ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 18



Not that I love him just that all his stupid behavior should be stopped.

Come on he’s married already and there should be a limit to all this whore life.

I made breakfast and served it waiting for him to come down.
Am still gonna punish him. Just wait for it.

He descended the stairs slowly and walked towards the dinner area.

“There you’re sweetie come over here.” I smiled at him as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

“How do you feel right now?” I asked as I dish his meal.

“Am better than before.” He mumbled as he picked his fork and took a tiny bit of eggs and shove it into his mouth.

“You enjoying it yeah?” I asked and walked towards the kitchen.
I picked up a kitchen knife and hid it behind me.

He was seriously enjoying the meal.

I sat down his thighs and acted like I was being a sexy wife and trailed kissses around his neck.
“Look may it’s….”

“Ssh baby it’s okay.” I whisper audibly.

I brought out the knife and show it to him. Hid eyes widened on seeing it.

“You see knife is very sharp and can cut through someone’s balls, if there’s any slight mistake.” I smiled as I move the knife around his d*ck area.

“What are you doing with a knife may !!” He mumbled.

“This is gonna be my warning to you princey stay away from those whores else am gonna cut off your balls.” I threatened.

His mood darken immediately.
” Why do you care is I move around with whores or not?” He said in between clenched teeth.

” Because you’re my husband alright. All your man whore life should stop the day you got married to me .” I pointed out.

” Fine anything for my wifey.” He rolled his eyes tiredly.

” Really? Then let’s make babies.” I beamed.

“Oh no not again.” He murmured.
” Hey I said am ready to make babies but I don’t want twins or am gonna kill you.” I scoffs.

” And I told you before my sperm is likely to produce twins,how about that? ” I raised my eyebrow.
” Look baby that’s not it just I promise not to hurt anymore virgin.” He muttered dryly.

Wait!! Did he just call me baby?
” Am your wife mister and you have to break that promise, our parents will be all over us soon.” I reasoned.

” You really wanna me babies ?” He bit his lip sexily and pulled me closer by the waist.

“Yeah.” I murmured.

“Do you realize that if we do this we gonna be bonded forever ,which I know you don’t want.” He furrowed his brows.

The truth is I’m so fvcking jealous and possessive too . If that’s the only way to have him to myself then I’ll do it.

I hate cheating husband.

“I do want that, remember our wedding vows? In sickness and in wealth.” I reminded him of our wedding vows.

” I also want to be bonded with a crazy ass like you but am scared I might hurt you too.” He mumbled.

” Wait did you call me crazy?” I shouted angrily and pulled away from him.

” Oh brother.” He rolled his eyes.

She’s a psychopath.

” Listen that’s not I meant.” I tried to explain but she was foaming in anger.

“How dare you call me crazy huh?” She yelled.

Gosh women are the most annoying creatures.

She was ranting about being called a crazy person and making a big deal outta it.

I got tired of her noise and pulled to me and crash my lips on hers.
If that’s gonna make her keep quiet.

She reciprocated as we kiss passionately.

I lifted her off the ground and took her upstairs not breaking the kiss.
I don’t know if it was the master bedroom or one of the numerous bedrooms.

I placed her carefully on the bed not breaking the kiss.

It was slow but had a pack of emotions in it.

She fondle with my black curly hair.

I trailed kissses around her neck leaving enough Hickeys.

I planted kisses on her cleavage as I slowly pulled up her dress.
She closed her eyes as I pressed her kiss on her vagina.

I grabbed hold of the edges of the fabric and ripped it off.
I’m not gonna make love to her and I mean it.

I inserted a finger into her p***ycat and claimed her lips immediately.

She was moaning into my mouth.
I stopped kissing her as I move my fingers in and outta her tenderly.
I must say she’s very tight.

I switched to two fingers , she groan softly and held on to me.
I could tell that was painful.
She kept mumbling to herself.

Soon her walls tighten and her orgasm was all over my fingers .
I pulled out my fingers and cleaned it up.

I used the tissue and clean her up before taking her to the bathroom.
She kept looking at all through without saying a word.
After bathing her , I took to the bed .

“Hey can you stay with me for awhile?” She asked all of sudden.

” Anything for my wifey.” I responded and sat down beside her and made her rest her head on my thighs.

“Why didn’t you do it?” She mumbled.

“Because you’re not ready for the pain and I don’t wanna hurt you.” I replied and stroke her hair tenderly.


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