PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 26



(Sandra P. O. V)
Kai, this heat is too much, this NEPA are wicked, no light after having sex with Samuel, its almost night time already I need to have some Air.
I took a shower and went to the parlor to continue my work, Thanks goodness, I was promoted as the Vice principal, no more marking stupid scripts!
As I was busy checking out my schedules for school, Samuel came into my parlor naked, his d–k dangling in between his thighs, it had shrank back to its normal size! He came and kissed me, God, this guy is a pest, After having sex all afternoon now he wants more!
Sandra Stop Sammy, I’m tired oo.
Samuel Baby, I’m just kissing you! I’m also tired, you’ve completely drained my balls, Having raw sex with you is amazing!
Sandra You were amazing too, Go and take a shower, you reek of sweat,!
Samuel Thanks!
D–n! That was close, anymore sex he would definitely split my p—y in half, Having sex all afternoon was great, And no rest, Coming back from school celebrating my Promotion, with Stella and Samuel, After stella left, Samuel and I talked and started kissing, one thing led to another and we started f—–g, God! I still fill wet, thinking about it, His d–k ramming my c–t, sucking my breasts savagely, and even f—–g my ass, Jesus!
We didn’t stop after the first round! We continued banging all over the house, He kept fill my c–t with his c-m, He was like a machine drilling me hard!
Sucking his d–k was easy! Besides I’ve s—-d dicks bigger than his, But there was one d–k that really fitted well with my p—y and that was Alex, after nearly destroying me with my d–k, Ahh!
I like Samuel but I really miss Alex, the guy fit f–k and he knows how to take care of a woman both in bed and other parts, It was painful when he said we were through, why? When we were having so much fun! I’m what every man needs, Guys outside are dying to be with me, and Look at me,! I’m a hundred percent correct lady and nothing is lacking!
I still feel hurt about that day, And I promise I won’t let that Carol enjoy him, I’ll make her pay dearly, I swear it.
A knock came at the door and I went to see who it was, Stella was outside waiting, I opened the door and she entered looking around!
Stella Wow this place is a mess, What happened?
Sandra Its a long erotic story, I’ll tell you about it.
Samuel had already came out from the shower and wore his clothes, he seemed to be in a hurry!.
Sandra what’s wrong, Darling?
Samuel Urgent matter from work, Ill see you later!
Sandra Okay bye.
Stella Ehn! Tell me why is ur house like this?
Sandra After you left Samuel and I got busy!
Stella So you guys had sex? In this hot weather!
Sandra What now? it was fun, his d–k kept thrusting into my toto, Ahh, it was good!
Stella You guys f—–g and f—–g, Small thing you guys will jump on eachother, and did you guys use condom?
Sandra Condom? No ah! What’s the point of having sex if you’re not going to feel it and enjoy? Pls oo no condom!
Stella Becareful don’t go and get pregnant oo!
Sandra So if I get pregnant, what will happen?
Stella Okay na you know oo. Tell me have you heard from Alex?
Sandra No I haven’t, its been weeks now! He didn’t even bother to call or text. I blame that b—h!
Stella hmm, leave am oo! I’m telling you, He’s now her pet.
Sandra But Babe, I miss him, he’s just the right guy! I just want him! I can’t watch while he’s happy with another woman!
Stella Well, that’s life, just manage with Samuel, I see he likes you so much!
Sandra So how about mike?
Stella Hmm, mike is mike, I’m even tired of him, Always nagging whenever I ask him for money!
Sandra But the economy is tight nau.
Stella Yes, its tight, but I didn’t wait for that, I found another means to get money! I slept with one Chief last night when I went to that Mike’s friends party, Mike didn’t know but I got my cash.
Sandra Ehn? So you would go that far! I’m surprised!
Stella Look mike is still the best f–k, I did that so I could get some cash that’s all.
Sandra Hmmm, na you know oo vomits
Stella Chei, Sandra are you all right?
Sandra Yes! I’m fyn.
(Alex P. O. V)
Spending time with Carol was fun, She showed me around and I soon got familiar with the place. Her family were an interesting folk, funny and crazy and they also loved to drink, Her cousins showed me around too but I didn’t come too close to me after Carol threatened them, Soon Carol took me to the city of London, it was magnificent, we took some pics and enjoyed ourselves,
After our tour around London, she introduced me to her aunt Nicole, the lady looked so serious, and she looked at me like she was inspecting something, I had a feeling she wasn’t too happy about Carol being with me.
So a week later, she invited me to her garden, the place was lovely and it looked nice. As we sat down, she was staring at me continuously, finally she spoke!
Nicole Afternoon Alex
Alex Afternoon ma!
Nicole Would you like some tea?
Alex Yes ma!
The tea was served, and it looked green, na which kind tea be this? I took a sip, and my head felt wozzy, the tea tasteless and it tasted weird, this is not tea but a waste of hot water!
Nicole Sorry, if it tastes a little weird but I don’t take sugar!
Alex No problem ma!
Nicole Alex, why are you here?
Alex I’m here because of Carol!
Nicole Yes, i know but why are you really here? Are you her because you love her or because she’s made you rich, and if you lose her! You’ll be nothing, so which is it?
Alex Ma, I’m here because, I really love ur niece, yes she’s made me rich and changed my life forever which I’m grateful for but I love her because I do love her, I never cared foe her wealth, the first day we met I felt in love with her at that moment, I never thought I could get to be with her, ur niece is simply an amazing person.
Nicole Let me tell you something Alex, I never like ur relationship with my niece, I agreed to that because I saw how she almost died because of you, she starved herself because she wanted to be with you!
