SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 18


‘Are you Pastor Derin? Miss Oyinda said you should come upstairs’ said the maid who greeted him at the door.
‘Errm, okay’ said Derin
‘Do You know your way Pastor?’ she asked
‘No, I don’t’ he responded, wondering if all visitors were allowed upstairs
‘Okay, I shall lead you sir’ said the lady
‘Is mummy at home?’ he asked the lady, trying to make small talk
‘No, she went out sir’ was the formal response
‘Ah okay’ he said.
‘Here is her room sir’, said the maid who opened the door without knocking. She peeked in and announced his arrival. Derin had thought he was to be ushered to a living room and not her bedroom. He hoped she was not too sick to see him.
‘Send him in’ responded Oyinda
‘Derin stepped into the plush room and saw that indeed this was a tastefully decorated room. Everything was in shades of yellows, creams and browns and the rug he stepped on had to be the softest he had ever put his feet on. He saw her in bed, far across the room, with a tv remote control in her hand, still in her night shirt.
‘Oyinbo, what happened’ he asked
‘Man, I don’t know o’ she responded
‘Let me touch your head’ he said as he leaned towards her. He felt her and found that her body was not hot ‘No fever nah’
‘No, I’m not hot, but I feel like there is a bubble inside my head’ she said as she sneezed
‘Ah, its just a bad cold then, ajebutter’ he teased
‘Whatever‘ she said, smiling
Derin, stood by the bed, looking down at her as she took a sip of her hot tea.
‘Come, sit by me’ she said as she patted the bed by her side
Derin sat, but just on the edge for he knew how awkward it would look to anyone who walked in
‘I hear mummy has gone out?’ he said, more to make conversation than anything else
‘Yeah. She has a party today’ said Oyinda
‘Party? Its a weekday’ said Derin, surprised
‘That has never stopped the society ladies from celebrating one thing or the other, Pastorman’ responded Oyinda
‘Oh’ said Derin
‘I see you’ve been surveying the environs?’ said Oyinda
‘How do you mean?’ asked Derin
‘Checking to see if mummy is in and all that’ said Oyinda with a sparkle in her eye
Derin looked shocked ‘You are not serious’ he said as he burst out laughing , when he realised that she had that she had just been teasing
‘Have you gone to the clinic though?’ he asked, worried for her
‘Naaah. Waiting for you to lay hands on me’ teased Oyin
‘Okay, let us pray’ Said Derin
‘No, not that type of hands, Pastorman’ clarified Oyinda
‘Oyinda, you are just a joker’ said Derin when he finally got her meaning
‘But, I’m not really joking’ she said as she leapt out of bed to grab her laptop and camera
Derin looked at her, with her beautiful skin which was barely covered by her ultra short night shirt.
He knew that if she bent over right now, there might be nothing left to his imagination. He wondered fleetingly if she slept with p@anties or not.
‘So have you had your bath?’ he asked
‘Yeah. Why?’ she said as she came back and plopped on the bed, lying on the duvet. She put on her laptop and asked him to lie by her side as she showed him all the pictures she had taken on their trip to Makoko and the lagoon front, Derin was marvelled. They lay side by side in quiet companionship, marvelling at the work that she had done with her camera.
When he asked if she had done other work, she responded in the affirmative and asked if he wanted to see. He made a mistake by saying yes, because these were pictures that a man of God should not have looked at. There were many pictures of people in varying stages of undress, performing S#xual acts on one another, girl or girl, man on man and very few man and woman.
Pastor Derin was tongue tied as the pictures flipped from one to the other, slowly, slowly ,slowly until it came to one, where a lady was performing fellatio on a man.
‘So, what do you think?’ asked Oyinda, whose voice was now thick with arousal
‘Would you like me to do that to you?’ she asked pointing at the vivid picture
‘Okay, since you cannot answer, Let me start with this’ she said as she covered his mouth with hers, kneading his lips with hers, slowly sU-Cking, nipping, biting him gently as they continued to kiss. The same electricity that had sparked the first time they’d kissed also came alive today. It was fire and ice all at the same time.
‘Should I stop?’ she asked
‘Errrm’ said Derin whose vocal cords seemed to have stopped functioning.
‘Touch me Derin’ she ordered. And like one in a trance, he saw himself lift his hands to her breasts and found himself thinking that he’d been right to imagine that she was not wearing a bra. He marvelled at her pert, full, soft breasts and fiddled with her Tips till she cried out in ecstasy. Suddenly, Oyinda got up and walked to the door to lock it. On the way back, she stopped to put on the music system.
A strange jazzy blues song filled the air and suddenly, everything was even more electric than it had been. Derin was in a trance and watched as she pulled her night shirt over her head. He had been wrong, she was wearing the tinniest g-string p@anties he had ever seen. So tiny that it barely covered her lady spot.

As she walked towards him, Derin wondered what he should do. After all, he still had control of his feet. He could leave right now, but it was a decision made too late for as soon as Oyinda got to him, she knelt down in front of him and slowly worked his belt buckle, zipper and boxer shorts and before Derin knew what was happening, he was in her mouth. He marvelled at her deft, strong tongue and wondered where she could have gotten the skills for such long, strong strokes.
In the midst of his bliss, Derin wondered if there was a school where women learnt how to pleasure men with their tongues. This was the best head he had ever received in his life.
‘Sh*t Oyin, this is sweet, sweet Sh*t, it is so sweet’ he said as he grabbed her head when she took his whole length in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down.
‘Wait, you need to stop, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna… ‘ said the Pastor could feel the build up coming. As soon as she heard him, she reduced her strokes from long and heavy to soft and featherlight, before he could rest, she began to take him all in again, not once grating him with her teeth. He could feel the rough texture of her tongue, counter balance against the slick moisture of the saliva in her hot mouth. The tightness of her mouth against his taut skin was pure pleasure.
Derin knew he was going to embarrass himself soon. He wished he could hold on for much longer, but he was already long gone. ‘Sh*t, I’m coming’ he said as he exploded right inside her mouth, even though he tried not to. As soon as he did, Derin la!d back on the bed, breathing ad though he had run a long race. He could see her from the slit of his drowsy eyes and was amazed that she swallowed every drop of his juice. This girl did not gag or run to the toilet, she made everything seem normal and easy, the way s*x should be.
‘Oyinda, I’m tired’ he said
‘Its okay, rest a little. You will soon repay me in kind’ she said smiling as he drifted off into slumber. Oyinda la!d beside him and before she knew it, was drawn into a gentle slumber too.
The both of them were suddenly stirred by a persistent knock on the door.
‘Oyindamola, how are you feeling? It is mummy. I returned early so that I could come and take care of you my dear’ said a soft voice that could only belong to Mrs Robert.
‘Sh*t. Derin, my mum is back!’ said Oyinda
‘F**K, she must not meet me here’ said Pastor Derin
‘What should I do?’ asked Oyinda who looked even more confused than he.
‘Oyinda, Oyinda’ the knock got persistent ‘Oyinda, I hope you have not overdosed on pills again. Will I need to get the driver to break this door down?’ asked the worried mother.
They looked at each other in confusion. One thought of the heartbreak her mother was sure to have if she met the Pastor in her room, while the other saw his dreams of a carefully built Ministry going up in smoke, all for a blow job. Derin wondered what to do next.


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