PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 3



Alex Na wetin you say??
Mike Gate man job na!
Alex Bros, I no say u hate me! Wetin gate man job go do? Haba! Why na?
Mike Bros you dey craze! This one na kpako! Cash dey oo!
Alex 10,000 na cash? U dey mad!
Mike Idiot! Who talk 10,000¿ Bros, na 40,000k go change ur direction!

Alex Jesus!!!! Bros na lie! 40,000 for gateman work?
Mike I dey serious oo, na when you go ready to start?
Alex Heh, I go even start today self, no right now even!
Mike Oya calm down! See as you dey jump urself, Money don spark you, idiot! The woman wey go hire you no dey, I go send you the address of the house you go meet am on Saturday, No come late oo.
Alex Thanks bros, I repay you soon!

Mike Hmm, take am easy, bye.
Mike ended the call, D–n! 40,000 is a lot of money, this lady must be filthy rich , F–k govt work, Since God has given me this job, who needs Govt? I called some of my friends and family and told them about the job, they didn’t believe me! They thought I was pulling their legs, I don’t care what they believe, just as long as I get paid no problem!

Saturday came, and I was going to meet this mysterious lady for my job in the evening, so I took time to clean my house, wash my clothes and iron them, after that I took my afternoon nap, After several minutes of a good relaxing nap, I woke up, stretched myself and took my bathe, I was feeling at peace since I finished my Nysc service, God had given me a new direction in life! 40,000 per month is a really good kick to start something good with my life, After bathing, I eat some food and took off.

I arrived at the place on the address, the place was magnifique and for the rich, Big ass house, nice paved street and a quiet neighborhood, the estate was called Games village, I walked to the number of the house, I was supposed to start working, the place was huge almost like a mansion, I knocked at the gate and I heard a voice in a radio transmitter, I was surprised, the gate was remotely controlled from the inside, the voice asked who I was, I told him I was here for a job and I told him my name, the gate opened and I walked in! The house was beautiful, there was a beach and a cabana! A neat garage and a nice quarters for the gateman, it was like a normal house even bigger than the one I lived in, so as I walked in, an old man probably the gateman showed me into the house, As I entered everywhere became cool, Everything was in place and neat, D–n! Being rich is definitely cool! So the man asked me to wait and not touch anything! So I waited and waited till I was tired so I sat down on one of the sofas, God! It was soft and comfortable, I felt relaxed and at ease! Soon I heard someone coming down the stairs, I quickly stood up and waited, as the person came down my mouth dropped!.
In all my life, I’ve never seen a beautiful lady like this in my life, she is my boss and her name was Miss Carol lovette!
She was bewitchingly beautiful, white as snow, her hair was naturally long and silk, no attachment (Naija ladies ) her natural assets were all in place and fully ripped , She walked majestically swaying her hips with an air of dominion and her backyard could make a man do anything and her boobs were juggling as she walked, She was the real deal, I was instantly smitten in that moment, For the first time, I was in love!
, She came and sat down looking at me!
Carol Have a seat,!
Alex Y-y-esss, ma(God)
Carol I suppose you know why you’re here?
Alex Yes madam!
Carol Pls enough of this madam stuff! Call me Mrs lovette.
Alex Okay, madam… Sorry Mrs Lovette.

Carol That’s good, I want you to be working for me from Mondays to Fridays and the weekend is when you rest is that clear!
Alex Absolutely, Mrs lovette.
Carol Yes and ur salary will be sent through ur account by the end of the month, and one more thing, don’t mess with anything or doing crazy stuff in my house else I’ll castrate you like a f—–g pig! Are we clear?
Alex Yes Mrs Carol(Wow)
Carol Okay go now, Mr Andrew will show you how ti work the gates.
I left the room, and went to Mr Andrew, the old man that showed me in, he showed me everything on how to operation the electronic gate, and after that he gave me an advise…..
Andrew Alex.

Alex Yes sir!
Andrew Since I’m retired, and you’re now the new gate man, I want to tell you something, Mrs Carol is a nice person and quite generous, never mess with her, do ur job properly and I promise you, you won’t regret it, You’re a fine young man, with a promising future, Don’t waste this opportunity, Mrs Carol has several issues to deal with and she doesn’t need to be bothered with anything else! Take care and becareful!
Remember don’t mess with her else………. I’ve already told you, So do ur best.
Alex Thank you sir!


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