SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 21


‘Are you the wife?’ he asked
‘Yes sir.’ she responded
‘Hmmm… who is this man?’ he asked, pointing at Keppy
‘He’s my husband’s PA’ she responded
‘Does he Iive here?’ he asked, not facing Keppy at all
‘No sir.’ Segi answered, looking from Keppy’s face to Pastor Alukos
‘Okay, excuse us, young man.’ said the Pastor pointedly. He did not Keppy to hear the Visions.
‘First of all, your husband is well, hale and hearty, but he is in a cage that he walked into by himself. He will be home tomorrow’ said Pastor Wale
‘Is he in police custody?” asked Segi
‘No. I’m not allowed to say more than I have seen.’ responded Pastor Wale, who was obviously a man of few words
‘Hmmm, okay’ said Segi
‘Then this your PA. You must let him go, otherwise..’ said Wale
‘You mean we should sack him?’ asked Segi
‘However you want to do it, just let him go, he should just go. He needs to go. Please fast tomorrow morning’ he added
‘This morning you mean, it is already quarter past one’ she pointed out
‘Okay. I need to go now’ said the Pastor
‘Will you be safe walking around at this time?’ she asked
‘I live just over there’ he said
‘Thank you sir and goodbye’ she said
As soon as Keppy walked in, she sighed
‘What did he say? Will Pastor Derin be okay?’ he asked, concerned
‘Yes. He said Derin will come home by himself tomorrow. I’m just confused. Still don’t know whether I should go and make a police report or not’ she said
‘It is too soon. He must be gone for 24 hours before you can file a report’ advised Keppy
‘Oh thats true.’ she said as she sighed ‘I honestly hope Derin is okay’
‘We can only pray and since God has revealed that he is okay, let us relax. Shall I help you with anything? Do you want to eat something? Is there anything I can get you from the kitchen?’ he asked, trying to help
‘No, I’m fine’ she said
‘You should take something. You’ve not had anything since we came in’ Keppy said
‘Well, neither have you’ she pointed out and smiled as his tummy growled loudly
‘Are you hungry, Keppy?’ she asked
‘Would it be horrible if I said yes?’ he asked ruefully
‘Okay, let me get you something.’ she said
‘I’m not eating without you, it’s rude’ he said
‘My husband is missing I can’t eat’ she said as she walked into the kitchen and set about warming some rice for Keppy in the microwave
‘The Pastor said he is fine, we have to hold on to positives’
‘Do you have any beverage? Can I have some hot water?’ he asked as he made a steaming mug of Milo with the supplies she provided
‘If you cannot eat, drink this Milo, otherwise, I won’t eat too. It would be rude.’ he said. Segilola acquiesced , after all, it was only fair that she should meet him halfway, however, as soon as the steaming fluid found its way down her belly, she remembered that the Pastor had asked her to fast.
‘Sh*t!’ she exclaimed
‘What is it?’ he asked
‘I’m supposed to have started a fast today’ she said
‘It’s not a big deal. God is merciful. You can do the fast tomorrow.’ he said
‘Well, that’s true’ she said as she took a deeper sip of her hot chocolate drink
Segi did not see the smile of achievement that danced around Keppy’s lips, otherwise she would have asked him some questions. Keppy was a man who knew what he was doing.

The pins and needles in his left leg woke him up.
He had been lucky to have been pushed into a closet in which only long dresses hung. He’d initially remained standing , but when he’s heard Mrs Robert’s conversations with her daughter, he had known there was no way around it. After he had seen Oyinda’s text,he’d switched his phone off, hoping to turn it back on when her mother left, but it was too late to fro that and he had slept off.
He was suddenly bathed in light and had to close his eyes to the glaring effect of the light
‘You need to leave now’ Oyinda said
‘where is she?’ he asked as he stepped out gingerly
‘She has gone to have her bath in her room’ said Oyinda, crisply
‘What time is it now?’ he asked
‘5.30a.m’ Oyinda responded
‘Sh*t’ he said as he hurried out
‘What?’ asked Oyinda
‘What do you mean what? he asked with irritation. ‘My wife would have been worried shitless’ he said
‘Yeah. Just come up with a story’ said Oyinda
‘Hurry, let me see you off’ she said as she rushed him out of the room and down the stairs. Before he could blink, she had given him a quick peck and had sent him off on his way.
Derin was pleased that he had avoided a potentially bad situation with Mrs Robert. Derin was glad that he had made away before anyone else saw him. Unknown to him, he didn’t go away before Nneka, Mrs Robert’s trusted maid, saw him.
Derin rushed home in the morning traffic, wondering what to tell his wife. As soon as he drove into the compound, he heaved a sigh of relief, until he saw Segilola standing outside with Keppy. Derin suddenly wished he was back in the dark cupboard, for he knew his wife very well.
Was that blow job worth all this trouble?
Derin mentally prepared himself to face his wife.
This was not going to be easy.


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