SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 17


‘He’s here’ said Segi as she walked into their room, she still sounded sullen.
‘Who?’ Asked Derin, his interest piqued
‘Your P.A’ said Segilola
‘Oh Keppy! Ah good’ said Derin, who was glad something had come up to move them past their last argument. He really did not want his wife dwelling his friendship with Oyinda. Her criticism was enough to taint what was blossoming into a very beautiful friendship.
‘Yes, your Keppy’ said Segi who was subdued for it was a little strange to see the object of one’s S#xual fantasies materialise just a few minutes after the dream had happened.
‘Let me go out and see him’ he said as he got up and left the room.
As soon as he stepped out, Segilola let out a whoosh of pent up air. It had been a hard morning, swinging from one emotional roller coaster to another. She had not even had time to analyse her crazy dreams and already, she’d been in two heated arguments with her irritating pastor husband and as if that was not enough, she’d had to stand face to face with the object of her fantasies. Segilola sat on the edge of her bed and wondered if today could get any worse.
‘S.H’ she heard her husband call her from outside
‘Yeah’ she responded, not moving from where she sat
‘Can you come please?’ he said
Segilola looked at herself in the mirror and was mortified that anyone other than her husband should have seen her dressed like this. Sh*t! She had not know that the nightwear and its accompanying robe were so transparent! She wondered if Keppy had noticed and desperately hoped not. The boy had not spent up to eight hours in their employ and it was already becoming increasingly difficult for her to hold her head up high around him. She could only hope that there would only be limited contact between herself and the lad.
‘One moment’ she yelled as she changed from her nightwear into a teeshirt and knee length shorts.
As soon as she exited the bedroom, she could see only one pair of eyes on her, boring into her skin like the scorching sun. Segilola wondered if she was imagining things, but when she checked again, she saw that Derin was engrossed with something on his phone. She wondered briefly if it was that Oyinda girl on the phone again.
‘Yes, DH’ she said, to announce her arrival.
‘Okay, Two things.’ he started
‘Yes?’ she prompted, listening intently and wondering what favours he needed.
‘Please, I would appreciate it if you could rustle up some breakfast for myself and Keppy here. As you know he starts work with us today.’ he started. As Segi made her way to the kitchen ,he continued ‘And please, I would need you to take him to the office and talk him through everything we do, my weekly schedule, charity programmes, outreach and everything. I would be unable to assist him with that today.’ he finished off
‘Why can’t you?’ she asked, more out of shock and surprise than anything else. Why in God’s name was her husband determined to push this boy her way?
‘I have a pastoral fellowship meeting today, Segi. Have you forgotten?’ he asked, surprised at her question and wondering if she had already gone back to her bad mood.
‘Yyyes.’ she said angrily for it was clear that she had no way out of being in direct contact with this boy
‘DH, can I see you in the room?’ she asked, wanting some privacy
‘Ok’ her husband responded as they both headed indoors again, leaving a confused Keppy in the living room
‘DH, what is this now? Why am I the one managing this boy?’ she asked angrily
‘I already answered you. Because I’m busy today.’ he responded.
‘Then let him start after your fellowship or better still, take him along with you to the fellowship’ she said, trying desperately to get out of the chore.
‘None of the other guys bring a PA along, dear. What exactly is your worry? he asked calmly
‘I-i-i…’ said Segi, who was unable to come up with a concrete answer
‘So, why?’ he asked again and when no answer was forthcoming, he took a deep breath and said ‘Segilola, I need you on this thing, please help me’ he begged
‘Just this once, Derin’ she said ‘You need to get your act sorted. It isn’t as if you are that busy otherwise, you won’t have time to act as tour guide to the little rich girl’ she grumbled, referring to Oyinda
‘What Segi? You’re back to that?’ he asked, surprised that she had not dropped the issue
‘Yes. I am. I don’t know where you get off thinking that I will be your slave while your girlfriend sits pretty’ she said
‘She is not my girlfriend, Segilola!’ said Derin, on the verge of losing his temper
‘Yes, she is! If she isn’t, why are you both going to the lagoon front on romantic afternoon strolls. Look here Derin, my instincts on things are usually on point. Just don’t come back here to tell me you made a mistake okay?’ she warned.
‘I don’t know what you are worried about. I need you to focus on the ministry and sometimes, I wonder if you just want me to fail at this’ he asked
‘Quite frankly, Derin, but I don’t care right now. Maybe you should get a job like other men and let us know the direction in which we are headed.’ she said reverting to their old argument.
‘Seriously Segi?’ he asked, but it was too late, for she had walked out of the room and into the kitchen where she prepared a breakfast that Derin ignored and Keppy praised to high heavens.
