. Wondering what it was, she picked it up for a closer look. As she read its contents, her dream came flooding in.
The old man had visited again. How come the paper she had been given in her dream had materialised in real life? Who was this Adesua and who was the old man to tell her she was not to fight with Derin, her irritating husband?
Speaking of which, where was he, the offender?
‘Derin! Aderinola Hughes’ she called
‘Hey S.H’ he responded in a very genial tone.
Segilola frowned because if her memory served her right, the both of them were not exactly on friendly terms right now. She traced his voice into the room, where he sat on the bed with a plate of rice and stew balanced on his knees. He was not even using a tray!
‘Why are you eating here? You know how much I hate that!’ said Segi, side-tracked by a pet peeve of hers.
‘Oh, my dear, you’re awake. I really didn’t want to disturb you with my noise. You seemed so peaceful lying there on the sofa, deep in sleep’ responded Derin who dropped the plate on the bed and walked up to her to gather her in his arms. Segilola momentarily leaned in to the hug before she remembered that things were not exactly cool between them.
‘I have heard you’ she said as she pulled out of the embrace. ‘Can you now tell me where you were last night or is that still too much information to divulge?’ asked Segi, her annoyance evident in her voice.
‘Hmm, my S.H! Segilola for show, my one and only wife. The one that can go from zero to hundred in one second. Why are you now frowning your face like this?’ asked Derin in a teasing tone. The smile on his face brought out his rugged but boyish good looks as he reminded her of why she loved him so much.
This was the playful Derin she had fallen in love with. The one that would sit by her side and regale her with many tales of his childhood. The Derin that would taunt and tease her mercilessly over little things, dissolving into laughter at her reaction. This was the Derin that she had not seen in a long time. Segilola looked at him with hard eyes for she was in no mood for the playful Derin or any of that rubbish today. She had gone to sleep in a bad mood and had woken up even more irritated. What exactly did he have to smile about?
‘I asked where you went last night, Derin’ asked Segi again
‘I had a prayer meeting that went on longer than I planned for’ responded Derin simply
‘What kind of prayer meeting is that?’ asked Segi ‘And why couldn’t you have just said something all this while. Why was your phone switched off and why didn’t you call me to tell me? Why did you leave me to be so worried ehn, Derin?’ she fired in sharp sequence.
‘I’m sorry. I should have told you, but it was impromptu. I had to pray with Mrs. Roberts who recently found out that she might have a potentially life threatening disease. She had just received the news and was absolutely distraught.
I had to calm her down and then pray with her and her family’ said Derin sincerely.
Segilola paused as she looked into her husband’s face. His words sounded right, but his eyes were shifty and Segi knew from history that once Derin was unable to meet her eyes, it meant he was either lying or not telling her the whole truth. She decided to fire him some more questions.
‘So why didn’t you call me prior to this prayer meeting?’ she asked. ‘When did you decide to go to their house? Couldn’t you have called me as you drove over there? Derin, what are you not telling me?’ she asked, frustrated.
‘You are right, Segi. I should have called you on my way there. In hindsight, that is what I did wrong. At least you would have had an idea of where I was. I’m sorry for worrying you’ he said. Segi looked into his face again and he seemed genuinely sorry for worrying her, however, she sensed that something was not quite right but could not place a finger on it.

‘Derin, is there a chance that you could be lying to me?’ asked Segilola
‘No. I promise you. I am not.’ he said, trying his best to look sincere
‘Then why do I feel like something doesn’t quite add up?’ she asked
’S.H. I’ not lying’ he said, hoping to convince her
‘O.k, Derin, but you know me. I will continue to probe until I’m certain that there isn’t anything amiss’ she said
‘Probe away darling. There is nothing to hide here’ he said, relieved as she turned away
Segi looked at him for a long minute and moved towards the door before she suddenly turned around and asked him a quick question ‘So how is Mrs Robert’s daughter?’
‘Who? Oyinda?’ responded Derin, shocked at the sudden question, hoping to quickly regain his composure
‘Oh, do they have another? I thought you said they had only one girl’ responded Segi sharply
‘Ehh , it’s true’ he said, quickly regaining his composure
‘Hmm, Derin’ said Segilola
‘What?’ said Derin, struggling to arrange his face with an innocent expression
‘Nothing. How is she?’ asked Segi again
‘I guess she’s fine’ responded Derin
‘Did you see her yesterday?’ asked Segi
‘You mean during the prayers?’ asked Derin
‘D-e-r-i-n!’ said Segi as she looked at him in irritation. She knew her husband very well. There was something he was not saying, something was not quite right.
‘What?’ he responded defensively ‘I did not see her except for when she got back home and said a quick hello as she went to bed’ he responded
‘…and did she stay in her bed or try to find you in yours?’ asked Segi snidely
‘Okay. S.H. This has to stop. You are too judgemental. You have not even met this young lady and you already judged her as someone without morals. This is very bad!’ said Derin, who was able to ride on the horse of his anger for it was a more effective way to cover up
‘Ok. It seems you don’t like the questions. Don’t be angry’ said Segi as she turned to leave the room. She knew she was on to something, but could not place a finger on it for now.
‘Before you go, Segi. I have a question of my own to ask’ said Derin
‘Yes?’ she responded, listening intently
‘Why did you allow Keppy sleep here?’ he asked
‘Why did you allow your wife worry about your whereabouts?’ she fired back
‘It was not intentional! You know that now’ he responded
‘Yes. I now know, but did not know that yesterday. Besides, Keppy did not sleep and neither did I. We were genuinely worried about your whereabouts and if this is your male ego surging up, please quell it. I’m in no mood for it.
You worried me needlessly, this could have been avoided and you should be apologetic’ she said in clear terms that brooked no arguments
‘I already apologised’ he said, unwilling to repeat the words.
‘Then that’s fine. I’m hungry and I need to eat’ she said as she left him in the room, feeling a tad stupid, guilty and very relieved. He had wriggled his way out of this one!


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