She’s my only sister daughter and my sister’s memory, I never want to see her hurt, Growing up with a mother is a painful thing, She almost killed herself when her wedding ended in humiliation and disgrace, Carol might be stubborn bur she’s an angel, I promised myself if anyone tries to hurt her or makes her sad will dearly pay! So now, I want you tell really tell me the truth, Why her?
Alex My answer is simple, I love her and truly do, I would sacrifice anything to be with her or make her happy except my family of course, Cause nothing is better than family.
Carol changed my life, and there’s nothing I can do to repay her except make her happy and that I promise to do.
After I told her that, She looked straight at me! She was mute for a while, she dropped her tea and spoke.
Nicole Okay Alex, I believe you! If Carol is really that madly in love with you, I now see why, And also I respect a man who cares about family, Nothing is better than family, no matter where you go or do, Nothing will ever be better than family. I approve of ur relationship with me, niece and take care of her. And finally don’t you ever try to do to her what her Ex did cause if you do, Only God can save you! Is that understood?
Alex Yes ma, well understood!
I stood up and went straight to Carol, She knew I went to see her aunt and asked how it went.
Carol So honey, what do mom say?
Alex Well, she said quite a few things and made a few threats…
Carol And…..
Alex And she approves!
Carol Oh yes, that’s wonderful.
Carol hugged and kissed me warmly, Finally Carol and I could be together, no more obstacles and no more issues, just the two of us!
The kiss would have been better but we were interrupted by Emma!
Emma Oh, for f–k sake, Get a room! Gosh!
Carol and I quickly entered the room, and locked the door,. { Do not disturb]
(Carol P. O. V)
Alex and I rushed into my room, we locked the door and started kissing each other wildly like it was going to be our last , we removed our clothes and s—-d each other, Alex’s mouth was warm as he s—-d my breasts, he s—-d them like a hungry baby, My nipples were twitching like crazy, as he s—-d my breasts, he s—-d my nipples and bit them. Softly, My body twitched as he did that, he was driving me crazy, He also removed my pants and fingered my c–t, his hands were deep, touching every part of my p—y, I couldn’t hold myself, I moaned hard, pulling the bed sheets as he worked on me! He opened my legs and plunged his mouth into my sweet honey pot, His tongue were rolling deep into my c–t, He s—-d my c–t so slow and good! His tongue was really making me crazy, I moaned harder and harder, he kept sucking my c–t making me c-m hard on his face, my body were limp, my head was woozy! He really s—-d my c–t good!
He stood up trying to leave but I stopped him.
Carol Where are you going?
Alex I thought we were finished?
Carol No Alex baby, This time I want you to f–k me hard with ur d–k!
His face lit up as I say that, I came close to me kissing me, he adjusted me legs and removed his boxers, when I saw his d–k, I was surprised! How did it get so big? It look like it was 12inches in size, not bad! He held his dangling d–k and slowly pushed it into my c–t, His d–k could barely fit into my c–t but it eventually went all in! God! It felt so big inside me and it hurts! Alex had deflowered me in that moment, He started kissing me, thrusting his d–k slowly into me, the size of his d–k made my p—y more tight! I grabbed his ass as he f—-d me, he s—-d and bit my nipples as he slowly rammed into my p—y, he made me moan louder than ever but thank goodness no one could hear us, He started going fast, thrusting his d–k deeper into me, I bit my lips in pleasure, I could see his d–k go in and out of my c–t, My body twitched as he f—-d me, a bit later, I came hard on his d–k, He continued f—–g my p—y and he was going faster now, I could feel his d–k increasing in size as he drilled my c–t, My body shook with each t—-t he made into me, He rammed me harder almost making me c-m, I moaned louder holding on to Alex’s waist as he pounded me, He continued hammering my c–t as our body made smacking sounds, his hips were really going fas, he groaned as he f—-d me, soon he came hard into my c–t, I could fill his warm c-m inside me! He sure came alot, After a while, we continued having sex, he made me lie on my belly and he f—-d my P—y from behind, He was really deep, his d–k rammed deep into my c–t in this position, with every t—-t he made, his thighs smacked my ass, making crazy sounds, He went faster hammering my c–t, I could feel this heat of his body as his d–k f—-d my c–t, I squeezed his d–k with my c–t, making him pound harder, We kissed as we icontinued f—–g, After some minutes, He came inside me again! His c-m was alot more than the first one, But still his d–k was hard, I made him lay down and mounted on him, and started riding him, his d–k was pulsing inside me, he was getting harder than ever, he held my hips and s—-d my twins as I rode him, I continued riding, twerking my hips as I rode him, we continued f—–g in that position, his d–k was really amazing, He was going to make me c-m again, Just as I was about to c-m, He dropped me on this bed and f—-d me missionary style, He rammed faster, going deeper into me, in that moment I came hard and he also came into my c–t as well, Alex slumped onto my body as we were both exhausted, We were entangled between each other, kissing!
Alex Wow, that was…. amazing!
Carol I have to say that was crazy, I never knew sex was like this, you really racked my p—y!
Alex Well, I’m glad you’re satisfied the way I am!
Carol That was great but you came alot inside me! So if I’m pregnant you better take responsibility.
Alex I will but I have to admit cumming inside you felt really good.
Carol Naughty boy! So when do we get back home?
Alex You want to go back to Nigeria?
Carol Yes, I’m bored here and you need time for ourselves!
Alex Well, I’m ready to leave anytime.
Carol Okay I’ll talk to Aunt Nicole about it.
Alex Well, let’s enjoy ourselves before that!
Carol Naughty Alex, come close and kiss me.
Alex and I spent the entire day indoors kissing and enjoying ourselves, What could be better than this?


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