Derin left home before Segilola and Keppy, under the guise of getting to his meeting early. In truth, he just wanted to leave the tense environment because his wife had really frustrated him. A man deserved some breathing space and he was lucky to have this meeting as an escape route. It was not impossible what he had read in that prayer book, that every man of God had his own cross to bear. Perhaps Segilola, his wife, was his own cross.
It did not take Derin long time to figure out that he had arrived at the meeting too early, so he brought out his phone and began to fiddle with it again. When he saw his display picture again, he decided to contact the photographer of the picture that had caused so much drama.
*Oyinbo* he typed
*Yo, Pastorman. Just the person I was thinking of. Since when did you start calling me oyinbo?* she responded
*Since now, cos that’s what you are* he texted, smiling
*Thanks for the pic again* he said
*It’s nothing. Don’t kill me with thanks man* she warned
*It got me into trouble with the wifey* he wrote
*Really? How?* she asked, curious
*Long story. Will save for when I see you* he replied
*So, this willing photographer’s assistant will be free later in the day. Are you up for a trip to the museum today?* he asked
*Nope* was the quick reply
*Why not?* he asked, feeling a bit hurt
*I’m feeling feverish* she responded
*Wow. Sorry. That’s kinda sudden isn’t it? We were just chatting a few hours ago* he observed
*I know ryt? These things only happen to me when I visit this your country* she complained
*Hmm, oyinbo* he teased
*Lol. You are not serious, pastor man* she texted back, smiling
*Okay, let me leave you to rest* he offered
*Will you Visit me? Come and lay hands or do whatever it is you pastormen do to people*
*Wow, I’m attending a pastoral fellowship meeting which would start soon. Can I come after?* he asked
*What? a congregation of only Pastors? Does the Lord Himself come down at such meetings too?* she teased
*Not funny* typed Derin
*No seriously. All you powerful, spirit filled people in a room should be able to light a huge fire with your hands linked together or something* she teased
*I said not funny, Oyinda* he really didn’t like this joke
*Lighten up dude* she typed
Derin smiled. He really liked how this girl made him feel. Their blooming friendship with the banters and jokes all resurrected an old feeling. He remembered a time when he and Segi had been like this with each other, but it seemed that recently, all they did these days was to fight. He could not remember the last time they’d had an easy conversation like this. Derin acknowledged that he enjoyed talking with Oyinda. She made him feel young and free, devoid of his worries.

*So, jokes aside, what happens at the meetings? Do you all boast about how many people you made cry ,fall under the anointing or roll on the floor. Will you discuss me?* she asked
*Hahaha! You are a joker! The way you put it makes everything sound so silly* he typed
*Do you have the mega pastors in your fellowship?* she asked
*I don’t know what you mean by mega pastors, but if you mean successful men of God, we have them* he typed back
*Do they teach you the tricks?* she asked
*There are no tricks, Oyinda*
*I hope you become a Mega Pastor. You are a really cool person and I think you deserve to succeed at whatever you put your heart into.* she typed
As soon as Derin read these words, his heart swelled and he had to hold himself back from shedding tears. Nobody had ever validated or encouraged him on this journey, not even his wife who thought he was in it just for the money. Agreed, he had discovered the financial opportunities in the Ministry, but who else hadn’t? Had this stopped the Lord’s work in any way? Was a pastor meant to die of hunger?
*Thanks Oyinda. You do not know how much those words mean to me* he typed
*You’re welcome, pastor man. Will I see you later?* she asked
*Definitely. Rest easy.* he typed as he got off the phone. Hid friends and colleagues had started to arrive
‘Adesua! You should have seen what happened that day! It was totally random oh, I’ve never seen the hand of God move that way, I swear! The man told me everything about my past and what would happen immediately I got back home. He told me that my neighbour would come to my house to confess to all she had done to cause disunity between my husband and I and how she had worked hard to destroy our marriage, he also said she would remove a charm that she had kept under our front door mat. And you know what? It was accurate. It was as if I was watching a movie that day o. Everything he said came to pass. I intend to visit that pastor in his office again, I suggest you come along, let us discover where all your problems are emanating from’ said Gloria
Adesua looked at her friend in disbelief. ‘Glo, are you serious?’. Gloria had shirked her ministry work for the day to come over to Adesua’s home. She had needed to share the good news with Adesua on how her marriage had been set free from the clutches of an evil neighbour. Her husband now stayed up to talk with her, ate at home and no longer starved her of funds, all in the short time since she and met Pastor Derin.
