SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 23


‘You’re shittin’ me, right? If I needed to come, would you be there? asked Casper
‘I don’t understand that question. Am I on your payroll or did you buy me tickets to come home?’ asked Oyinda angrily. She had no time for this mess right now
‘Really?’ asked Casper who was taken aback by this Oyinda who was not in need of information about his sister’s whereabout.
‘Ah, I geddit! You’ve moved on from Adelle haven’t you?’ he asked ‘So you think you have no use for me. You really think you can dump Casper like that?’ he asked
‘No, it’s not like that’ said Oyinda backtracking because she’d once heard Casper and his friends talk about finishing off a guy, they’d laughed at the way the guy had pleaded with them not to kill him and had called the dead man a sissy. That was one of the few times she’d visited Adelle at her brother’s apartment, in a rough part of town.
Adelle had broken free of their family background because she had gotten a scholarship to go to the University, but because of the hardship she’d faced while growing up, she was a hard, driven person, who was only interested getting ahead, with no qualms of using everything in her means to leave the life she desperately wanted to break free off. Casper on the other hand had turned to a life of thuggery and drug dealing even though he never used any of his merchandise. Oyinda had been drawn to Csper because underneath it all, he had shown signs of a very brilliant mind, and had often engaged her in very philosophical discussions where he questioned the rightness of the world.
‘It is.’ he said, bringing her back to the present. ‘I see you’ve not asked after her today. It is usually the first question you ask me’ he said ‘hey Casp, how is Adelle, have you seen her, who has she been with, can you leave a message for her, her phone is off’ he mimicked, making mockery of Oyinda’s whiny voice when she’d had to call him enquiring about his sister’s whereabouts. ‘But today nothing. Nothing!!!’ he muttered angrily.
‘Look you’ve got it all wrong’ said Oyinda ‘it is very early here and you got me at a bad time’.
‘How is your dad’ he asked, suddenly changing the conversation and switching to a softer voice
‘errr… my Dad is fine, thanks’ said Oyinda. She knew this was going somewhere, but could not see it just yet
‘Is he still hoping to get a political office in this new administration?’ asked Casper
‘How do you know about that?’ asked Oyinda
‘Casper knows all’ he responded vaguely
‘I have something I think your dad and many newspapers in Nigeria would be very pleased to see. Call me once you receive the email’ he said as he cut off the phone.
Milliseconds later, she received notification for an email delivered to her phone and she knew it was from him. Oyinda tossed her phone away from her as soon as she opened the email. She was mortified by what she had seen! These were pictures of her in various s*x positions all over her father’s apartment. These pictures had been taken over a long period of time. The bastards had bugged her apartment!!!
In one of the pictures, she was on the kitchen counter where she had spread herself open while Adelle, Unclad too, had ministered to Oyinda with her tongue. She could see another photo where, again, she was spread eagled on the sitting room sofa as Adelle used the vibrator on her and Oyinda was filled with shame. Her parents must never see this!
As she scrolled down, she saw more damning evidence. Oh God! No! thought Oyinda as she saw the pictures of the l£sb!an event Adelle had encouraged them to have. A s*x fest with other girls and two male strippers. She had been an active participant that night early last year when she’d thought it necessary to spice things up for her lover who had seemed a little bored. It was all here. Oh God! In here was the evidence of the night she had cheated on Adelle with a Chinese colleague. Oyinda wanted to die and she cringed inside as she imagined what would happen if these pictures fell into the wrong hands. What had seemed like moments of enjoyment now looked like a lifetime of pervasion.
Casper had entitled the email ‘Politician’s Daughter Sexes all Shapes, Sizes and Colours’. She knew that if the tabloids got their hands on this, she was toast. She knew her father’s career would be terribly hit by this and worst of all, her mother, who had only spoken of her ill health yesterday would die of the shame. Oyinda had no choice,but to call Casper.
