PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 27



Convincing Aunt Nicole was no problem, As soon I as told her about me and Alex going back to Nigeria, she agreed!
Nicole So you want to go back?
Carol Yes mom, I’ve been here for long now!
Nicole Ok, if that’s what you want, go ahead!
Carol Thanks mom!
Lizzy Hold on, I’m also coming!
Carol What? You can’t!
Lizzy Yes I can, I have the means and I’ll be staying over at ur place, except if you won’t allow me!
Carol Okay, okay, fine!
Lizzy Thanks cousin!
Nicole What about Emma?
Mike zy Emma’s going to Spain tomorrow to see that rock concert so..
Nicole Ok, but you better behave! Don’t go around causing trouble!
Lizzy Mom pls, nothing will happen!
Nicole So Caroline when are going to leave?
Carol Tomorrow!
Lizzy Tomorrow? Then I’ll have to start getting prepared!
Poor Aunt Nicole, all alone in this big mansion but she didn’t seem to mind! I also went and packed my things and by tomorrow, I’ll be out of here with Alex.
(Alex P. O. V)
Carol, Lizzy and I came back to Nigeria, my stay in London was wonderful, as we arrived at the Airport, I called mike and Jessy to meet us there, A few minutes later, They both came, Lizzy, Carol and Jessy hugged and were happy to see each other, Mike and I also exchanged some pleasantries.
Mike Bros how Europe?
Alex Fyn oo!
Mike Look at you, you look fresh oo!
Carol Jessy, I’m so happy to see you!
Lizzy Dont mind her Jessy, She’s been having fun with that Boyfriend of hers!..
Jessy I’m so happy to see you guys, how’s Emma?
Lizzy Oh, Emma’s fyn, she also sends her regards. looking at Mike.
Jessy Carol, I’m so angry at you! You couldn’t even call!
Carol Sorry Jessy, I had a few problems along to way to settle so…
Lizzy Say… Who’s that guy with Alex?
Jessy Mike? That’s his friend!
Carol Lizzy don’t start! You just arrived!
Lizzy Hubba! Hubba! He looks….. Sexy!
Carol Jessy talk to her,!
Jessy What? She’s right, let her be!
Carol I can’t believe you two, okay let’s get going!
Mike Alex who’s that white lady?
Alex Thats Lizzy! Carol’s cousin!
Mike Oboi, see as she hot oo, see package!
Alex Mike, wetin dey worry you! You have a girlfriend!
Mike Pls, keep that issue aside.
Later, we drove to Carol’s house! I, Carol and Jessy went into the house, while Lizzy and mike stayed in the car! I couldn’t believe it, this two had already fallen for each other already, Jessy gisted Carol about about what happened after she left but she skipped the nightclub incident! While they were busy talking, I decided to go back home and drop my stuff! I went outside the house for mike to drive me home, as soon as I came out, I was bewildered by what I saw!
Mike and Lizzy were already kissing eachother, They were so deep into it, they didn’t notice my presence, I coughed and they immediately stopped, Lizzy quickly went back into the house giving mike a wink and the man was just grining ear to ear!
I entered the car and we drove off, I couldn’t believe what just happened, I kept looking at Mike’s face and love was written all over it! When he saw I was staring at him, He startled!…
Mike Na wetin now? What is it?
Alex Nothing oo, just surprised!
Mike Look it just happened! Ah ah, it just a normal kiss!
Alex Ehn? Normal kiss, see how you grabbed her like she was going to run and the way she kissed you was like the world would end!
Mike Look, I love her okay!
Alex Cheii, love really? At first sight! What about ur girlfriend?
Mike Alex, that stella has changed, Her attitude towards me is disturbing, Always asking for huge amounts of money! She’s no longer that lady I knew, whenever I call she refuses to pick, whenever I buy her something, she will grumble! Anything I do for her, she will complain, Bros I’m tire oo, and also Something tells me she’s cheating on me but I can’t prove that, I love her but she’s becoming something else, So I decided to Pack and go!
Alex So you guys are separated?
Mike No but, if things get any worse, I will.
Alex Sorry man!
As we drove to my house, I saw Sandra with a guy on the road, they were standing on the road, looking for a taxi probably, so she’s moved on? Well that’s good for her, We arrived at my house, the car carol gave me was still packed aside, and it was dusty, I entered my room and dropped my luggage! Finally back at last, everything in my rroom looked small! Mike helped me clean the house, after we were done, He left and I was alone, I sank down on my couch, wondering what was had transpired during my stay in London, Finally Carol is mine, and to make things even better, Sandra is with another guy so no need to feel guilty for hurting her!
Just then a call entered my phone it was Carol!…
Carol Hello baby!. Have you arrived safely?
Alex Hi, sexy Boss, yes I did!
Carol That’s good, I miss you already!
Alex Me too, so what’s up?
Carol I called my uncle, he was happy to hear we’ve returned so tomorrow, you and I are going to see my dad, he wants to see us!
Alex Ur dad? What? Are you sure? He still hates me!
Carol Don’t worry, you shouldn’t be afraid of him, Just come and I insist! Pls
Alex Okay, Boss baby! I will.
Carol Bye, see you tomorrow, love you!
She ended the call and I slumped back to my couch, Of all the times to see us, he wants to see me now?
God pls, I hope he won’t do something bad! Or try to break me and Carol up!


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