SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 13


‘Hello’ said Derin as he picked up the phone, a bit distracted as he negotiated his car in the traffic, careful not to scratch it.
‘It’s me Oyinda’ said the voice on the other side
‘Hey, how are you doing?’ he responded, excited to hear from her
‘Are you home? I’m on the mainland!’ she said
‘No, I’m not home, I went to counsel someone at the office. What are you doing in our neck of the woods?’ he asked, curious
‘It business oh, I’m trying to secure a contract. Can we meet somewhere?’ she asked
‘Of course. I’m just finishing. Where should we meet?’ he asked
‘I’m currently at an office on Allen Avenue’ she said as she told him her specific location.
‘Oh good, I can be with you in fifteen minutes’ he said as he turned his vehicle around and drove to meet her. He was pleased that traffic was not so bad. Driving a brand new car was a novel experience, the world seemed a more beautiful place from the inside of a Prado Jeep.
He parked and walked into the establishment where he saw her waiting by the door, her handbag in one arm and her camera slung on the side of her body. Immediately she saw him, her face broke into a beautiful smile of recognition as she stepped forward and gave him a very familiar hug. Any bystander would be right to think they were an item or at least, people who had known each other for donkey years.
‘So, how are you, Pastorman?’ she asked, teasing him
‘I’m good, hope your business meeting went well?’ he responded, smiling at the nickname that seemed to have stuck
‘Well, so-so. It could have gone better, though’ she said
‘Ah, God will make a way’ he prayed
‘Yeah, yeah’ she answered with a roll of her eyes
‘What’s the camera for?’ he asked wondering if that was why she had come
‘Oh, it’s for the sights of Lagos, I’m an avid photographer’ she explained. ‘Believe it or not, I’ve really not shot many scenes of Lagos nor been to so many places here. I was shipped away to a boarding school in England, University in America, family holidays in Europe. So, yeah, Lagos should be home, but it hardly ever feels like home.’ She said
‘Oh interesting. So why are you back home?’ he asked, wondering why she had come here
‘I’m supposed to suddenly come back here to get married – believe it or not.’ she said as they walked out of the office building, towards her chauffeur driven car.
‘Oh, I see’ he said
‘Yeah, my parents feel it’s time’ she said, rolling her eyes ‘so they made me come because they don’t want me to end up with an oyibo man’ she said grinning, as she squinted in the sun.
‘Ah. That’s not bad. Have you been meeting loads of people then?’ he asked convesationally
‘Abeg oooo’ she said, laughing, shaking her head from side to side
‘Don’t worry, God will bring you a perfect man’ he prayed
‘Yeah.’ She said, obviously in disbelief
Derin smiled for he knew she was a bit sceptical about this God business. He understood the feeling, because deep within, he sometimes felt so too.
‘Hey, is this the car? How does it drive? Care to take me for a spin?’ she asked, suddenly animated as she saw his new car.
‘Of course’ he said, glad to show her his ride.
They both walked into the car and sat as the engine ran
‘So, where to?’ he asked
‘I don’t know, take me to a place where I can get good pictures’ she requested
‘In this Lagos? I’m jaded o. I can’t see anything anymore. I’ve lived here too long and endured too much hardship in this city’ he said laughing
‘No. There must be a place, Pastorman’ she said
‘Ah, the only place I can think of is the Lagoon Front in Unilag’ he said, suddenly remembering his University.
‘Will you take me there?’ she asked, eyes alight.
‘Err.. okay’ said Derin, even though he would have loved to get home to trash out issues with Segilola, he hadn’t thought the spin would be such a far distance.
‘Orrrrr, do you have other plans lined up?’ she asked quickly
‘No. its good’ he said, quickly too
‘Will you drop me at home after or should my driver follow up?’ she asked
‘That’s fine, I will drop you’ he answered and she signalled to her driver to head home.
Traffic was easy and Oyinda felt free enough in the car to tune it to a station of her choice. She sang along to most of the songs and Derin laughed at her.
‘Are you sure you’ve been abroad and have not been hiding away somewhere in Oshodi? How come you know all these naija songs?’ he asked, teasing her
‘Duuh. The internet, I listen to them on the net’ she responded, laughing
‘Its crazy that all they sing of is s*x and women’s bodies isn’t it?’ he asked
‘Nah. s*x is life. life is s*x. Everything is s£nsu@l. You just have to feel it’ she said, seriously
‘Errrm, oookay. I don’t agree with you, but I won’t push it’ he said
‘Don’t. I’m going to teach you so many things; you won’t believe yourself Mr. Pastorman!’ she promised
‘Noted’ he said smiling
As soon as they got to their spot at the Lagoon Front, Oyinda was transformed. She walked the length and breath, looking for the perfect light and she made an assistant out of Derin, making him hold the bag, extra batteries and flash and taking some pictures of him against the scenic background.