‘Casper, what do you want’ she said as soon as the phone connected
‘I hope you enjoyed the selection’ he teased, happy at her sober tone
‘Not funny. How could you wire my house and take pictures of me? I could sue you for this, you know?’she threatened
‘Yep. You can sue, but not before this is splashed on all the major papers in your country. Besides, these also come in video with audio. You are a noisemaker in bed, babygirl’ teased Casper as he threatened her
‘So. What. Do. You. Want? I need to get these videos and pictures from you first!’ said Oyinda
‘Tut. tut. Not so fast babygirl. You need to set up my connection for me’ said Casper. ‘I give you two days to think about it and set the ball in motion, after that, we will talk. In the mean time, please enjoy your pictures’ he said as he cut the line.
As soon as Keppy got home, he took off his shoes and slept on the sofa for it had been a long night.
It was a short nap, but as soon as his eyes were closed, he had the same dream where he found himself standing in a board room, with his hands behind his back and his head bowed.
As usual, the pretty one was seated at the head of the table, with other high ranking officials seated around the huge table. Today, she was dressed in a navy blue suit, with six huge gold buttons on the front, three on each side. The contrast of the dark colour against her lovely fair skin was a sight to behold.
‘Big Fool, tall for nothing’ she said angrily, as she berated him in front of the others. ’Did I give you good looks for it to be wasted? We have assaulted her dreams with images of you. You know what you have done with her in her dreams, yet you’ve failed to replicate it in real life. Dummy! I can see now that you have no ambition’ said the lady angrily
Keppy looked at her and was surprised that he was not upset at her. He could not be because it was not a power he possessed. He marvelled at how beautiful she was, even in her anger. Her skin as smooth as silk, hair flowing to her waist and a face which, when it broke out in a smile, was as radiant as the sun. However, there was no smile bestowed on him today, even though he had been her favourite for a very long time. She had often kept him back from embarking on difficult missions, for she did not want to see any harm come his way. She had imagined that this would be an easy mission for him to conquer, but so far, he had failed.
‘My queen, please do not be angry with me.
Things are not as easy as they look. I cannot carry out the plan in just one night. If I do, it will be seen as Molest. Do we not need a long lasting hold on her?’ he reasoned with the angry woman ‘Let me tarry a while with them. The first night at the start of the job with them is too soon. Please let me work my strategy out. Please, trust me’ he pleaded

‘Keppy, my dearest, you need to be quick, we need to get her before she makes any of her useless prophesies again. Please!’ she said as she softened. She looked at him and smiled benevolently at him. ‘Come here my sweetest’ she said as she stretched her hand out towards him.
Keppy could hear murmurs in the background as he glided towards her and knew that the others were once again jealous of the love he and the queen shared. Many of them felt that he was undeserving of this special attention she paid to him, but he did not care. He was her favourite.
‘My queen, please permit me to speak’ requested Edein
‘Go ahead’ she said, not looking at Edein because her eyes were fixed on Keppy who inched closer and closer towards her
‘You cut this boy too much slack. my queen.
Please, let him learn the right way’ said Edein
‘Thank you, Edein, your points are noted. Does anyone have anything else to say?’ she asked, but nobody else signified an interest to speak.
‘Good. Right now, I’m reshuffling assignments. Edein, confirm that you are free and have completed your last assignment?’ she asked with a smile at him
‘Yes, my queen’ he said with a proud smile ‘that MD’s child is in jail now for stabbing his best friend in the eye. He has brought disgrace to the family’, said Egein with glee ‘I was able to complete this assignment in four hours’ he finished, smiling proudly at his achievement.
‘Ah Great. You have done very well. Then, there is another assignment for you, dear one’ she said. She could see Egein bubbling with excitement. She knew he hoped to take over Keppy’s current assignment but knew she would not allow him to dictate how she ran her own court.
‘The Village Chief in Iseyin needs a stubborn pig and you, Egein will be the pig’. Before he could plead with her, she stretched her finger at him and he turned into a dirty, brown pig. The others looked surprised, but sat up.
‘Does anybody have any other suggestions?’ she asked the room that had gone into total silence. It was only Egein the pig that grunted and even he was ignored.
‘Now you’ she said to Keppy ‘Come with me’ Keppy smiled for he knew what this meant.
