ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 29



Kulture knights

Prom is around the corner and all the girls are breaking up with their boyfriends just so I could take them to prom .

Ofcourse am gonna be crown prom King no need to stress.

It’s quite obvious isn’t it?

Prom night is a night many virginity are laid to rest.

” Hi Kay.” A hot looking chick waved at me .

I winked at her she almost fainted.

” Hey Kay.” Another one walked pass me.

Wow I never knew my school is filled up with sexy bitches am definitely gonna taste it.

You know what I mean.

I went over to my locker and picked out my comb.

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Durr I don’t bring books to school am not some nerdy nerd boring prince.

I’m Kay the king of players.

Thanks goodness Kel is outta sight , I was beginning to suspect her for witchcraft.

I walked proudly to class.
Unfortunately for the class teacher she came to class before me.

” Hey miss Turner.” I showed her my Dimples as I walked into class.

” Erm… Hi.. Kay.” She blushed heavily.

Yeah I get that everyday. Miss Turner is actually obsessed with me.

She’s always on my Instagram feed. Who wouldn’t be .

The whole class won’t take their eyes off me.

I went over to my special seat and sat down.

Trent isn’t in class yet.

Trent is my buddy. He’s probably screwing someone’s child now.

” So erm class . I know we’ve once talk about stress in English before can someone explain it. ” The teacher asked but no one said anything.

They were murmuring things to themselves.

” Stress is a given emphasis to a word when pronouncing it.” I voice out and the whole class Turned towards me.

The girls in the front roll passed out immediately.

What what’s so funny about that. Forget being a player am way intelligent.

” A hottie with brains quite impressive.” The teacher said as she secretly making eye contact with me.

I did a call me sing and she almost fainted.

“What’s up pidge.” I sneaked up on Kel at the cafeteria.

” WTF man you can’t just walk towards me like any other normal brother in the world.” She rolled her eyes..

“But I’m not normal , I’m royalty.” I giggled and pulled out my seat.

If there’s one thing I won’t stop doing is getting on Kel’s nerves.
Trust me I love her more than anything but at the same time she’s crazy too.

” We need to get a DNA test . I doubt if we’re even related.” I chuckled softly.

” Forget it sis you’re stuck with me for life. ” I winked at her.

” Gosh you’re so nerve wrecking. I wish we weren’t so identical. ” I punched my arms playfully.

” I love you too baby. ” I said annoy her the more.

” I fvcking hate you Kay you should get a plastic surgery done . ” She munch on her fries.

” So I won’t look hot for the girls. N
happening baby girl. ” I said and stole from her fries.

She glared at me playfully.

“Erm hi Kay miss Turner would like to see you in her office. ” A nerdy looking girl said.

I nodded and shoved her off.

Miss Turner here I come.


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