ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 42



” yes baby you’ll have to take me on an actual date.” I said with folded arms.

That’s just phase one soon I’ll send that Jenelle girl outta town.
” I can’t go on a date with a lousy person such as yourself.” He glared.

“Call me lousy and am gonna bite hour ears. Do you realize you just stole my first kiss?” I glared even harder.

” God you’re so annoying, fine I’ll take you on a date at 5″ he finally admitted.

“Yes..” I jumped on him and gave him a peek.

“That doesn’t change the Fact that I hate you.” He rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Well I don’t hate you I just hate the fact that you’re a bully.” I cursed underneath.

” whatever Ivy now if you’ll excuse me have got somewhere to be.” He shoved me off and walked away.

I jumped on the couch happily and dialed kel’s line.

” how do I look mom?” I asked my mom as o came out in a floral dress.

” you look amazing darling am sure prince kulture will have be head over heels for you.” My crazy mom said.

I rolled my and turned to dad.
” you know have always wanted the royals to be my inlaw make us proud sweetie.” My annoying dad added.

I grunts and went back upstairs, I parked my hair in a messy bun and applied lip gloss to my lips.

I’m not a fan of makeup so I dropped my glasses there would be no need for that.

I heard horns just outside my apartment I knew instantly that he was the one.

” bye mom! Bye dad!” I waved at them.

” bye sweetie make us proud.” Mom smiled sheepishly as I walked outta the house.

I don’t get what’s so special about being a royals .

I saw him leaning against the car with his hand shoved into his pocket., he looked so dashing , he wore dark rayband so I couldn’t see his hazel eyes properly.

” what took you so long Missy have been standing for hours.” He lashed out.

It seems like he’s kinda pissed.
” hey don’t you dare shout at me. If you’d collected my cellphone number then you would have gave me a call so whose fault is that ?” I gave him my piece.

He sigh and got into the car.

” get in.” He muttered dryly.
” you’re so unromantic .” I rolled my eyes and got into the car.

Even though he is angry I could tell he was actually staring at me.

” so where are we going?” He finally spoke up.

” let’s go to the trouble maker park first.” I smiled.

” trouble maker park ? Wtf that place is too girlie. Why go there?” He asked.

” because thats the only place that can make you smile.” I punch him playfully.

He groan softly and drove straight to the park.

” we’re here princess.” His car came to halt infront of the park.

I blushed and looked away.

We both got out ta the car and walked into the park . the place was still scrawling with happy folks.

” let’s go on that ride.” I squeak pointed at the vomiter.

” wait! That one? It looks scary.” He mumbled.

” shut up and come with me.” I pulled him along and got tickets for both of us.

Swears he was busy shouting like a crazy fella. Jezz the bully is scared of rides this is fun.

What if we gone on the juggler ? He’s gonna pee on his pants.


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