S.S.3 STUDENTS EXCURSION…..(18+)…..Part 9


All SS3 students came down from the van standing at the local road-not the main road. The road wasn’t tiled neither was it straight. It had potholes from any little distance.
There was an excitement among the students who chatted with one another happily coz they were free from school environment thus giving them the freedom to do or say anything. But the basic rules and regulations of the school never departed from their minds.
Henry stood at a spot with Jerry. All waited for Miss Vivian to start her teaching or better still lead them to the innermost forest.
“Mhen, i guess this gonna be fun and adventurous” Jerry broke the silence between him and Henry.
“Definitely” he replied with his eyes fixed on Miss Vivian who was telling the bus driver to drive back to school.
Regina met Mary and Joyce where they were also surveying the environment like other students.
“Hi, girls”
“Hi, head-girl” Joyce replied her.
Mary also welcome her with a smile but deep down inside her she didn’t like her presence believing she had something to do with her crush, Henry.
“This excursion gonna be fun and some students gonna have fun too. You know what i mean” Regina said smiling and touching Joyce’s butt.
“Hey, stop that!” she flung her hand off. “Silly girl”
After the bus driver drove out, Miss Vivian faced all the students. “Give me your attention now! This is the beginning of our excursion. By the end of it, you must have seen, touched and learned several things like Biotic and Abiotic components of an Ecosystem and features of a terrestrial habitat. You will also learn how to estimate the population of organisms of the same species at a particulate habitat. Now we gonna begin our journey into the forest. Stay close and don’t touch anything unless you are told to” she brought out her phone, dialed Glory’s number as the students began to make noise except Henry who observed her critically. “Hello, Glory” pause. “Yes, we have arrived” pause. “Okay” pause. “How many students?” pause. “Alright, bye” she hung up the call.
Seeing that, Henry said aloud, “Excuse me, Miss.” His voice attracted all the students’ attention especially Mary who stared at him. Everywhere became very quiet.
“Yes? Steve, what’s the problem?” Miss Vivian asked.
Some students wondered how she knew his surname but Henry understood that she must have heard when the principal addressed him with the name. Nevertheless, he said, “We demand to know the person you called on phone right now”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m not being disrespectful but you heard me clearly, Miss”
“I called my friend”
“If i can remember vividly, your call was base on students and our destination, so what does your friend has to do with this excursion?”
Ruddy interfered on the matter when he knew it wanted to get out of hand. Therefore he moved closer to Henry saying, “You should stop this your stupid..”
“I wasn’t talking to you, Ruddy!” Henry interrupted him unabashedly pointing his finger at him too but Ruddy hit them off.

“Quit being stupid!”
“You are the one stupid!”
“Who do you even think you are?”
“Hey, hey, hey” Miss Vivian arrived. “Both of you should quit this nonsense” she pulled Ruddy back while Jerry pulled Henry back then Miss Vivian glared at him. “I am your teacher. Any more misbehavior, i will have you punished or better still cancel this excursion and go back home!”
Hearing that, students began to shout, “No, no, no.” They begged and condemned Henry insulting and calling him all kinds of bad names. That didn’t stop Mary from loving him the more.
“Alright!” Miss Vivian shouted. “Get your pen and book ready let’s go” she led the way and all followed her.
As they walked into the heart of the forest in union, Miss Vivian lectured them at every necessary spot while the students jolted down valuable experiences.
After an hour more walk, they came in contact with a large stagnant river. That was actually where the goddess of the forest lived. The water of the river was very neat to the extent the fish and tadpoles in it were visible. Its banks were slippery but many students didn’t notice it.
“Now, who can tell me what this is called?” Miss Vivian asked pointing at the river.
“Water” a male student replied.
“River” another said.
“You guys aren’t responding like biology students” Miss Vivian inferred. “You are all right but you have to use a biological terms like..”
“Aquatic Habitat!” another voice interrupted her.
“Good! It’s an aquatic habitat and i want Mary to come closer. She will observe and tell us the differences between an aquatic and terrestrial habitat”
All eyes directed to Mary who glanced at Joyce before moving closer to the river bank. She was heading towards Henry who stood very close to the river too. When she drew nearer, she slipped and fell down. To her greatest surprise, she didn’t reach the ground. She looked up to see Henry holding her and both stared at each other romantically


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