He had learnt how to pleasure women by paying close attention to this woman’s wants and so far, he had not been found wanting. He intended to give her a double dose of pleasure today, for she had been soft on him. This session could have gone differently, were it not for her intervention. As soon as they walked into the huge bedroom that adjoined the boardroom, he knelt before her and asked her the question she most loved to hear ‘Can I lay my hands on you my queen?’. A nod in the affirmative allowed him to do with her as he pleased.
Keppy suddenly changed roles and became the supreme male, leading her where he chose. First, he carefully unbuttoned her navy suit and was pleased to see her fair, huge breasts spring free. She and not worn any underwear as he liked it. He touched her soft, perfectly rounded breasts. He had not seen breasts like this in all his years.
They were pert and with the most beautiful, perfect Tips he had ever seen. he quickly kissed each one, giving the left one a little nip. He could see them harden under his attention and he smiled because he liked it.
He wondered if she also defied the laws of undergarments for her bottom half and he quickly put his hand under the matching mini skirt, for he was in a rush to find out. He was pleased with what he found underneath the minuscule skirt as he discovered that there was no barrier and interestingly, she was ready for him. He had quickly slipped his middle finger inside her and smiled when it had went inside without friction.
Keppy, pleased with the results, smiled at her.
‘You are a good girl, my good girl’ he said as he kissed her and backed her into the bed huge bed at the same time.
When they both fell on the soft, firm bed, he spoke. ’Now, what do you want us to do today?’ he asked coyly ‘Shall we discuss China’s recent economic woes or the weather problems being experienced worldwide? he asked
‘Shut up. Let us discuss you and your inability to perform’ she said. ‘I think you need some mentoring’ she said as she bit his ear
‘Ouch! Did I say you could touch me?’ he asked ‘I’m going to punish you for this!’ he said as he walked over to the closet and picked out the softest of silk scarves with which tied her hands over her head.
‘Now, what were you saying again?’ he asked, and she proceeded to talk, he warned ‘Shhhh. If you speak or make one single sound, I will stuff your mouth okay?’ Keppy knew he was the king, here in the bedroom. She ruled him everywhere else but not here. He could see the excitement in her eyes, for she knew what was to come. Keppy stood by her side, where he was sure she could watch him as he slowly undressed. He saw the excitement in her eyes when she saw his erect manhood in his boxer shorts. She was excited because she knew that it was all for her.
He came to the bed Unclad and he could see that she was itching to touch his body, so he proceeded to give himself to her.
‘Smell me’ he said as he knelt astride her and made her smell his J0yst!ck. It was his unique male scent. She had once told him that she loved how he smelt.
‘Feel me’ he said as he rubbed the hardness against her lips and quickly moved to her pert breasts. He stopped for a moment to kiss the trail his manhood was making. A nip here, a tug there, he could see the reaction on her body and it made him happy.
‘Taste me’ he said as he slid his full length into her mouth, but when Keppy realised that he could easily lose his control, he removed himself from her mouth and stood up to cool off.
‘Come here Keppy!’ Gone was the willing K!ttyC@t cat, replaced by the queen. ‘I wasn’t you to slide inside me now! I want it now’ she commanded
As though in a trance, Keppy complied. He gave a full thrust into her waiting cunt and he immediately knew that this was his undoing, for it felt like dipping into a mug of warm, thick chocolate. The s£nsat!on that enveloped Keppy’s manhood was too delicious to describe. This was molten fire and before he could go on for too long, they found that they were both tumbling, crashing down and coming too fast. It was too soon, but it was oh-so-delicious to be so free.
‘Ahhhhh, my queen!!’ he said
‘Ahh, Keppy!!!’ she yelled as they both crashed down the galaxies, seeing the stars speed by. As soon as she was done, she asked him to untie her hands and reciprocated the favour by tying him spread eagled to the bed posts.
‘Hurry up, get it up! I must extract my pound of flesh’ she commanded.
No more the willing, gentle accomplice, she was now the general in charge. At the first signs of his J0yst!ck stirring, she climbed on top of him and in one smooth movement, she sheathed him with her K!ttyC@t.
Keppy knew he was finished. This woman was going to extract her pound of flesh from him, but he had to show her he was capable. He got his mind ready for many hours of hard action. It was after all, a debt that he had to pay.


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