S.S.3 STUDENTS EXCURSION…..(18+)…..Part 5


As Ruddy waited patiently for Mary to come out from Miss Vivian’s office, Joyce arrived at the spot. Meanwhile, before Mary went to the office, she handed her bag to Ruddy to hold for her. When Joyce saw the bag, she asked, “Why are you with Mary’s bag?”
“She gave it to me to hold”
“Where is she?”
“In Miss Vivian’s office”
Joyce directed her eyes there but averted them back to Ruddy. “You can give me the bag and go home”
“No, I planned to go with her too”
“Then let’s wait for her” Joyce concluded.
Inside the office, Mary stood before Miss Vivian’s table while Miss Vivian herself was in front of a mirror dressing her hair. She had not said anything to her since she came in and greeted her. Mary wondered why she was summoned and kept in silence for over ten minutes. As she wanted to enquire, Miss Vivian turned from the mirror to her chair.
“What’s your surname?”
“Mary Jacob in full, right?”
“Yes” Mary replied. She observed how she spread her legs like a man and left the upper part of her shirt open in a way the tip of her b—–s became visible. “Why is this lady behaving naughty?” she began to think. “Does she think I’m a man? I guess she’s a les..”
“Jacob” Miss Vivian interrupted her thought. “I’ll like to be your friend” she smiled shaking the office chair romantically.
“No problem” Mary let out a smile to cover her fear and tension.
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Umm.. excuses me?”
“I asked if you have a boyfriend”
Mary became worried. “No, i don’t”
“But i saw you with that mannerless boy, Henry, in a juxtaposition”
“He’s not my boyfriend”
“I don’t want to see him around you again”
Miss Vivian stood up to her leaning on the edge of the table. Her b—–s seemed like they were directly looking into Mary’s eyes. They were so tempting! “Because i don’t like him and we are friends, right?” she bit her lips softly thrusting her hips upward as if she was wet down there. She placed a hand on Mary’s shoulder pulling her closer and taking a birthday card from the table with another hand. She could feel her body trembling.
“Take this” she handed the card to her. “I’m inviting you to my birthday tonight. We gonna have a lot of fun. I bet you, you won’t regret it. I hope we are still friends”
Mary nodded her head coz she couldn’t talk. Miss Vivian freed her but touched her b—-t. Mary believed it was a mistake, so didn’t take it as a big deal. “Thank you” she said and walked out to see Joyce holding her bag instead of Ruddy who was nowhere to be found again.
“Where is Ruddy?”
“He couldn’t wait again” Joyce handed the bag to her as they began to go. “Girl, what were you doing with that miss? If not that she’s your fellow female, i should have suspected both of you”
“You have to suspect us too” Mary said then Joyce stopped.
“What do you mean?”
“Joyce, i want to tell you something” Mary looked at her seriously. “I think Miss Vivian is a l£sb!an”
“Eewoooh!” Joyce shouted covering her mouth. “How do you know?”
“It’s obvious” Mary told her about her encounter with Miss Vivian since morning till present except the birthday invitation.

“I guess that’s what Henry has been observing about her”
“Henry’s action seems like there is something more evil in Miss Vivian than just being a l£sb!an”
“Hmm.. you have to be careful” Joyce began to walk.
“My problem now is that I’m falling for him” Mary said then Joyce stopped again.
“Falling for who?”
“Hiiaa!” Joyce chuckled then began to giggle and eventually laughed. “You and i know that Henry doesn’t have time for girls, so better keep your feelings and body one side” she concluded.
Glory was Miss Vivian’s friend who also knew about her mission in Divine Glorious Academy. She lived in a mansion and lives a classic life. Miss Vivian envied her and wanted to be like her which was the reason for her mission.
Both sat in the living room drinking expensive wine.
“So, how’s it going?” Glory asked.
“I guess fine but one boy wants to make things difficult for me. He’s name is Henry. He’s so smart, wise and intelligent. Sometime i believe that he’s aware of my mission in that school”
“No, he can never know about it” Glory drank a small quantity of the wine. “Remember, you have to make love with one of the female students before taking them to the forest for the goddess..”
“I don’t know how to convince my fellow girl to have sex with me” Miss Vivian interrupted.
“I did it and you can also do it”
“What if i drug the girl?”
“No, she must be in her right senses and you must make her c-m in bed. Likewise her; she has to make you c-m too. Haven’t you seen any girl?”
“I have. She’s Mary. I made her believe today is my birthday, so i invited her here”
Just then the alarm door rang.
“I guess she’s the one” Miss Vivian rushed the door..


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