She teased him into smiling for the pictures and they had a wonderful afternoon. When she was almost done, she made a wish that someday she would love to go into Makoko, which she could see from a distance, so she could shoot the slums and houses on the water and Derin decided on the spur of the moment to take her there, just as a text came onto his phone. It was his wife, Segilola
*Hey, are you still at the office? Will you be home for lunch?* asked Segi
*No, I’ve gone out. Won’t make it in time for lunch* responded Derin
*Really, where are you?* asked Segi again
*Just went to see some people* responded Derin
*Okay see you later* She wrote
‘Do you have to go now? We can do Makoko some other time’ said Oyinda
‘No. It’s okay. It’s just the Mrs’ he responded lightly
‘Oh. Are you sure you can stay on?’ she asked again
‘Of course. Relax, I’m not a prisoner. Let’s get something to eat before we drive into Makoko’ he suggested
‘Lunch will be on me since I’m the one who brought you here.’ She said
‘It’s okay, this is my zone anyway. Let me take you to the bukka that was my favourite when I schooled here’ he offered
They had a very interesting afternoon and a bystander would not be wrong to assume that these were two people in love because it seemed that there was a real connection. Derin was very drawn to Oyinda even though he made effort to keep the conversation light. However, it was obvious that a pull was there. They teased each other over lunch and she took many pictures of him eating at the bukka. She teased that she would use the pictures to blackmail him when he became a big Pastor. She attested to the fact that that she enjoyed the food even though it was too peppery.
It was at Makoko that Derin saw Oyinda’s caring side as she took photo after photo of the squalor and the poverty. She complained about the Government’s obvious lack of concern and began to ask him what the churches could do. She told him to consider an outreach for the kids through his Ministry and promised to get funds from her rich friends and family. She wanted Derin to start a small school for them. Her passion showed in her eyes and Derin was taken by this lady who had many sides. She made him take pictures of her and the kids.
On their journey back home, they got into traffic and she kept apologising and offering to drive which Derin found cute, saying he was the first girl to ever offer to take the wheels from him. It was already past 6pm when Derin pulled up in front of their home in VGC.
‘I’m sorry I took up the whole of your day’ she said
‘It’s no bother. I actually enjoyed myself’ he said smiling widely
‘I’m glad you did. You showed me Lagos. Thank you so much.’ She said. Would you like to come in?’ she asked
‘Naah. If I come in and meet your mummy at home, I would be tied down and then I’d leave here late’ he said
‘So you won’t come in? Not even for a pee? You are bound to get into traffic on your way out and Mummy is out’ she said, convincing him to come in
‘Errrm’ he responded indecisive
‘I’ve enjoyed your company so much, I don’t want to let you go’ she confessed
‘Okay, for five minute, just to use the restroom’ he conceded
‘Yaay’ she said as they both got downstairs and she led him to the restroom, and then to a much smaller living area than he had been in the last time he came. This was a private area which was very cosy.
‘So, do you want a drink?’ she asked, pointing at a bottle of brandy on the bar, as he settled down to a seat
‘Oyinda! I don’t drink and more so, I’m driving! he said
‘Why don’t you drink?’ she asked
‘Because I’m a Pastor!’ he responded slowly
‘Yeah, yeah’, she said as she poured a glass of brandy for herself from behind the bar. ‘you sure?’ she asked again
‘Yes. I’m good’ he said
‘Coke then? She asked
‘Okay, I will drink it quickly, then I’m leaving’ he said
‘Okayyyyy, she said as she got out the coke and served him
‘Hope you weren’t bored today?’ she asked

‘No. it was really nice’ he said
‘We should go to the museum one of these days’ she said
‘The National Museum? That should be interesting! I haven’t done that since I was a child!’ he exclaimed
‘See, there are lots to do in this Lagos!’ she said, sounding like a tourist
‘You are a just-come, I give you eight weeks tops!’ he teased, assuring her she would be tired of Lagos soon.
‘This is the longest I’ve stayed here since primary school and it’s not bad so far although I miss my friends and my life’ she said
‘Don’t worry, once your mission is accomplished, you and your husband will be free to sail overseas’ he teased
‘Yeah, mission indeed!’ she said ‘You know, I’ve not had a great time with a man the way I’ve done today in a long time. If you were not married, I would say my mission is on its way to being accomplished’ she said, not really joking
‘Eeyah, sorry but I’m taken’ he said showing her his ring.
‘I know’ she said ruefully ‘Are you ready yet?’ she asked
‘Yeee, you are bouncing me fromm your house. Me, your designated driver’ he teased as he got up.
