SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 24


Derin, are you pretending to be asleep?’ asked Segilola, who looked at her husband’s sleeping form with irritation. This was the reason why the house had been silent. The idiot had gone inside to sleep!
‘SH, please when I wake up I will explain everything to you’ said Derin drowsily. He was really tired and his leg still hurt from being cramped in a wardrobe all night. He had promised himself that when he woke up, he would cook up a credible story for his wife. He’d been happy when his mock anger had generated the desired effect. He’d been able to hold stall his wife with the display.
Segi looked at his lazy form on the bed and decided to wait for him, knowing that she would torture him for embarrassing her in front of Keppy and for not coming home last night. She walked into the living room and lay on the sofa and before she knew it, she too was asleep for she was tired from the stress of the previous night.
‘Take this pen and write these down’ said the old man who appeared without warning. He seemed to be in a haste today. He hurriedly dictated some instructions to her.
‘Adesua will conceive, but tell her to avoid all animals. Whether in the pot or at home as pets. She must not come near animals’ said the old man, as Segi wrote fast, desperate to get the messages down in his words. She briefly wondered what he expected her to do with the note she was writing, but she just knew she had to comply.
‘Mrs Roberts’ test will be clear for the ailment in her body has been removed. If she doubts it, she should ask the doctor for the other two tests that were carried out earlier. She must give a hefty offering to the poor for this miracle. It is a miracle’ he dictated as she scrawled fast, trying to tell him to slow down, but he was not listening to her today. He was not in the mood for her complaints today.
‘Don’t fight with Derin, you can build something formidable together. You need each other’ he said as she tried to quickly put that one down too.
‘Avoid the boy, avoid the boy’ said the old man as he disappeared, vanishing into the air like smoke, blown away by a strong breeze.
‘Wait! What did you say last?’ What was the last point?’ Asked Segi who had only just finished writing the third point down ‘You were too fast, your voice was too faint! Where are you?’ she asked as she realised the old man was nowhere to be found. ‘Look! I’m tired, I need to rest!’ She said as she put the pen and paper down, so she could sleep some more.

As Segilola slept deeply, her husband woke up, for he was suddenly hungry. He saw his wife sprawled on the sofa and saw that she had slept off writing something. He needed to peek at it, he hoped it wasn’t one of the long letters she usually penned in her diary whenever she was very upset.
As Derin read it, he was able to figure out what it was. Perhaps this was one of those visions that she had spoken about, the ones relating to some old man or the other. He recalled she had recently relayed a message for that Gloria woman and from the lady’s reactions, it had been spot on. Perhaps these new ones had only just come to her. He would take a chance on this and call Mrs. Roberts himself to give her the good news and the directions she had to follow to seal her miracle. No need to run this by Segi for he knew she would understand when she awakened.
‘Ah, Madam Goodmorning’ said Derin as the call connected to Mrs Roberts.
‘Pastor, I tried calling you last night’ said the old lady
‘Yes. I saw the missed call but could not speak then. I have a message for you. Please listen carefully. The Lord said you should not fear that this test will be clear. It is a miracle and you must give a hefty offering to the poor’ said Pastor Derin quickly.
‘My test will be clear? But I have not discussed the aliment with you yet!’ said the woman beaming. ‘Wait, pastor someone is at my door. Come in!’ she yelled. ‘Ah Oyinda, Pastor Derin has seen a vision about me. Without discussing the condition with him, he just called of his own volition and said the Lord told him that the tests would be clear! My God is good. I’ve been directed to make a donation to the poor so that my miracle will be sealed!’ Derin could overhear the woman’s joy and he smiled, sure that Oyinda too will be very happy. It was great to be the bearer of such good news!
What Derin could not see over the phone was the narrowing of Oyinda’s eyes in anger for she had already had him figured out. So this Bastard Pastor wanted to fleece her mother’s ill health because he’d heard about her cancer when he hid in her bedroom closet? No way! She would not let it happen. Derin was going to pay. Casper’s mule was more than ready. She had only one phone call to make.


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