SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 14


‘You need to be strong, you need to keep away from that boy and ensure he does not take over your sub-conscious. Only I should be able to do that. You need to be alert! Be warned! Be warned! Be warned!!!!’ said the old man as he pointed a gnarled index finger at her, looking at her with eyes that seemed as though they were lit with fire from within. He seemed very angry with her and as he moved closer, she felt as he might strike her. She looked around and realised that they were in a deserted forest, just the two of them. She wondered how they had gotten here.
Segilola quickly turned and found herself running along a narrow path, she was unsure of where this path would lead, but she kept on, propelled by her legs as the sense of urgency she felt was great. As she went faster, she knew she was further away from the man who’d had fire in his eyes.
She kept on running until she could see the outline of someone ahead, she could not see his face because he was backing the light for the moonlight fell over his shoulder. Segilola was confused and came to a gradual stop. Should she go ahead or run back towards the old man? She wondered what her next move should be. Suddenly, she heard his mellow voice, velvety soft. The voice seemed familiar
‘Segilola, why are you scared?’ she heard
‘Who are you?’ she responded. She sounded a lot bolder than she really felt
He responded with a deep throated laugh ‘But you know who I am, I have visited you often’ said the voice
‘Tell me who you are’ she asked again, sounding very tough
‘It’s Keppy’ he responded, she could hear the smile in his voice
‘Ah!’ she said, releasing her pent up breath as she was flooded with inner peace. At least, this guy was not going to hurt her, so she slowed down and began to walk towards him. Segilola tried to squint just to be sure, but she really couldn’t see him, all she knew was that his outline seemed very familiar. She decided to trust her instincts and go to him.
She wondered what he was thinking as he watched her walk towards him, her heart rate slowed down drastically as she got over the past tension. As soon as she got to him, she walked into his waiting arms, her fears of the old man forgotten. Keppy felt solid and warm, she felt safe and protected from the world. Segilola rested her her was on his muscled chest and was happy when he gathered her close to him.
She could feel the steady beat of his heart and knew that she had run in the right direction.
She leant her head back to peer into his face which she couldn’t really see. She leant her cheek back on his chest and was tickled by the hairs on it. It was at that moment that she realised that Keppy was unclad to his waist. She tentatively touched his chest to reconfirm what she had just felt and she found it to be true, the expanse of his wide chest was hers to explore if she wished to. Segilola quickly brought her errant thoughts to order and yanked her hand of his chest. She was surprised when Keppy took her hand and brought it to rest upon his chest, by himself. By his singular act, Segi felt confident, as though she was at liberty to do whatsoever she pleased with him and she did.
She ran her hand back and forth over the expanse of his chest, then, further down to his taut belly. She felt encouraged when he reciprocated by gathering her even closer to him, so close that she could feel his manhood pressed against her. Segilola found herself suddenly bolder and she drove her hands down the length of his body to rest on his manhood which pulsated in response. She enjoyed the power she had over Keppy, that power was her undoing because she could sense that he was wary of touching her, as though he were scared that she would once again, pick up in flight.
She listened to the sounds he made as she touched him. The sounds told a story of their own, a story of blissful enjoyment of the s£nsat!ons her hands brought. Segi was further emboldened and made to unzip his trousers. At that point, he stopped her and took her by the hand and led her further into the path.

Suddenly, where it had been dark, it was light, a bright sunny day, and she could see Keppy’s face. It was the same face that had visited her dreams often. She once more felt more comforted that indeed she was with the right person. He was dressed the same way as he had been in the dark forest, she was shy to see the evidence of his turgid erection in the bright day light. Where she had been comfortable in the dark, she was now shy, unwilling to touch him. Segilola was reassured when he held out his hand and led her to beautiful tree under which had been la!d a pla!d blanket. He gestured that she should go ahead sit on the blanket an order to which she complied.
He joined her on the blanket and immediately gathered her in his arms. His urgency to have her showed in his actions for where he had been shy before, he was now bold, kissing and touching her all over. He pulled her shift dress over her head and quickly covered her with his body, pressing his hard form onto her delicate softness. He stroked her in all her sensitive places, squeezing her breasts, fiddling with her Tips, running his hands down her body to her womanly core which was now molten , wet and warm with desire.
Not to be outdone, Segilola also reciprocated the favour and quickly unzipped him. She was glad when his manhood sprung into life, it showed her that the s£nsat!ons were a two way thing. She slid dow his body and took him in her mouth, sU-Cking him till he made her stop.
‘No way, Segi. You are going to explode first’ he said through gritted teeth which showed the restraint he was putting himself under. He pulled her back up and pulled her underwear aside as he sunk his index and long fingers into her warmth. Segi was on cloud nine, soaring high, it felt so good. She m0aned loudly from her enjoyment of his actions. She liked it too much, but was also determined not to explode before him and so, she began to buck, attempting to dislodge his hand from her warm core.
Keppy laughed at her and held her down with one hand while he quickly divested himself of his pants. Before Segilola could move away, he was ready for her, he placed his huge manhood at the tip of her core, maintaining eye contact with her, unmoving , smiling into her eyes. She knew he was willing her to make the first move and Segi refused to, she too tried to play the mind games before she realised that she could not. She wanted him too much but when she bucked trying to force him to slide in. He moved back unrelenting in teaching her who was boss. He replaced himself as soon as he’d moved, exerting just a little bit of pressure, so she didn’t forget that he was there, just at the tip of her core.
‘Say Please’ he ordered
‘Please’ say responded, quickly
‘Again!’ he said as he went in by just a teeny bit
‘Please, please, please, please, Keppy pleeeeeeease!’ she yelled, not caring who heard her begging for it.
It was as though her words unleashed a mad man because he matched every syllable with a stroke, slamming in and out at an unbelievable pace. Segi had never felt anything like this, she could feel the waves coming, tumbling over her, the s£nsat!ons were too much to bear.
‘Ohhh Gosh. I’m coming, I’m coming, arrrghhhhhhhh’ she yelled as she crashed, she could hear his matching m0an as he crumbled on her, both of them spent as they fell into a deep slumber.


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