ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 16



I got dressed up and left the house, I’m so horny needed to fvck someone.

Took my car keys and walked towards my car, entered and drove off to the club.

The club was bubbling as usual with chicks all around .

I smirked playfully before walking to the exit .

The bouncers pave way for me ,even though there were people waiting on a queue.

I got into the club and walked towards my regular spot.

The strippers were doing their job and trying to seduce guys.

There was a particular girl that caught my attention.

Luckily she was also walking towards my direction.

“Hey cutie” she said and ran her fingers through my face.

She was so sexy with a figure 8 shape.

” Hi what yah doing?” I smirked.
“I wanna play with you daddy ” she said like the seductress she was.

“You wanna play with Dad yeah ? Trust me this daddy is bad very bad , can you keep up with that? ” I licked my lips and pulled her close.

” Bring it on daddy ” she brought her face closer and claimed my lips.

I made her seat on my thighs and spanked her big ass.

She gasps into my as I did that.

She fondle with my hair as I brought my lips to her boobs and tease em through the fabric hiding it from me.

I bit them playfully forcing them outta the bra keeping it away from me.

I took one into my mouth and suck on em pretty good.

She moaned softly.

I sneaked my fingers down her p***ycat and finger it playfully.

She moan out loud as she played with my hair.

I made her lay down on the couch and patted her legs slightly and slide a finger into her p***ycat and played with it.

I made it three fingers as I moved it in and outta her really fast making her squirt all over.

Seems like she hadn’t been finger fvcked with three fingers.

I groaned as I felt my hardness budge through my trouser.

I continuously teased her clit with my thumb making her jerk .

I undid my zipper and brought out my harden joystick.

Took her legs and placed it on my shoulder before Inserting my d*ck into her dripping wet p***ycat…

Held on to her firmly as I moved in and outta her super fast.

Damn she’s more of a squirter.

She kept squirting all over my body.

I pulled out and turned her over and Inserted it from behind.

I spanked her ass pretty good as I increased my tempo.

Her moaned mixed with the flow of the music.

Damn her p***ycat is pretty good too .

I fucked her till I reached climax.
Got myself cleaned up and toss a few cash across to her.

She smiled on see the cash .

That’s what they all do , Always after the cash.

I went over to the bar , needed to drink something.

“Give me the usual” I said to the bartender.

He nodded and left, he came shortly with what I wanted.

I didn’t bother taking it with a glass , I just took the bottle of Jacqueline and gulped down a large quantity.

I know folks thinks am bad but that’s not it.

Anita was my first lover back in highschool.

She was the most cheerful person have ever seen.

At first I was crushing on her because she was the most beautiful girl in Royal high, a school meant for royalty.

Soon I found out she was also crushing on me.

We started dating ,and it was known to Everyone.

One night we got intimate with each other.

She was a virgin and I was glad she was.

Being the guy who took her virginity made me happy but I never knew she was sick.

After we got intimate , she wasn’t coming classes and cellphone number wasn’t connecting.

Whenever I ask her parents ,they keep telling me she was fine and outta the country.

Until one day , I was called to the hospital by her parents.

It was then I found out she was dying and didn’t tell me about it.
She barely said two words before she gave up the ghost.

It was then I made a vow not to get intimate with any virgin , because it only reminds me of her.
I got so drink and was barely able to stand. I managed to drag my ass outta the chair and staggered towards the exit..

I was becoming dizzy and nauseated.

I staggered towards a car that looks like mine and leaned on it.
Looks like I won’t be able to drive, maybe a cab would do.

I was trying to move forward when some goons surrounded me..

“Hey guys look what we got here” one of them said.

“Get outta my way man” I murmured as I tried maintaining my balance.

“Prince knight and he’s drunk too, how about we have a little boys” another one said.

” Hey hey am not drunk okay? Get outta the way or am gonna …..

I couldn’t complete my sentence as a hard kick landed on my abdomen.

I staggered backwards and try punching any of them but I could barely control myself.

They made a fool outta me and beat the hell outta me , till someone came over and drove them all away.

Word of advice?
Don’t get drunk at a place you have so many enemies.


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