SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 16


‘Here to see Pastor Hughes?’ asked Segi, echoing his words like a dimwit, willing her eyes to move away from his innocent looking, soulful eyes.
‘Yes, ma’am, he asked me to resume today’ said Keppy again, as though she was hard of hearing or too slow to reason. He wondered why she was not following.
‘Okay, I will call him for you’ she said as she turned back into the apartment, without inviting him in.
‘Err ma, shall I come in?’ asked Keppy respectfully
‘Oh, yes you may. Please make yourself comfortable’ she said over her shoulder as she quickly made her way into the bedroom
Keppy sat on the sofa closest to the door. He was glad he had this moment to be by himself and used the opportunity to size the apartment up. As he looked at the pictures on the TV shelf and the others hung on the walls, his eyes searched for and found only one person.
‘Damn, she’s hot!’ he thought, remembering how his eyes had followed the sway of her hips as she went into the bedroom in search of her husband. He had willed his eyes to behave because he was here for a reason. He admitted to himself though that it was difficult to keep his eyes straight ahead when his Oga’s wife had opened the door in that flimsy house robe and matching nightwear.
He could tell that she had not been expecting anyone at their door this early. Had her husband, Pastor Derin not told her that he would resume today? Keppy wondered if that was why she’d d had that shocked look on her face when she had opened the door.
Keppy brought his mind back to the present, he needed to have his game face on, after all, he needed the couple to see him as legit. Right now, he had to take his mind off women, especially the Pastor’s wife,no matter how hot she was and focus on the task at hand. He had since decided that he would take it one moment at a time and that was precisely what he intended to do. As his father had always said, there is a method to madness and he, Keppy intended to stick to his method for it was sure to pay him off at the end of the day.
‘He’s here’ said Segi as she walked into their room, she still sounded sullen.
‘Who?’ Asked Derin, his interest piqued
‘Your P.A’ said Segilola
‘Oh Keppy! Ah good’ said Derin, who was glad something had come up to move them past their last argument. He really did not want his wife dwelling his friendship with Oyinda. Her criticism was enough to taint what was blossoming into a very beautiful friendship.
‘Yes, your Keppy’ said Segi who was subdued for it was a little strange to see the object of one’s S#xual fantasies materialise just a few minutes after the dream had happened.
‘Let me go out and see him’ he said as he got up and left the room.
As soon as he stepped out, Segilola let out a whoosh of pent up air. It had been a hard morning, swinging from one emotional roller coaster to another. She had not even had time to analyse her crazy dreams and already, she’d been in two heated arguments with her irritating pastor husband and as if that was not enough, she’d had to stand face to face with the object of her fantasies. Segilola sat on the edge of her bed and wondered if today could get any worse.
‘S.H’ she heard her husband call her from outside
‘Yeah’ she responded, not moving from where she sat

‘Can you come please?’ he said
Segilola looked at herself in the mirror and was mortified that anyone other than her husband should have seen her dressed like this. Sh*t! She had not know that the nightwear and its accompanying robe were so transparent! She wondered if Keppy had noticed and desperately hoped not. The boy had not spent up to eight hours in their employ and it was already becoming increasingly difficult for her to hold her head up high around him. She could only hope that there would only be limited contact between herself and the lad.
‘One moment’ she yelled as she changed from her nightwear into a teeshirt and knee length shorts.
As soon as she exited the bedroom, she could see only one pair of eyes on her, boring into her skin like the scorching sun. Segilola wondered if she was imagining things, but when she checked again, she saw that Derin was engrossed with something on his phone. She wondered briefly if it was that Oyinda girl on the phone again.
‘Yes, DH’ she said, to announce her arrival.
‘Okay, Two things.’ he started
‘Yes?’ she prompted, listening intently and wondering what favours he needed.
‘Please, I would appreciate it if you could rustle up some breakfast for myself and Keppy here. As you know he starts work with us today.’ he started. As Segi made her way to the kitchen ,he continued ‘And please, I would need you to take him to the office and talk him through everything we do, my weekly schedule, charity programmes, outreach and everything. I would be unable to assist him with that today.’ he finished off
‘Why can’t you?’ she asked, more out of shock and surprise than anything else. Why in God’s name was her husband determined to push this boy her way?
‘I have a pastoral fellowship meeting today, Segi. Have you forgotten?’ he asked, surprised at her question and wondering if she had already gone back to her bad mood.
‘Yyyes.’ she said angrily for it was clear that she had no way out of being in direct contact with this boy
‘DH, can I see you in the room?’ she asked, wanting some privacy
‘Ok’ her husband responded as they both headed indoors again, leaving a confused Keppy in the living room
‘DH, what is this now? Why am I the one managing this boy?’ she asked angrily
‘I already answered you. Because I’m busy today.’ he responded.
‘Then let him start after your fellowship or better still, take him along with you to the fellowship’ she said, trying desperately to get out of the chore.
‘None of the other guys bring a PA along, dear. What exactly is your worry? he asked calmly
‘I-i-i…’ said Segi, who was unable to come up with a concrete answer
‘So, why?’ he asked again and when no answer was forthcoming, he took a deep breath and said ‘Segilola, I need you on this thing, please help me’ he begged
‘Just this once, Derin’ she said ‘You need to get your act sorted. It isn’t as if you are that busy otherwise, you won’t have time to act as tour guide to the little rich girl’ she grumbled, referring to Oyinda
‘What Segi? You’re back to that?’ he asked, surprised that she had not dropped the issue
‘Yes. I am. I don’t know where you get off thinking that I will be your slave while your girlfriend sits pretty’ she said
‘She is not my girlfriend, Segilola!’ said Derin, on the verge of losing his temper
‘Yes, she is! If she isn’t, why are you both going to the lagoon front on romantic afternoon strolls. Look here Derin, my instincts on things are usually on point. Just don’t come back here to tell me you made a mistake okay?’ she warned.
‘I don’t know what you are worried about. I need you to focus on the ministry and sometimes, I wonder if you just want me to fail at this’ he asked
‘Quite frankly, Derin, but I don’t care right now. Maybe you should get a job like other men and let us know the direction in which we are headed.’ she said reverting to their old argument.
‘Seriously Segi?’ he asked, but it was too late, for she had walked out of the room and into the kitchen where she prepared a breakfast that Derin ignored and Keppy praised to high heavens.


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