ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 4



Ptweew what a crazy imagination , .how can I get drunk in the devil’s house , even though this whiskey is tempting but am just gonna control myself.

I heard footsteps coming closer , my heart beat could be heard in the place.

Pull yourself together it’s not something you can’t deal with.
He walked to my side and stood there with his hands shovel deep into his pocket .

I stood up from the couch immediately and bow .

“….. Greetings .. sire ” I managed to control myself.

Like seriously he’s so dammn hot , with his broad jawe and his deep sea green eyes.

“Once you done drooling let me know where I can sign for the package” he jerked me outta my thoughts.

” What ?? Ttch am not drooling it’s not as if you that cute ” I blurted out foolishly . That was when I knew instantly that am dead.

“You called me ugly ?” He asked with a raised eyebrow and moved closer to me.

“So… Orry it was a slip of paper .. erm I mean slip of tongue” I stammered.

I have a problem when in times of fear, I tend to speak foolishly.
“Did you just call me ugly!” He barked at me making me flinch back in fear..

Let me just say my last prayer cause I know am not leaving this house alive .

“Sire what should I do with her ? Maybe I should cut off her tongue”his guard said coldly.
I felt chill ran down my spine.
” Nah let her be ” he said and brought out his phone.

He dialed someone’s Number and cancel his appointment. OMG OMG May you are in for it .

“Am sorry please just let me go” I said with a shaky voice.

” Seat down !! ” He said coldly.
I jumped on the couch immediately as I shook visibly in fear .

” What’s your name pretty girl ?” He asked calmly.

” May”I mumbled thinking about my family , too bad mom is gonna loose her precious daughter to the hands of the prince.

“May do you know the gravity of what you just said?” He scoffs.
I shook my head negatively.

” And am gonna have to punish you” he smirked.

“But sir I need to go back to the fashion house I might get fired ” I said with a cracked voice.

He smiled out Dimple , so hot he dialed a number in his phone the other person pick up immediately.
Oh no ! He just called madam Arie and she just gave her approval for me to stay Abit longer.

He turned to me with a smirk on.
“You were saying?” He scoffs.

No woman born of a man has ever called me ugly yet she did .
Am not gonna let her go Scott free .
“Back to your punishment” I traced my finger down her cheeks as she shivered.

“Am sorry please don’t” she pleaded but she doesn’t know knight of xandria do not listen to apology.

“For your first punishment you will have to drink this all of it” I said as I picked up the bottle of whiskey on the glass table.

Alex had added some trills into it ,
“I can’t sir I don’t drink ” she shook her head negatively.

” If you don’t I will just have to fuck you hard till you cream my name pretty Loud” I said with a chuckle.

Her face became thin instantly .
” Okay fine I will drink if just don’t touch me ” she said and took the bottle from me ..

She gulp down little with a squeezed face.

“Everything miss ” I smiled.
She took it back into her mouth and gulp down the whole thing.
“Good one May , now for your second punishment” I smirked evilly as my eyes landed on her red lips , giving me the urge to kiss em but I restricted myself.

She was starting to get Tipsy
“You gonna twerk for me ” i said sternly.

“What but no !!! I don’t even know how to dance talk more of twerk but I can put you in the mood” she said feeling drowsy.

I know it’s the side effects of the drugs, trills make you want or do something you don’t like.

“Okay try ” I smirked.

She stood up and staggered backwards before coming to my front.

I picked up the remote and played a song that Ryhme with this current situation.

Tipsy by Raye one of my favorite songs.

She moved seductively infront of me , is this the same person that said she doesn’t know how to dance?.

He ran her fingers through my body , she pecked my lips and helped me up.

Tipsy am the only one that you want when you catch vibration
You better get ready
Sipping on something light but your cunting right
Baby let me see you whine your waist one time .

She badder than bad killer with the line
She said she wanna deal off the case
But your boyfriend freaky and your girlfriend tipsy
But she tryna impress me baby don’t text me unless it gets messy
She moved her body to the flows as she rocked her ass against my torso.

Dammn she’s pretty good , I groaned as I got a hard-on.

She is pretty sexy and has the body of a freaky goddess.

Immediately she stopped dancing she collapse on the nearest couch and dozed off.

Huh ?? Is she mad ? How can she get me in the mood and start sleeping.
She must wake up and get me laid .
I scratched the back of my head thinking of what to do ..


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