‘I can’t believe that someone was able to see visions the way you described it, sounds so detailed!’ said Adesusa excitedly
‘My sister!, seeing is believing’ responded Gloria
‘Perhaps I should see him about this my childless situation and maybe about my husband too’ said Adesua
‘What about him?’ asked Gloria, who scrunched her nose as though she had smelt something foul. She had never been able to stand the cocky, unfriendly Charles who treated her friend so badly.
‘See how you did your face. He’s my husband you know’ said Ades defensively
‘I know, but what did he do that we need to pray for, hope his business is still doing well?’ asked Gloria
‘No, he beat me’ said Adesua is a low voice
‘Again? What are you still here for?’ asked Gloria, who was visibly irritated. Her husband, as irresponsible as he’s been had never touched her
‘But I love him’ replied Ades, weakly
‘Unknown to Adesua and Gloria, a car had driven into the compound and its solitary occupant had come into the house stealthily through the back door because he had seen a visitor’s car parked in the and wanted to be sure of whom it was. He stood by the open door of the living room and listened to their conversation.
‘Ta! you love a wifebeater abi?’ said Gloria who chastised her friend
‘You really need to see that Pastor. I would recommend deliverance for you. It would even be better if the both of you could go together, jokes aside’ continued Gloria when she saw that Ades was smiling
‘Ha, Charles won’t oh, he hates all these Pastor things’ said Adesua‘Whatever. When we have our children, the tension would ease off a bit, I’m sure that is the reason for all our disagreements’ said Adesua who defended her husband.
‘Indeed, no pastors and yet he has refused to see a doctor and have his own tests done. You are the one that has been converted into a lab rat. Anyway you know my thoughts on this issue Adesua. Hurry up and plan your life.’ advised Gloria
‘But isn’t that what we are trying to do by going to see this Pastor eh, Gloria?’ responded Adesua,
‘Okay, so when should we go and see the Pastor?’ asked Gloria
‘How about Tuesday morning? Will you call him and get back to me? asked Adesua eagerly
‘I will. then we will g….’ Started Gloria before Charles interjected
‘You will do no such thing’ he boomed at the top of his voice. ‘Bad company! Adesua! Can you see the reason why I get angry?’ he asked, yelling at the top of his voice. ‘You know I cannot stand this idiot, yet you welcome her into my house, give her my drink and allow her to sully my person, while you sit pretty’ he railed, very angry.
‘Nnno, Ccharless, you don’t understand’ said Adesua
‘Shut up Ades, Gloria leave now’ he bellowed at Gloria
Unlike Adesua, Gloria’s composure was unruffled for it was not the first time she and Charles would disagree. On good days, they could barely stand each other, and other days, it ended up just like today.
‘Is that why you are shouting? I’m leaving joh. I wasn’t here to see you anyway. Adesua, so I will call you okay?’ said Gloria
‘I forbid you to pick up any calls from her.’ he yelled, facing his wife
‘Adesua, you need to use your brain and get to the bottom of this case oh. Who knows the secret this man is keeping, perhaps he is the one behind your childlessness. Charles have you joined them and used your manhood for juju?’ asked Gloria in a bid to aggravate Charles the more
‘Get the F**K out of my house!! Get out B***h!! he yelled as he walked towards the stairway. ‘If you have two heads, wait till I get back’ he said as he took the steps, two at a time.
‘Gloria, please let me escort you out. I don’t want issues.’ advised Adesua
‘Charles, but you know I’m not Adesua, I’m not scared of you,’ yelled Gloria up the stairs, at his departing back
‘Gloria. Lets go’ said Ades, who led the way to the door, in a rush
‘As for you Adesua, your life is in your hands, follow this man to your ruin. I warned you before you married him, yet you refused to listen. If I were you, I would look for Pastor Derin Hughes and have him pray concerning my life’s issues, because they are many’ said Gloria
‘Just leave before he comes back downstairs’ advised Adesua
‘What can he do?’ said Gloria
‘Its okay, I will call you’ said Adesua, whose eyes welled up with tears. ‘Thank you for looking out for me, Glo. Bye’ she whispered before she shut the door on her friend.
She went to sit in the living room, waiting for Charles to come
‘Where is she? Where is she?’ yelled Charles as he came down the stairs, holding a golf club
‘She has gone’ responded his wife
‘God saved her. I would have bashed some common sense into her head’ he said
Yes, God and the prayers of her Pastor Derin Hughes saved her, thought Adesua in her mind.
……Wait! it just clicked! I know Pastor Derin!!! I even have his number, thought Adesua who smiled at her husband for reasons unknown to him.
‘Charles, calm down, everything will be just fine’. Said Adesua softly


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