‘Bounce you? Never!!! I want you to stay!!’ she said as she pulled him into a hug
Derin stiffened before he allowed himself to enjoy the hug which lasted for much longer than expected, and when Oyinda stretched up for a kiss, it was only natural that Aderinola Hughes, Pastor of Growing Seeds Ministries, responded to her. She tasted of sweet and alcohol at the same time. The kiss was dangerous and promised of disaster, but Derin did not mind as he deepened the kiss and cupped her butt0ckz as he drew her in for closer hug.
It was as though the whole day had been geared towards this and it took only the Grace of God for Derin to stop.
‘I’ve got to go’ he said as he abruptly tore himself away.
‘Errrm’ said Oyinda, who was too stunned to think. That had been quite a kiss and she was surprised that she felt the way she did
‘Ok Bye’ he said as he suddenly picked up her glass of scotch and poured it down his throat before he quickly walked out of the room.
Derin propelled himself to the car before his defences broke down and he went back to her to finish off the flames that had been ignited in his belly.
Oyinda was left reeling. It had been so long since she’d had a man and she suddenly realised that she had missed the feeling of a hard body sliding over hers, guiding her to orgasm. She wondered briefly if she was a true l£sb!an and knew that she would have to test the waters. There was no point working for Casper or trying to make an income if she and Adella were not really meant to be. She knew she had to test the waters again! The only problem was the man she desperately wanted to F**K is married to another woman and worse still, is a Pastor!
Derin drove through the traffic deep in thought. He had never considered the thought of cheating on his wife and had imagined that even if he ever came near it, he would die from the guilt, but right now, apart from a tiny tinge, all he could think of was how perfect Oyinda’s body had felt pressed to his and how soft her lips and body were. She was a terribly good kisser and he was not sure anyone had ever kissed him quite like that. He began to imagine his days as a bad boy and thought of how changed his personal circumstances were. If it had been in the past, he would have had her there and then, in her parent’s living room, hot and fast, before her mummy came back.
He reminisced on the day he’d had and acknowledged that it had been a wonderful day. Oyinda was pretty as she was intelligent. She was caring and funny, she had made him see things from a fresh perspective, made him feel alive again. Before Derin knew it, he was driving into his home.
‘Welcome’ said a sulky Segilola, she was pissed because her husband had been gone all day and had not even bothered to tell her where he was going.
‘Hey’ he responded, not ready for any drama from her.
‘Are you ready to eat?” she asked
‘No, I’m not really hungry’ her responded, distracted
‘But I’ve cooked’ she fired off angrily
‘I will eat it tomorrow morning, I need to sleep now’ responded Derin
Segilola decided that she needed to backtrack
‘So, How was your day?’ she asked
‘Ok’ he responded
‘Just okay?’ she asked
‘What are you expecting? A daily report?’ he asked sarcastically
‘You left this house before 10am and are returning this late, just to say your day was ok. Is that all you can say? She asked, her irritation showing in her voice
‘It was nice’ he said
‘Okay, did you see the Gloria person?’ she asked
Derin racked his brains before he remembered his early encounter with the Gloria lady. It seemed like aeons since that happened
‘Yes’ he said
‘And?’ she asked
‘I’m not taken in by your drama. The lady could act very well sha’ he said
‘Act?’ asked Segi, confused, what was he saying?
‘But one thing is that I don’t know why you feel you can lead me on like that. You were very uninterested in this ministry business, what do you think you serve to profit by acting all dodgy on me? He asked angrily.
‘You think I arranged for that to happen?’ she asked. She could not believe that Derin suspected her of playing a trick on him
‘Yes, as a matter of fact.’ Said Derin
‘Is that why you did not come home early?’ she asked
‘Yes’ for it was much easier to tell a lie, than the truth.
‘I did not plan that. One day, I will give you the whole gist, but for now, I need you to trust me’ she appealed
‘Hmm. okay’ said Derin, because he needed his wife off his back
‘Do you doubt me?’ asked Segi
‘I don’t know, to be honest’ distracted. She needed to leave him alone with his thoughts.
Segi caught a whiff of alcohol in his breath
‘Derin, have you been drinking?’ she asked, surprised
‘Hmm’ was the non-committal response
‘Aww, poor baby!. Have I confused you with my visions?’ she asked, stepping close to draw him into a hug, one which Derin could not find within him to reciprocate, so he stood limply within her embrace.
‘Aww, I will explain everything to you soon.
Ok?’ she asked, looking into his face
‘I look forward to that’. He responded simply.
As Derin’s wife brought her lips closer for a kiss, he averted his face and ensured that her lips landed on his cheeks instead. He knew whose lips he wanted on his.
’S.H., I’m really tired, I need to turn in early’ as he extricated himself from the circle of her hands.
Segi watched him as he walked away, her poor baby was confused. She had to break the news to him in a way that he would understand. She would try her best. She turned off the lights and walked into the room where Derin was asleep.
That night at the Hughes residence, two sets of dreams occurred. One was of an old man who foretold the future and the other was of young luscious lady who awakened the present…


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